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How To Make Your Own Gelato at Home

April 19, 2020
Is it hot out? Is it just too heated that you almost don't want to do anything? But how are you going to cool off? You can't spend the day paralyzed in the heat. You gotta go do something. And so you scurry off to your kitchen to see what you can eat or drink to cool you off. It's right there at that moment that you realize that you actually want ice cream. But you don't just want ordinary ice cream. That's not enough for this hot a day. You actually want gelato. And since you're not in Italy, you decided to make some at home yourself.

How To Make Your Own Gelato at Home


Get Your Ingredients

As with any other recipe, you start with the ingredients. Although gelato seems like such a complicated dish to make, it actually only makes use of very basic and easy-to-get ingredients. To make gelato, you'll only really need milk, heavy cream, eggs, and sugar, You can also include extra ingredients for the flavour. Add cocoa powder if you want a more chocolatey taste. Want a fruit gelato? go for berries and fruit slices. Those bits of fruit will taste heavenly in contrast to the rich creamy texture. You'll also need an ice cream maker for this recipe. Fortunately, they're easy to buy at any appliance store or even online! 


Mix The Milk and Cream 

Now that you have your ingredients ready, it's time to start. Firstly, put your milk into two whole cups. That's the amount you'll need to ensure that your gelato will taste light and airy even with the rich texture. The cream, on the other hand, is what will make the dessert thick and rich in the first place. With this, you only need one full cup to really make for an authentic Italian-style gelato. Mix them both in a saucepan while it's being heated. Kipp mixing until foam forms around the edges. And when that happens, remove the heat and let it sit for a bit. 


How To Make Your Own Gelato at Home


Beat The Eggs Until They're Frothy

As your creamy mixture cools off on the side, it's time to beat some eggs. another part of what makes gelato such a thick treat is because of the eggs. Normal ice cream doesn't often make use of eggs but gelato does. It helps liven up the texture and gives a heavier taste than your ordinary frozen creamy dessert. Though 4 eggs are usually used for this recipe, you can always go for just two of three. At times, using all four eggs may bring out the egg taste a little more than what you preferred. And with that said, don't forget the sugar to make everything sweet! 


Combine Both Mixtures

Has your egg mixture turned frothy yet? Good! Now it's time to combine the two. Do so gradually so you're sure to mix them well. Doing it abruptly may force some of the creams to stay within a certain area of your frothy mixture. And even when you stir it, the mixtures might not blend 100% well. So when you combine them, do so gradually as you continue to beat your egg and sugar mixture. Pour the cream every few seconds to really get all of it in there. And when everything has been mixed, continue beating to further combine the two. 


How To Make Your Own Gelato at Home


Stir It Over Heat

The next step is to cook the gelato mixture. Put the combined ingredients into a saucepan and mix it over medium heat. This time, use a wooded spoon and stir it gently. Do so until it gels slightly, you'll feel it when it happens. This is also the best time to add in your flavour. For cocoa powder, sprinkle it gently and keep stirring until the who mixture is turned into a nice chocolatey brown colour. The same goes for your fruity syrups and bits as well. If, for example, you put in mango extract, mix it well until the batter exhibits a nice yellowy colour. 


Let it Chill

If egg lumps start to appear in your mixture, it's time to remove the heat. Take your saucepan and let it sit for a bit on the side. After a good few minutes, transfer your mixture into a bowl, cover it up, and let it chill in the refrigerator for several hours. It's good if you leave it overnight. Also, remember that this isn't the gelato yet, so you don't have to put the mixture into the freezer. It still has to come out soft when you take it out the next day. Make sure to also cover your bowl before chilling it. This will better protect the flavour of your gelato before you do the final steps. 


How To Make Your Own Gelato at Home


Pour Mixture into Ice Cream Maker

Continue the next morning by taking out your mixture from the refrigerator. If it got frozen a bit, soften it u by setting it to the side once more for a good few minutes, Then, bring out your ice cream maker. Pour your mixture into the machine and follow the instructions as stated on the manual. Now, it's important that you pour every last drop of your mixture into the machine. Though it might not seem it now, but every last drop counts. Especially when making a very specific treat like gelato. 


Freeze It and Serve

When it's all done. pour it in a container and freeze it overnight. The next day, when you wait it out, it will look, feel, and taste like real gelato from Italy. So now, it's ready to be served. You can enjoy it any way you want. A cone is, of course, always a classic. And it's easier for you to eat it, especially on a hot day. Want to eat it ala-mode? Why not? You can even combine it with some other Italian desserts that are also easy to make at home! 


How To Make Your Own Gelato at Home


Gelato may seem like this complicated European dessert that only Italians know how to make but it's really not. You can actually make some for yourself in your own home and it might just taste as good as the ones in Rome, Milan, Venice, and more! 






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