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Where to Learn Ballet in Paris

February 19, 2022
Ballet has a solid foundation and history in Paris. In the past few centuries, ballet theater used to be one of, if not the most hotly-anticipated event of the season. The shows became the talk of the town and the prima ballerinas rose up to be the toast of high society. And while the attitude towards the art form is far different today, it remains revered and well-respected in the city. In fact, ballet continues to flourish in Paris, thanks in large part to the many schools that continue its tradition. If you ever want to learn ballet yourself, here are the schools in Paris to know.

Where to Learn Ballet in Paris

Fit'ballet Octavie Escure

Just as its name says, Fit'ballet Octavie Escure won't just teach you how to do ballet, but it will also guarantee you stay as fit as can be. After all, even though ballerinas look soft and delicate pirouetting away on stage, they're actually well-toned professionals with lots of muscle. A dancer needs a strong core in order to execute the most complicated moves and this Paris ballet school in the 2nd arrondissement aims to give you the same sort of fitness. From fit-ballet intensive workout sessions to stretch classes, Fit'ballet Octavie Escure doesn't just aim to have you move like a ballerina, but to look like one too!


Speaking of fitness ballet, 'barre' is a form of physical exercise where balletic moves are incorporated. It's also the foundation of Barreshape, a dance school-cum-fitness center that has three locations all over the many districts of Paris. With a marketing slogan that says “not your grandmother’s kind of ballet,” you can already tell that they offer up a pretty strenuous regimen for its students. Using classical ballet as its basis, these workout sessions will strengthen anyone's body down to their tiptoes. And you won't find this sort of fitness in any old gym in Paris!

Where to Learn Ballet in Paris


Art'ballet boasts 30 years of honing eager novices into graceful ballerinas that are ready for the big stage. Located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, this traditional dance school offers up lessons in ballet, modern jazz, barre, and pilates. And while they've sneaked in a few fitness-oriented sessions, ballet remains their ultimate goal. They even organize shows where students can show off their newly-acquired skills for all the city to see. Just be ready to pay up because the courses Art'ballet offers range from €550.00 to €1,980.00. It's one of the more expensive ballet schools in Paris.

Paris Dance School

If you're truly serious about doing ballet, you ought to aim to enter Paris Dance School! This is the sort of cut-throat and competitive dance school you see in movies like 'Black Swan' (2010) 'Step Up' (2006), and the like. Though they accept beginners, they only accept those who they deem have potential and are worthy to be called ballerinas. It's where ballet dancers, as well as other professional dancers, learn to jumpstart their careers. This isn't a school where you can work out or have fun learning something new. The school and its students are pretty serious about dance and they expect you to be the same!

Where to Learn Ballet in Paris

Centre De Danse Du Marais

The premier ballet school in the Marais district, Centre De Danse Du Marais is a far more open and welcoming place than Paris Dance School. Serving as a community center of sorts, beginners can try their luck venturing into the world of ballet and dance in this institution. But make no mistake! Centre De Danse Du Marais remains a serious ballet school with world-renowned instructors. They can be just as strict and as demanding as those in Paris Dance School, possibly even more so. And at the end of the day, they'll have you moving a lot more gracefully than when you first began.

Institut Stanlowa

Institut Stanlowa, also known as 'Dance School Stanlow,' offers long-term courses in ballet and other forms of dance. This isn't the type of place where you can learn ballet on a whim or simply have fun. They don't offer courses that are only good for a day or a week or two. Even with their beginner's classes, they'll teach you as many moves as possible—moves that are worth performing on stage, not just in your living room in your luxury home. And it's up to you to catch up! For Institut Stanlowa, ballet is a serious craft that takes time to master. And while they recognize that not all those who enroll aim to be a prima ballerina, they still aim to incorporate ballet into everyday life.

Where to Learn Ballet in Paris

Academy American Dance De Paris

Located in Paris's 7th arrondissement, Academy American Dance De Paris is a bilingual dance school where kids and adults can learn the wonders of classical dance. This makes it the most suitable choice for those who aren't that fluent in French. With classes offered in both French and English, non-French-speaking students can still get in on the fun. But it's not only the languages that Academy American Dance De Paris have combined. This school also converges both American and French variations of ballet. And you'll only realize the difference between the two when you enroll and take their classes.

Ecole de Dance Nathalie Gustine

Another bilingual ballet school in Paris is Ecole de Dance Nathalie Gustine, located near the Eiffel Tower. Its location alone is enough to have you enrolling here, but it's also their fascinating dance courses that will keep you intrigued. From classical ballet to modern jazz, Ecole de Dance Nathalie Gustine teaches all sorts of dances to both kids and adults alike. They're also pretty flexible with their schedule, offering up weekday and weekend classes. And if you want, the school also allows private one-on-one sessions, especially for those who are looking to join dance competitions.

Where to Learn Ballet in Paris

If there's one dance you'll want to learn in Paris, it's ballet! This art form has had a profound impact in the French capital over the years and you could see it with the manly ballet schools all over the city!




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