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Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home

April 09, 2020
Let's face it, Londoners are some of the coolest dressers in the world. They just have their own unique attitudes with the way they dress. There's an effortlessness there that might seem like they don't care, yet it's evident they put a lot of thought into looking fashionable. It's no wonder the British capital has long been regarded as a fashion capital too. Paired with the high-quality of the clothes that are designed and made here, Londoners scream fashion from head-to-toe. and if you're coveting their look, don't worry! You can actually learn how to dress like a Londoner with your own wardrobe pieces. These top tips will help you!

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home


Strictly Tailored

Your safest bet is to always go for strictly tailored pieces. A nice suit will always work wonders. especially with how you present yourself. Tailoring is actually a tradition rooted in London. From past periods to today, the city continues to be a haven for the craft, offering the very best for those rich enough, distinguish enough, and important enough to get them. After all, apart from it being a fashion capital, London is also an important business hub. Tailored suits are practically needed in any Londoner's wardrobe. And if you have a nice suit for yourself. you can sport it like a true Londoner too! 

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home


The 'Military Look' Always Works

Many of London's biggest brands, such as Burberry and Alexander McQueen, got their start in tailoring. But also, they often practiced military tailoring into their works. In fact, the house of Burberry itself used to make the uniforms of the country's armed forces. And it's because of such influence, many Londoners have learned to adapt the military look into their own everyday wardrobes. It's part of the reason why tailoring is still very much alive in the British capital. A style that requires it is keeping it going. As for you, a nice trench coat and well-made jacket are enough to emulate that Londoner military look. 

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home

Source: Flickr.com/Shan Sheehan


Mix Masculine and Feminine Styles

With all these influences, it's no surprise that the "London" look is often dipped with a little bit of androgyny. It's also part of the women's attitude. To be able to survive a bustling city like London, you'll need to have masculine toughness to you. Without, of course, sacrificing your own femininity. So why not go for a look that combines both? Many fashionable Londoners like to wear styles that evoke a strong masculine touch with hints of soft femininity. Even high-street brands like Topshop have capitalized on this. They offer oversized men's shirts, skinny pants, and fedoras to go with corseted tops and high heels. 

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home


Don't Be Afraid to Embrace Streetwear

Arguably, today's hottest trend is streetwear! Think oversized jackets, upgraded sportswear, and the latest sneakers. It's all about a relaxed attitude with lots of color and shine. The bigger the better, as they say. And it's because of this maximalist concept that many people are hesitant to take streetwear on. Not, however, Londoners. The city that gave birth to punk, the British capital knows a thing or two about rebellious styles. And if you want to dress up like you belong here (or that you should belong here), don't be afraid to mix up your wardrobe with some streetwear pieces! 

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home

Source: Flickr.com/ Garry Knight


Mix the High with the Low

Since London was the first major fashion capital to embrace streetwear, it's also common that many people mix high and low pieces here. In fact, if you do it so well, no one might even notice. You'll look as luxurious and as expensive as ever and no one is the wiser. And it's easy to do too! Think couture jackets paired with a nice pair of jeans. Or a well-made cocktail dress that you wear with some heels you bought at a vintage store. The idea is to not flaunt what you have in your bank account, but rather to be wise with your fashion investments! 

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home


Play with Different Textiles

Beyond just mixing high and low pieces, you can also play with different textiles too. This is what often separates London fashionistas with the rest of the world. The people here aren't afraid to go for a multi-dimensional look, even if it might look strange at first. During London Fashion Week, for instance, you might see a girl wearing a nice sweater topped by a frilly tulle dress but paired with chunky sneakers! Cool, right? But for you at home, who may not be attending London Fashion Week, you can go for simple items but with different textiles and textures instead! 

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home


Look Good in Leather

Finally, if there's one piece that Londoners really love, it's a good leather jacket! The city is often cold and damp, making this style staple not only a fashionable must-have but a functional one as well. And, of course, it simply looks cool. You can pair it with anything and it will often automatically upgrade your look. Wear it with a t-shirt and jeans and your simple outfit will instantly look chic. Wear it with a frilly dress and you just achieved your masculine-meets-feminine look! The versatility of this item knowns no bounds, and it's probably why a lot of Londoners love it! 

Top Tips on Dressing Up Like a Londoner at Home


Can't get enough of London style? Why not sport it yourself? Even though you're not in London, you can still look as if you belong there by following these top fashion tips on how to achieve that cool Londoner style! 






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