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The Best Eats in Philadelphia

April 14, 2021
Philadelphia is known for a lot of things, food being one of them! You've probably heard of the city's famous 'Philly Cheesesteak' haven't you? That delicious American snack that's perfect with a few bottles of beers when you watch a game! Well, Philadelphia has a lot more to offer than just that! In fact, the city has a ton of great places to eat, ranging from classic American menus to foreign cuisines with a twist. Some are expensive and reserved for high tastes, while others are affordable and perfect for a night out on the town. Here are a few great places!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia

Friday Saturday Sunday

No, despite its name, Friday Saturday Sunday isn't only open during the days. You can still have lunch or dinner here any other day of the week. And once you've tasted their classic American cuisine, you'd want to go back whenever you can! But don't think that just because this place serves local traditional dishes that it's your typical American diner! It's far from it! Headed by gourmet chef Chad Williams, Friday Saturday Sunday offers up an upscale dining experience that mixes the old and the new in culinary delight. What's even more impressive is that the place changes its menu countless times, depending on the season!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Friday Saturday Sunday


Located in Fishtown, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, it's only natural that Hiroki has become one of the most popular foodie hotspots here! After all, it is a sushi place! And in a town founded on the many fishermen that have settled here over the years, expect their sushi to be top-notch! From sashimi to salmon rolls, you can get your raw fish fix here alongside other traditional Japanese dishes and delicacies. Just don't expect them to taste 100% authentic. The chefs tend to put their own tasty spins on them, making them more delicious and unique with every serving!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Hiroki


Don't know what you're craving? Is it some classic American snacks? Some Mediterranean dishes? Or perhaps you're up for some exotic Asian cuisine? Whichever it is you want to eat you'll likely get to order it here in Laurel! This Nick Elmi-helmed upscale restaurant in East Passyunk offers up all sorts of cuisines for all sorts of cravings. Their six-course seasonal tasting menu often includes American, French, Japanese, Italian, and other dishes, making it a go-to for local and foodies alike. And they only cost $125.00 per person too which, compared to the city's other costs, isn't half bad!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Laurel Restaurant Facebook Page


Award-winning chef Peter Serpico serves up his own unique and delicious takes on Asian-American fusion cuisine in his eponymous restaurant, Serpico. Located in Bella Vista, it's a nice little culinary escape from the busier parts of the city. You'd definitely want some peace and quiet here too so that you'll better enjoy Serpico's exceptional dishes! Chilled spinach never tasted this good before, especially since it's served with braised shiitake and spiced with ginger. Shrimp mousse with fish caviar and black truffle makes for a delightful dinner option. And if you want some Iberico pork, prepare to enjoy it grilled and served with black walnut miso!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Serpico Philadelphia Facebook Page


Do you want something truly exotic? Head on over to Suraya in the Fishtown area! This Middle-Eastern restaurant located right smack at the heart of one of the city's business neighborhoods—making it easy to get to via public transport—fascinates with its exotic dishes. Think New Caldeonina shrimps drizzled with toasted garlic vinaigrette with some lemon zest. Or Abu Sayf, which is a halibut kebab marinated in yogurt for that creamy after taste. Slow-roasted lamb served with pomegranate and cucumber salad makes for an exquisite lunch special too! And for dessert? A fruit date cake with orange blossom Chantilly!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Suraya Facebook Page

Vernick Food & Drink

Roasted prawns, Atlantic halibut, grilled lamb, and macaroni pasta. These are just some of the classic American delicacies you can expect at Vernick Food & Drink! Founded by prominent gourmet chef Greg Vernick, the place is often considered among the top five best restaurants in Philadelphia. And why shouldn't it be? After all, no one does modern American cuisine quite like Vernick. His dishes almost seem experimental, yet with his old-school techniques, he's able to bring out their traditional flavors easily. Not to mention the fact that most of his ingredients are fresh, newly caught from the sea, or recently harvest from the farm!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Vernick Philly Facebook Page

Vetri Cucina

Craving some Mediterranean in Philly? Head on over to Vetri Cucina! Located in Midtown Village, this Marc Vetri-founded trattoria is your best bet to get your exotic cuisine fix. It's not just that his many dishes come from Italy, France, Spain, and the like, it's his own American twist on them that makes them taste so delicious. A scallop-topped pizza, for instance, is baked slightly burned to let all the flavors settle and kick in! Thinly-cut Iberico ham pairs so well with their fine selection of European wine. And for dessert? Macarons that taste as if they came all the way from Paris!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Vetri Cucina


Finally, there's Zahav! This is, without a doubt, one of, if not the best Israeli restaurants in all of Philly! All of the country's delicacies are on offer in this popular hotspot up on Society Hill. For starters, you can wet your appetite with some olive oil-drenched Laffa Bread served straight to your table the moment you order. Sweet potatoes with caviar and French onion make for an excellent brunch option, satsifing your high taste in more ways than one. For dinner, you can go for kebabs spiced up by Shipka peppers, tantalizing your taste buds until your fully satisfied!
The Best Eats in Philadelphia
Source: Zahav Facebook Page

Don't underestimate Philadelphia when it comes to excellent restaurants and foodie hotspots. The city has a lot of them on offer, some that can even rival those in New York, Los Angeles, or even in London and Paris too!

There are so many great places to eat in Philadelphia, from the best restaurants to simply in your kitchen back at your luxury home here!





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