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The Basics of Zagreb's Public Transport

May 27, 2021
Don't underestimate a big city like Zagreb! Despite how beautiful it is, from the cobblestone streets to the flower-lined pathways, it's exhausting to walk around and explore it on foot. Even more so to get to where you need to be is that place is all the way to the other side of the city. So thank goodness for public transport! Thanks to all the systems in place, you can easily travel within the Croatian capital with no problem at all. But which one should you take to get to your destination? Here's what you need to know about Zagreb's public transport!

The Basics of Zagreb's Public Transport

Taking The Bus

For the most part, Zagreb's public transport is made up of what's called 'Zagrebački Električni Tramvaj,' or 'ZET' for short. This big system encompasses most of the Croatian capital and is mostly made up of buses and trams. The former is arguably more efficient since it has more routes and travels to all the districts in the city. Specifically, there are approximately 113 buses that run from 4:00 am in the morning to 12:00 midnight. The prices range from 4.00 kn to 70.00 kn, depending on how long you can use the ticket for.

The Trams in Zagreb

The second part of ZET is the tram system. With their famous blue hues, they're easy to spot a mile away. For now, there are two types of trams. The first includes 15 separate lines that run daily from 4:00 am in the morning to 12:00 midnight (similar to the city's buses). Routes 1 to 9 are connected, as are 11 to 15. Meanwhile, the second type of trams run at night, starting from 12:00 midnight to 4:00 am in the morning. This has only four separate lines, 31 to 34. For your convenience, Home in Zagreb outlined the timetables and locations of each tram line.

The Basics of Zagreb's Public Transport

Zagreb's 'Tourist Train'

Although unlike those in London and Paris, Zagreb is a European capital city that doesn't have its own metro system. For the most part, the only available modes of public transportation are buses, trams, and taxis. However, there is a train in Zagreb you can hop on, especially if you're a tourist! Called the 'Tourist Train,' it's more so a shuttle service that's defined to look like a train (or rather, an old-school train) reserved for visitors of the city. It only runs on weekends, from 10:00 am in the morning to 7:20 pm at night, and moves every 40 minutes, with the final destination being Ban Jelacic Square

Going Up Zagreb’s Funicular Railway

Just like in Lisbon, Zagreb has a public transport system that travels vertically rather than horizontally. It's the city's Funicular Railway. Taking you from the Lower Town to the Upper town and vice versa, the carts run on a 66m track. Called the 'uspinjača' in Croatian, it's actually the oldest public transport system in the country since it was established in 1890. For more than a century, Zagreb's Funicular Railway has been taking both tourists and residents alike up and down in the city. Because of its novel appeal, it's more popular among tourists than locals, although the latter still use it regularly nonetheless.

The Basics of Zagreb's Public Transport

Cycling Around Zagreb

Remember that Zagreb is still a European city. It should surprise no one that riding your bike is also a popular option to get around here. With various bike rental services on offer, if you don't have your own two-wheeler at home, you can easily rent one to get to where you need to be. And many of these businesses have set up their own stations throughout the Croatian capital for your convenience. Not to mention there are countless roads within Zagreb that have lanes specifically for cyclists. So if you want to cycle your way around this city, go ahead!

Using Transportation Apps

Fortunately, there are a handful of transportation apps that work in Croatia, hence, you can use them in Zagreb too. From ride-hailing apps to navigation programs, they will help you get to where you need to be with just a few taps on your phone. The former is especially useful when the ZET systems get too crowded during peak hours. And more often than not, in such situations, even the taxis that travel throughout the city also get too preoccupied with too many passengers. As such, for both your sake and the other people in the city, download and make use of these transportation apps.

A Fews Tips To Follow

Finally, here are some important tips you ought to remember when navigating Zagreb's public transport. Firstly, do note that not all stations and routes of the ZET systems show their respective stops. If you're not yet familiar with the different lines and where they travel to, this is where transportation apps become useful. Secondly, be aware that during the national holidays, many of the modes of public transportation in the Croatian capital tend to get crowded, therefore, they often run late. Plan your trip with this in mind so that you won't get late!

The Basics of Zagreb's Public Transport

Thanks to the many modes of public transportation in place, it's easy to get around the bus city of Zagreb. Despite how crowded the Croatian capital can be at times, as long as you're familiar with public transport here, you'll be fine!

Get familiar with Zagreb's public transport so that it'd be easier and quicker for you to explore the city and return to your luxury home here!



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