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The Important Public Holidays in Croatia

May 26, 2021
Have plans to travel to or relocate to Croatia? You'll need to prepare a lot. And it's not just about packing and listing down the places you want to see. Many forget that a country's holidays can change up your travel plans in more ways than one. If you're planning to tour the cities, national holidays may close down the best attractions, making you miss out on them when you're already there. If you've just moved to Croatia, you might get confused if you have the day off on the next public national holiday or not. Well, these particular Croatian holidays are definitely important enough for that!

The Important Public Holidays in Croatia

Europe Day (May 9)

Just like in France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and any other European country, 'Europe Day' is a pretty special holiday in Croatia. Held every May 9, it celebrates the peace after World War II and the eventual establishment of the European Union. And for some countries, including Croatia, this day is also known as the 'Day of Victory over Fascism,' commemorating the defeat of the German Nazi party. On this day, both the European Union's and Croatia's national flags are waved, parades are held, and the heads of state commonly hold speeches on what this day truly means.

Statehood Day (May 30)

Just as other countries have their 'Independence Day' holidays. Croatia has its own 'Statehood Day' held every May 30th. This day commemorates the constitution of the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament, which was established back in 1990, cementing the country's full independence. However, the date of the holiday itself varied. From 1991 to 2001, it was on May 30. Then it changed to June 25 in 2002, where it stayed up until 2019. And just last year, Statehood Day was reestablished to be on May 30 again. On this day, people usually take the day off and spend time with their families.

The Important Public Holidays in Croatia

Anti-Fascist Struggle Day (June 22)

Just like how May 9 is the 'Day of Victory over Fascism,' June 22 is 'Anti-Fascist Struggle Day.' Like what its name says, it remembers the country's fight against the Axis Forces during the Second World War. Specifically, it commemorates the First Sisak Partisan Detachment, which was formed on June 22, 1941, and the anti-fascist uprising among the Croatians at the time. It was then when freedom started to look possible for the occupied parts of Yugoslavia, of which the former puppet state of 'Independent State of Croatia' was included.

Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day (August 5)

Despite its name, Croatia's 'Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day' is far from Thanksgiving Day in the USA. This holiday commemorates the Croatian War of Independence, which happened from 1991 to 1995. Held every August 5, this day remembers the date back in 1995, when the Croatian Army successfully took hold of the city of Knin, bringing the end of the Republic of Serbian Krajina's reign there. As a result, back in 2008, this day also became known as the 'Day of Croatian Defenders' as well. Families, friends, and more take the day off to remember those who fought for the country's freedom!

The Important Public Holidays in Croatia

It's important to know the national public holidays of Croatia if you're planning on visiting, staying, or relocating here. Not only because of the days off you get and the celebrations you'll see but also to get to know more about the history and heritage of the country!

Spending these Croatian holidays out with friends or in your luxury home here will make you feel more in touch with the country!



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