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The Best YouTube Vloggers Living The Ideal Life in Paris

August 28, 2021
Part of what makes social media such a force to be reckoned with nowadays is that it helps connect you to your fantasies. From glamorized imagery to idealized lifestyles, social media often serves as one's escape from the real world. Over the years, that has brought on harmful effects but there are those that have proven to be helpful too. Take YouTubers, for instance. There are vloggers that show what it's like to live a certain way or in a certain place. Living in Paris, for instance, is the ultimate fantasy for a lot of people out there. These YouTubers help mold that fantasy into reality.

The Best YouTube Vloggers Living The Ideal Life in Paris

Tiffanie Davis

Let's be real for a second: despite how diverse, open-minded, and socially liberated France, especially Paris, has become, racism still exists. Racial biases still exist, even though it's not as blatant and rampant as before. So even in a city like Paris, women of color might still get the short end of the stick. It's already a city with notable crime rates, what more if you're a minority living here? Fortunately, American MBA student and YouTuber Tiffanie Davis proves that even black women can live the dream life in Chez Paris. With her joie de vivre, she proves that a single woman with dark complexion can still take control of her destiny in a bustling metropolis like the French capital.
Source: Tiffanie Davis YouTube Channel

The Purple Palace (Shayna Klee)

Shayna Klee, more popularly known as The Purple Palace on YouTube, is a Paris-based visual artist and filmmaker. She chronicles her quirky adventures as a young creative in the French capital, even offering some tips and tricks on the side. From what the streetwear trends in the city to what the Paris art scene, beyond the famous museums, is really like, Klee offers a look into the different sides of local life here. She's also allowed herself to become vulnerable to her subscribers, sharing bits of her personal life and how stressful living in a city like Paris can often be.
Source: The Purple Palace YouTube Channel

Nora Aradi

Nora Aradi, or 'Nora A' on YouTube, is the personification of a social media influencer in Paris. Of course, this means that most of the content on her channel reflects an idealized view of what life is like in the city. Think weekly vlogs that chronicle her university life in Paris, fashion videos that show off trends and styles in the city and beyond, and clips of her modeling life too. This isn't to say that what she presents is simply a mirage of what living in Paris may seem like, but it is a more well-polished version nonetheless.
Source: Nora Aradi YouTube Channel

Kira Ryberg

With her adorable curly hair, bubbly personality, and approachable attitude, Kira Ryberg is the type of YouTuber that feels like your close friend. When you watch her video, although she's essentially talking to over 1.95K subscribers, it seems as if she's just chatting with you. And that's her charm; what makes her stand out against all the other Paris-based vloggers. Whether she's breaking down French stereotypes or providing fitness tips, she makes you feel like her content was made just for you. It's almost as if she's inviting you to live the Parisian lifestyle with her!
Source: Kira Ryberg YouTube Channel

Not Even French (Rosie from New Zealand)

While Kira Ryberg seems like your best friend from next door, Rosie from New Zealand, or 'Not Even French' on YouTube, seems more like your favorite cool, young teacher from high school. Although she herself is navigating her life in Paris coming from a country that's not just from the other side of the world, but also a world apart in terms of culture, she doesn't hesitate to teach you everything she knows about living in France. Watching her videos is both an experience and education, breaking down various French stereotypes, helping you learn their language, and introducing you to what life really is like in Paris.
Source: Not Even French YouTube Channel

Orion Carloto

Trying on designer clothes, preparing for another school day during a cloudy morning, and reading a book whilst taking a scented bubble bath. This was the charming life of Orion Carloto in Paris. Although the beautiful model/YouTube no longer resides in the French capital, a good portion of her content is devoted to her time there. She's posted videos about how she moved to Paris, what her daily routines look like, and the creative struggle of a millennial girl living in the bustling metropolis. Both raw and real, her channel emphasized a more somber yet equally dreamy image of the Parisian lifestyle.
Source: Orion Carloto YouTube Channel

For many of you out there, living in Paris can only be a dream (for now). But there are those lucky enough to have had this dream become their reality. And they're not afraid to show you what life in the French capital is really like on their YouTube channels.

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