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Where To Get Ice Cream in Paris

May 23, 2021
It may be 'cool' in Paris but just spending your days idly by in this city won't make you feel cool. The truth of the matter is, Paris sizzled during summer. That doesn't mean that it's hot and sexy here—that's already a given!—but it means that, if you're not careful, you could get a heatstroke! So, in order to prevent that, why not go for some ice cream? After all, the French are all about the sweets! It shouldn't surprise you to know that the ice cream shops here are second to none! Here are some you should know about!

Where To Get Ice Cream in Paris


Ask any Parisian which ice cream shop you should check out and a lot will likely mention Berthillon! Undoubtedly one of, if not the most popular ice cream place in Paris, it's been a culinary institution in the city since the 1960s. In fact, don't be surprised to find the queue here to reach a couple of blocks. That's how popular the shop is! And why wouldn't it be when they offer around 60 different flavors of ice cream? Half of which change depending on the season. Whether you go for a light vanilla scoop or a cup of rich salted caramel, you won't want to miss the creamy goodness here!

À la Mère de Famille

Just by its old-school Belle Epoque facade, you can already tell that À la Mère de Famille is another culinary institution in Paris. One that you just have to check out if you're into ice cream. Or, more specifically, chocolate ice cream. À la Mère de Famille is more known as a premier Parisian chocolatier than an ice cream shop, but the frozen treats they serve here are second to none! Most especially the classic chocolate ice cream! With just one spoonful, it will take you back to your childhood! You can also go for their famous frozen bonbons: bite-sized ice cream-filled chocolates!

Where To Get Ice Cream in Paris


Martine Lambert has been passionate about ice cream since she was a little girl. So in 1974, she opened her eponymous ice cream shop in Deauville, France. Eventually, her frozen treats caught the attention of so many throughout France that, in 2010, she finally opened her own Paris shop at 39 rue Cler! What makes her place so popular is that it has a pure love affair with ice cream, serving it in new flavors and creating all sorts of desserts topped by the ice-cold sweet. If you're suddenly craving some ice cream in Paris, this shop will satisfy you in more ways than one!

Pascal le Glacier

If you thought À la Mère de Famille was the only place in Paris to get your chocolate ice cream fix, think again! In the 16th arrondissement stands a simple parlor that's all about, among other things, chocolate-flavored froze treats! That's Pascal le Glacier! Although this shop also serves (and excels) in other selections ranging from fruity flavors to quirky toppings, it's the chocolate ice cream that draws so many. From dark chocolate to even espresso-flavored, the richness of their treats will satisfy any sweet tooth out there! So much so that you shouldn't forget to brush your teeth after! You'll get cavities straight away!

Where To Get Ice Cream in Paris

Le Bac à Glaces

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, pistachio, raspberry—it's safe to say that when it comes to ice cream flavors, it's very rare to go a bit beyond. This isn't to say that these standard flavors are no longer good but if those are the only ones on offer, even the craziest sweet tooths will get bored! That's why Le Bac à Glaces, a shop located behind the Le Bon Marché department store in the 7th arrondissement, draws in tons of customers regularly. This bistro-styled ice cream parlor offers the most exotic ice cream flavors in the city, ranging from pineapple and coconut to even avocado!

Gelati d'Alberto

It's important to understand that ice cream is different from gelato. And if you're craving the latter but you're in Paris, not Italy, you can always go straight to Gelati d'Alberto! Located in the Latin Quarter, this is where you get the richer sister of ice cream if you're craving for something more impactful in taste and texture. And don't worry! The eponymous Alberto knows what he's doing! With fruity tutti flavors that will take your taste buds on a tailspin, his cups and cones are enough to keep you cool on a summer's day and your tummy full until the next meal!


Founded in 1947, Raimo is one of the older ice cream shops on this list. And that also goes with how they produce their treats too! Instead of whipping it up in the kitchen or producing it through machines, Raimo churns its creams and freezes them before they're served to the customer. Yes, though it sounds very medieval, it nevertheless still works in this day and age. Because of this method, they're able to come up with rich scoops of ice cream in different flavors, textures, and richness. Did that get your mouth watering?

Where To Get Ice Cream in Paris

When it comes to sweets, Paris still reigns supreme! And that goes for ice cream too! When it's hot out in the French capital, you can always head on over to any of these amazing ice cream shops and get a frozen treat to cool you down!

Enjoying ice cream in Paris, whether outside or in your luxury home, is one of the best ways to cool off this summer!



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