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The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know

May 16, 2021
Even though Amsterdam, or any other Dutch city for that matter, is far from what you'd call a 'fashion capital,' the style here is still trendy and captivating. Sure, the Netherlands is not what you'd call a 'lap of luxury' by any means, but that doesn't mean they're not fashionable. The Dutch have a sense of style that's completely distinct and all their own. They don't need designer brands from other countries in order to look their best. In fact, they have enough homegrown brands that are just as covetable. And the best part? A handful of them are affordable too!
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know


One thing you need to note about Dutch style is that the basics matter. From a regular white tee to a nice pair of denim jeans, for the style stars of the Netherlands, they're just as fashionable as a tailored suit or an evening gown. And that's thanks in large part to brands like Kuyichi. Founded in 2000, the casualwear brand has defined what it means to look cool in the simplest and most minimal pieces. They're all about the denim but approach it in sustainable ways. It's their vegan outlook that has helped them remain relevant in the Dutch fashion scene after all these years.
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know
Source: Kuyichi Pure Goods Facebook Page


Despite the Dutch's love for simplicity and minimalism, they're not ones to straw away from eye-catching prints, loud colors, and the like. Most especially not those who buy GSUS! This brand is somewhat of an institution in the Dutch fashion scene, having been around since 1993. Above all else, GSUS is all about the unconventional even with the most basic pieces. A nice well-fitted tee, for instance, will come in camouflage prints or vibrant pastel hues. Meanwhile, their outerwear consists of cloud-printed bomber jackets, military-style raincoats, and the like. Talk about pushing the envelope in style, right?
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know
Source: GSUS Official Facebook Page

G-Star RAW

Parisians aren't the only ones devoted to denim when it comes to style! Denim jeans are as much a staple in the Netherlands as it is in France! And since 1989, one brand that has produced some of the most fascinating pairs is G-Star RAW. Whether raw, untreated, or bleached, the way this label treats denim is off-the-charts. There are only so many ways to go about approaching a style staple that's as basic as can be. Through their creativity, G-Star RAW is able to offer luxurious minimal pieces that define Dutch style and puts it at the forefront in the streetwear market!
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know
Source: G-Star RAW Facebook Page

Deblon Sports

Speaking of streetwear, it's no secret that sportswear is slowly becoming more and more dominant in this part of the fashion industry. Over the years, what people wear to gyms and fitness clubs have become fashionably acceptable to sport on the street. Fortunately, here in the Netherlands, Deblon Sports offers up a sporty wardrobe of luxury pieces. Highlight athleticism with a hint of upscale glamour, this label's athleisure is almost as rich as any Italian designer brand out there. Think cashmere sweaters that pair well with their two-toned sport suits. Or track suits that hug the figure right and made in the best durable materials available!
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know
Source: Deblon Sports Facebook Page

Mud Jeans

By its name alone, you can already tell what Mud Jeans does bests—jeans! But they're no ordinary jeans! These aren't the type you'll see in British high street labels and the like! Nope! The pairs from Mud Jeans are vegan, sustainable, organic, and the like! Some are even upcycled and recycled, all to save the environment whilst helping the Dutch look good! And don't think that just because this brand went the sustainable route that their pieces are less in quality than other luxury labels! With their strong silhouettes and expert craftsmanship, Mud Jeans offers style staples that are as high-quality in style and functionality!
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know
Source: Mud Jeans Facebook Page


Knitted collared shirts, well-made denim jackets, and comfy drawstring trousers. Out of all the brands on this list, Unrecorded personifies what Dutch style is all about. Comfy and organic clothes that are simple and basic, yet elegant, high-quality, and of course, cool! It's not that they're just your everyday, run-of-the-mill garments you'll see in any department store. These are luxurious pieces made with the finest materials, constructed by expert craftsmen, and made to look so simple and effortless, it almost seems magical. Best of all, they look smart! Don't think that just because the Dutch are into minimalism that they tend to look lazy. Unrecorded is all about evoking class in the simplest ways!
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know
Source:Unrecorded. Facebook Page

Crafted Society

Finally, there's Crafted Society. Just as its name conveys, this brand is all about well-crafted footwear from the Netherlands. Now, it's no secret that, when it comes to shoes, French brands and Italian labels have the Dutch beat. But Crafted Society isn't going down without a fight! Their line of sneakers look luxuriously simple in all the right ways. They're slightly sport, very minimal, but also so well-constructed you'd think they were haute couture pieces! Also, the brand has ventured into accessories too! Their line of carves, bags, and knitwear are the best of the best in Dutch craftsmanship!
The Best Affordable Dutch Fashion Brands You Ought To Know
Source: Crafted Society Facebook Page

Here in the Netherlands, not all of the best fashion brands are expensive! Luxury can be just as affordable as any designer label out there. And don't worry! The quality of these brands' pieces are high enough to be considered luxurious!

All your great finds from these incredible Dutch brands should fit in your closet. And here in the Netherlands, only luxury homes have closets big enough for that!