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Top Tips on Navigating The Tube in London

March 01, 2021
When it comes to getting around in London, the 'tube' is everything! It can take you to any place you need to go to within the British capital. Why do you think so many of the 8.9 million people who live here ride it? For them, there's no other mode of public transportation that's as efficient, easy, and fast as this one. With that said, if you don't know how to navigate the tube, you, literally, won't go anywhere. It's such a big and vast system, it's easy to get confused and lost. But if you follow these tips, that's unlikely to happen!
Top Tips on Navigating The Tube in London

Get A Card/Pass

First thing's first, get a travel card/pass. In a city like London where public transport is basically the only option for a lot of people, a travel card/pass goes a long way. Since the tube is always crowded and busy, having one handy will help you board it much faster. You won't need to line up to buy a new ticket. Using a travel card/pass will allow you to ride the tube with no problem at all. And among the many cards/passes available, the Oyster Card is one that most Londoners recommend. Costing only £5.00, this reloadable smartcard is extremely handy and easy to use.

Ride The Escalator On The Right

There are lots of ways you can offend the Brits whilst in London, In the tube specifically, getting in people's way is your ticket to a fist-fight. That's why when you go to the escalators on any metro station throughout the city, you'll find that many people stay on the right side. You can even clearly see written on the steps of the escalator that you ought to stay on the right side so as to not block people's way. The left side of the escalator is reserved as an open pathway for those rushing to catch the next train.

Top Tips on Navigating The Tube in London

Stay Behind the Yellow Line

When you go onto the platform, you'll find that just before the tracks, there is a yellow line near the edge. Never, under any circumstance, go beyond it while you're waiting for the next train. In fact, it's wise to not even be near it when the train has arrived. Not only is it dangerous for you to do so, but it will also be extremely inconvenient to the other commuters. The yellow line is there for two purposes. One is to keep you safe, positioning you in a safe distance away from the tracks. The other is to give the passengers exiting the tube ample space to do so.

Read The Signs

'Stand On The Right Side,' 'Do Not Go Beyond This Point,' 'Do Not Lean On The Poles,' and more. These are just some of the signs you'll see in the stations of the tube. It's best that you follow each and every one of them without fault. Some of the reasons are already mentioned above, others are simply to keep the areas organized and safe. Since the tube is the busiest public transport system in London, it often gets hectic during rush hour. Following the signs allow peace, organization, and safety for everyone in the station.

Top Tips on Navigating The Tube in London

Avoid Smelly Foods

Yes, as London is a good capital of the world, there are many snacks here that you can easily enjoy while you're on the tube. Incidentally, eating food is actually allowed inside the underground trains. But as much of a foodie that you are, even you have to admit that eating smelly foods whilst riding the train is very rude. It may not be illegal, but it's embarrassingly offensive to your co-passengers. In fact, even you won't want to suffocate with an unpleasant smell while you're commuting! So instead of munching on your fish & chips while you're on the tube, just save it until you get out!

Mind Your Volume

What's another way to offend your co-passengers on the tube? Talking loudly! Sometimes, you can't help it! Since you're underground and you're on the phone, chances are the signal is so poor that you have to speak loudly in order for the other person to hear you. Or you're having so much fun with your company that you can't help but laugh out loud. However, all of these will rub the other people inside the train the wrong way. Granted, they can always listen to music or opt to ignore you, at times, it can't be helped. Avoid any and all confrontation on the tube by keeping your volume at a bare minimum!

Top Tips on Navigating The Tube in London

Here in London, knowing how to navigate the tube is key! As long as you know where to go, what to do, what not to do, and what to avoid, you can easily get to your destination with no problem at all. And these tips will definitely help you with that!

Knowing how to get around London's public transport makes it easier for you to get to your luxury home a lot sooner than you think!



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