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The Most Useful Transportation Apps To Use in Croatia

May 26, 2021
Let's all admit that thanks to transportation apps, the world is an easier place to live in. Gone are the days where you have to stand for hours on the street trying to hail a taxi. Or spending minutes at the station wondering which route you should take to get to where you need to be. Not to mention running late and not knowing if you'll reach your destination in time. Since using transportation apps has become the norm, it's easier to travel to all sorts of places. Here in Croatia, here are some of the most useful!

The Most Useful Transportation Apps To Use in Croatia


You can't talk about transportation apps without mentioning Uber. It's the pioneer app that started it all. With a few taps on your phone, you can book a ride from wherever you are and get to your destination on time. Fortunately, the app works in Croatia, a country where beaches, countryside, and rural areas are abundant. Apart from the big cities, there aren't as many urban spaces in the country, hence, getting a taxi tends to get difficult. But with Uber, you can also get private luxury cars to get you to where you need to be! You'll just have to pay the extra fees though!


The same goes for EkoTaxi too! Although, just as its name suggests, the service is more geared to connecting passengers to taxis. However, if you still prefer a private luxury car, there's still that option too! Though, for many, taking a taxi is still the wiser option. Remember that those who drive luxury cars for this sort of app are, for the most part, amateur drivers. At least, if you get a taxi through EkoTaxi, you have a better chance of getting a driver who's more used to the road, knows all sorts of shortcuts, and the like!

The Most Useful Transportation Apps To Use in Croatia


Now, since Uber and EkoTaxi are the more popular ride-hailing apps, during peak hours, they tend to get quite busy. At times, even to the point that you won't get a ride yourself no matter how many times you tap your phone. And during these situations, it's no better than having to raise your hand up for hours on the street trying to hail a cab! Fortunately, however, there's still Cammeo. Unlike the previously-mentioned apps, this one solely connects passengers to taxis. Also, most notably, the business has its own hotline just in case you don't have a smartphone to use the app on!


As useful as relying on ride-hailing apps is, one major problem most travelers face when using them is payment. In public transport, taxis are already the most expensive system of them all, what more when you make use of services that add on their own fees on top of the metro? It's because of this that many would prefer to take the bus instead, often the most affordable public transport system anywhere, even in Croatia. And if you need info on all the buses in the country, use GetByBus! This program shows all the details of all the bus companies in Croatia, from routes to schedules and all!

The Most Useful Transportation Apps To Use in Croatia


Remember! There's more to public transport than just taxis and buses! And when you're traveling, especially in a beautiful country like Croatia, you should be open to all options! That's why an app like Moovit is so useful. This journey-planner app lets you know everything about the different modes of transportation in the country. From estimated time arrivals to how much you'll have to pay for each public transport system, everything you need to know is right here! It also tells you some info on train travels in Europe, even those that connect to Croatia, for a dreamy ride of your life!


Citymapper is another journey-planner app you can use in Croatia. In fact, it's so popular that you can also use it in other countries, from Morocco to Monaco! That alone should tell you just how convenient of a program it is. But why not use it yourself to see? You'll find that you can plan all your travels in full detail, allowing you to also plan ahead of what you'll do the moment you get to your destination. And while Citymapper is often compared to Moovit, the difference is that the former is more useful in big cities.


Most of the apps listed so far have all been about public transport, but what about when you have your own car? Enter HAK! Moreso a navigation app that can practically double as a GPS, this app is all you need if you drive your own vehicle. You'd think that, since it's about navigation, all it does is lead you to the best and quickest routes and lay down a may to get to your destination. But HAK does more than that! It also gives you live updates on road conditions, accidents, and the like, real-time info on traffic, and more!

The Most Useful Transportation Apps To Use in Croatia

Croatia has caught up with the rest of the world in the 21st century with all these transportation apps making it easier to travel within the country. Make sure you download some of them on your phone to help you on your next trip here!

Use any of these transportation apps to get around Croatia and to help you get back to your luxury home here!



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Zagreb, Croatia
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Zagreb, Croatia
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2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-4

Zagreb, Croatia
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-6
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1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4
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, Croatia
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