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Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London

December 08, 2021
Since it's already the holiday season, London has become a mecca of shopping and retail gold. Practically every corner of the city is brimming with Christmas sales, seasonal discounts, special promos, and more. London was already a huge shopping hotspot even before the holidays, but now, the retail rush is even more hectic. In such a crowded city, where can you buy Christmas gifts that are more special and unique? The type that your recipients will truly never forget? Well, these fascinating concept stores might do! There's no end to their interesting goodies!

Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London

AIDA Shoreditch

It's only natural that a store like AIDA would set up shop in the most creative hub of London, Shoreditch. This place is all about highlighting independent brands and contemporary labels that are more on the artistic side than the mainstream British designer brands. Though you might still see some familiar labels here, the stars of the show are definitely the lesser-known names. And that doesn't just apply to apparel too. From accessories to homeware, you can find great pieces for great emerging brands here in AIDA. They'll definitely make for great holiday presents too!
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: AIDA Shoreditch Facebook Page

Bonds Hackney

What Bonds Hackney has over the rest of the stores and other shopping districts in London is its homely appeal. Not only does this humble and minimal store offer its own coffee shop, but it even sets up workshops for crafting candles, arts & crafts, and the like. If you want, you can make your own Christmas gift in this store for a more personal touch; that'll truly make your loved ones smile! Or, if you truly prefer to buy something instead of making something, any of Bonds Hackney's artisanal goodies will definitely do!
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: Bonds Hackney Facebook Page

Couverture & The Garbstore

Housed inside a three-story townhouse in Notting Hill, one of the trendier neighborhoods in London, Couverture & The Garbstore has a charm that's all their own. Over the years, they've stayed faithful in their 'shop independent' policy, highlighting emerging brands and up-and-coming labels instead of the usual designer names and mainstream companies. As a result, you're likely to find a piece that you won't find anywhere else here. It's also possible that what you buy for your loved ones in Couverture & The Garbstore might come from a designer who'll one day make it big in the fashion world. The possibilities are endless!
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: Couverture & The Garbstore Facebook Page

Dover Street Market

Now, if you actually want to buy from the most famous, trendiest, and coolest brands in town, then look no further than the London streetwear mecca that is Dover Market Street. Hands down the most famous store on this list, this place is all about luxury and underground fashions at their finest. It houses some of the popular names, ranging from sportswear behemoths and streetwear brands to luxury labels known around the world. Of course, those come with pretty hefty price points. Expect to spend a lot of money if you choose to do your Christmas shopping here!
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: Dover Street Market London Facebook Page

John Bell & Croyden

Does your sister prefer to get skincare products as gifts? Do you want to give your best friend the best body lotion in town? Forget going to the nearest drug stores! If you want to give the best quality products for your loved ones this Christmas, head on over to John Bell & Croyden! Located in the Marylebone, the place may seem like your ordinary pharmacy but it's far from it. John Bell & Croyden offers the finest beauty and health products in the city. They guarantee amazing results and are even sustainable too! It's no wonder the British royals shop here too, hence its moniker, 'The Queen's Pharmacy.'
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Cheryl Goddard


Thanks to its location in East London, the notorious district known for its high crime rates, you wouldn't have thought that a store like LN-CC existed here. After all, this part of the British capital is the exact opposite of upscale. But amidst the cheap places and rough areas, Late Night Chameleon Café (LN-CC) stands as a modern mecca of luxury. Its diverse range of products includes indie fashion brands, designer labels, cool vinyl records, well-crafted homeware, and more. If you want to give your friends and family high-quality gifts this Christmas, this is the place for you!
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: LN-CC.com Facebook Page

The Goodhood Store

Here at The Goodhood Store, there are only two categories to choose from: quality streetwear or artisanal home decor. Pretty limited, isn't it? But when you see just how great their pieces truly are, you'll want to do all your Christmas shopping here. For the former, trendy British fashion staples and hot items reign supreme. The clothes you'll see here are stylish and fashionable as well as sustainable, comfortable, and timeless. As for the latter, kitschy items with a few quirks here and there will certainly add character to one's home. Whoever you'll gift your gifts to will certainly appreciate it!
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: The Goodhood Store Facebook Page

Wolf & Badger

Finally, there's Wolf & Badger, a luxurious hub for independent brands with shops in both Mayfair and Notting Hill, as well as in New York too! Having opened an international location, it only goes to show that what they have to offer really is good enough that the rest of the world wants it too. So what do they offer, exactly? Stylish clothes from emerging brands you've yet to know. From sophisticated dresses to everyday jewelry, not to mention creative homeware gifts, this place is great if you want to give the women in your life something special.
Where To Buy Your Christmas Gifts in London
Source: Wolf & Badger Facebook Page

When you go Christmas shopping in London, forget the mainstream stores and famous districts! There are other fascinating places for you to find the perfect present for your loved ones. It always pays to exert more effort to find the right gift!

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