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The Top Spring 2022 Collections from Paris Fashion Week

March 20, 2022
Spring is finally around the corner. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining more brightly, and the weather is heating up. It's times like these that you'll need a major wardrobe change. And fortunately, many designers agree. Here in Paris alone, many brands and labels are starting to offer their spring 2022 collections, the very ones that they showed back in Paris Fashion Week a few months ago. If you're up for some spring cleaning in your wardrobe and you want to go on a shopping spree, these are the designer brands you ought to check out this upcoming spring season.

The Top Spring 2022 Collections from Paris Fashion Week


There's nothing like spending springtime—or for most jet-setters, summertime—in the French Riviera! It's practically the go-to playground for the rich and famous once the temperature begins to rise. So it's only natural that influential French designer Hedi Slimane presented his spring 2022 collection for Celine in Nice, one of the popular cities along the French Riviera. His casual, nonchalant, and uber-chic signature style worked well with the Mediterranean vibe, setting forth both an ideal look and an ideal lifestyle for the upcoming hot seasons.
Source: Celine YouTube Channel


Trust Chanel, the centuries-old haute couture house whose influence remains ever relevant, to induce a bit of nostalgia during the spring 2022 Paris Fashion Week. The brand's 90s vibe fashion show, which was practically identical to the hectic events the late great Karl Lagerfeld used to hold with his supermodel casts, was filled with Parisian style staples you ought to already have in your wardrobe. Black-and-white swimwear, light Chanel jackets, Breton stripes, and more. If you still don't have them yet, shop at Chanel asap!
Source: Chanel YouTube Channel


Nothing says quite like Paris Fashion Week than hosting a show by the Seine River. And it's only natural that Chloé, a quintessentially French brand for French women, be the label behind such a spectacle. Creative director Gabriela Hearst sent her models down this cobblestone, riverside runway to fully reflect the true nature of her spring 2022 collection. Each and every look, from the most neutral-toned sheaths to the colorful, patchwork-like frocks, exuded the brand's signature relaxed aesthetic. The caftans and billowy fringes provided the chic Mediterranean vibe that's bound to be the top trend of the season in Paris too.
Source: Chloé YouTube Channel


Jacquemus presented his spring 2022 collection just last week in Hawaii, USA. Both in date and location, he strayed far from how the other French brands presented their collections. Technically, it was still during Paris Fashion Week, even though his contemporaries were already showing off their autumn 2022 lines. So, what's so worthwhile about Jacquemus's collection this season? His change in attitude. Don't get it wrong, many of his clothes still look sexy and provocative, but this time around, he injected a more sporty element into the mix. His skin-baring silhouettes and risque cut-outs were no longer just to show off the model's bodies, but you can get a good sense that they allowed better agency as well.
Source: JACQUEMUS YouTube Channel


Like many other designers this season, Bruno Sialelli, creative director of Lanvin, took a vintage approach in laying out the brand's look for the season. But while the others focused on the more recent and highly trending 90s, Sialelli went a step further and dove into the archives of this century-old brand and went for the Art Deco styles of the 20s and 30s. After all, the world was gunning for another 'Roaring Twenties' moment, and for this label, it mean trotting out short cocktail dresses, tinsel-like fur coats, and big broad-shoulder suits for the men. Against all the nostalgia that was hitting the runway, this sort of vintage aesthetic felt fairly new and, in many ways, fitting even!
Source: FF Channel YouTube Channel


If you want to stand out as you explore the different neighborhoods in Paris during springtime, you have a better chance if you shopped at Loewe for your new seasonal wardrobe. JW Anderson's experimental show during Paris Fashion Week solidified his position as one of the most artistic designers working in the French capital today. From pointed silhouettes that practically initiated social distancing to the showstopping metallic-enthused pieces that are likely to grab attention, this was the 'restart' Anderson want to put forth for the brand. And the results are nothing short of breathtaking!
Source: Loewe YouTube Channel

Miu Miu

You can always trust Miuccia Prada to take the current Y2K trends that are dominating the recent runways into maximum overdrive. As if she resurrected the wardrobes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and the Olsen twins from the early 2000s, her spring 2022 collection was a hit for the ages. She particularly revived one fad that gen Z will likely go gaga over—the micro-mini skirt. Those daring enough to wear what are practically scraps of fabric that cover one's nether regions, especially since the garments were styled to pair the designer's ironic normcore offering this season.
Source: Miu Miu YouTube Channel

Stella McCartney

'Summer 2022 evokes a sensual femininity; a visual narrative that engages Stella women to redefine sexiness through feelings of softness and lightness,' wrote Stella McCartney in her show notes for Paris Fashion Week. Her return to form was one for the books, trotting out neon-hued sportswear back on the runway. For the most part, here shapes and silhouettes remained clean and simple, decorated with cut-outs and paired with anoraks, tailored suits, trench coats, and more. It's the fusion of activity and affluence that makes this line signature Stella McCartney!
Source: Stella McCartney YouTube Channel


Pierpaolo Piccoli's spring 2022 collection for Valentino had an approachability to it that made it current and cool. The brand itself has always been known for its luxurious, haute couture origins and Piccoli's own extravagant collections have certainly continued that reputation. But now, he's adding casual elements to his upscale line. He pairs a billowing floor-length silk white shirt with a pair of denim jeans. He plastered his eye-catching floral print on a pajama suit. And his shapeless but colorful sheaths look flattering on any body shape and size. What's not to love?
Source: FF Channel YouTube Channel

If you're getting ready to assemble your spring 2022 wardrobe, focusing on the top designer collections from Paris Fashion Week is a good idea. They present the new trends of the season, as well as timeless looks you know you'll look good in!

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