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All About Puerto Vallarta's Living Costs

March 26, 2021
Puerto Vallarta is one of those places that you'd automatically think is expensive. Since it draws a lot of the rich and famous, it's easy to think that it's just as pricey here as it is in Monaco, Mykonos, Ibiza, and the like. But is it really expensive here? Surely the resorts and hotels are, yes! But what about if you actually relocate here? The truth of the matter is that seeing the common living costs in the local currency, Mexican pesos, it's easy to think that Purto Vallarta is an expensive city to live in. But when you convert them to other currencies, is it really?
All About Puerto Vallarta's Living Costs

Costs of Renting in Puerto Vallarta

Rent is, more often than not, one of the best indicators to know if a certain city is expensive or not. After all, out of all the common living costs for people to pay on a regular basis, rent is often the highest. Here in Puerto Vallarta, a home can cost a minimum of $5,000.00 MXN to a maximum of $35,000.00 MXN a month. At face value, these figures make it seem like renting here is extremely expensive, right? But when you convert them to US Dollars, for instance, these common rental fees are actually $241.89 USD to $1,693.20 USD. Way more affordable than in New York or Los Angeles, right?

Costs of Buying Property in Puerto Vallarta

Buying a property would be expensive no matter where you are. Here in Puerto Vallarta, if you want to buy a home in one of the central districts in the city, you'll have to pay $28,500.00 MXN to $60,000.00 MXN per square meter. In US Dollars, that'd be $1,379.20 USD to $2,903.57 USD. And if you want a property along the outskirts of town, that'll cost you $20,000.00 MXN to $33,779.57 MXN. Which, when converted to US Dollars, is really just $968.14 USD to $1,635.17 USD. They're all still pretty pricey, but don't get too overwhelmed when you see the common prices in Mexican peso.

All About Puerto Vallarta's Living Costs

Utilities Costs

Now, let's talk utilities! Apart from your rent, these are other costs you'd have to pay on a regular basis too. For now, paying your basic bills would cost you around $300.00 ($14.52 USD) to $1,200.00 ($58.08 USD) a month. These already include your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and the like. Depending on how much you earn in your job here, they're practically just loose change! AS for your wifi connection at home, that'll probably cost you around $400.00 MXN ($19.36 USD) to $600.00 MXN ($29.04 USD) a month. They're not too bad, right?

Food Costs

Typically, the common total median food costs in any city, whether in its own currency or when converted to other currencies, would normally be within the double digits. Here Puerto Vallarta, for instance, it's a slightly different case. In Mexican Pesos, the common total median price for food is $979.40 MXN. This will already take into account a dozen eggs, milk, 1.5 liters of water, fruits, vegetables, different types of meat, and so on. At face value, it looks pretty high, right? But if you convert it into US Dollars, that'll only be $47.39 USD! For less than $50.00 USD, you can get one-to-two weeks' worth of groceries in Puerto Vallarta!

All About Puerto Vallarta's Living Costs

Dining Costs

A lot of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta cost a pretty penny. They mostly cater to well-off tourists who go to the city for a luxurious getaway. Some are even headed by a few of Mexico's top gourmet chefs and culinary geniuses. With that said, dining out in Puerto Vallarta isn't exactly an exclusively expensive endeavor. At least, not when you convert the common costs in US Dollars. For instance, a nice meal at an affordable foodie hotspot would only cost you around $65.00 MXN ($3.14 USD) to $146.45 MXN ($7.08 USD). Meanwhile, a dinner for two at a mid-range place would typically cost $500.00 MXN ($24.18 USD) to $1,464.51 MXN ($70.83 USD).

Transportation Costs

Public transport in Puerto Vallarta is thriving. But it's also completely different from those in other cities. For instance, renting a car is a common mode of 'public' transportation in this city. It typically costs around $1,254.75 MXN ($60.72 USD) to $1,777.56 MXN ($86.02 USD) to rent one for about a week or so. If you'd prefer to take the bus, a single-ride ticket would cost you $10.00 MXN ($0.48 USD). Double that for a round-trip and it'd only cost you $20.00 MXN ($0.97 USD) to go to your destination and back! Now that's a great deal!

All About Puerto Vallarta's Living Costs

Clothing Costs

Since Puerto Vallarta is a common getaway for the rich and famous, expect a lot of designer stores to have set up shop here. You might even spot some celebrities shopping around if you're lucky! However, don't think that luxury items are the only types of clothes available in this city! There are still some high street brands and homegrown boutiques you can peruse while you're here. Typically, it'd cost you $560.00 MXN ($27.13 USD) to $1,200.00 MXN ($58.13 USD) for a piece from these affordable labels. And if you want a new pair of trainers from a well-known sportswear brand, expect to pay around $900.00 MXN ($43.61 USD) to $2,300.00 MXN ($111.44 USD) for them!

Leisure Costs

Speaking of new trainers, you'd want to use them for the next time you have a leisurely workout, right? Well, if you go to any mid-range gym in Puerto Vallarta, expect to pay $400.00 MXN ($19.38 USD) to $800.00 ($38.76 USD) every month for its membership fee. Since this is Puerto Vallarta, there will be a lot of more upscale and luxurious fitness centers in the city too. Expect their membership fees to be way more expensive! Moreover, if you want to watch a movie, a ticket here would typically cost $50.00 MXN ($2.42 USD) to $100.00 MXN ($4.84 USD).

Childcare & Education Costs

Finally, there's your kid's education. While they're little, if you're unable to watch over them all-day-long, you can enroll them in a private daycare center in the city. That'd normally cost you around $1,900.00 MXN ($92.16 USD) to $4,000.00 ($194.02 USD) a month per child. And when they grow up, enrolling them in a private international school in Puerto Vallarta would cost you $60,000.00 MXN ($2,906.94 USD) to $180,000.00 MXN ($8,720.82 USD) per school year! Pretty expensive, yes, but they do match the high-quality education your kids will receive in them! So they're pretty much worth every cent!

All About Puerto Vallarta's Living Costs

Puerto Vallarta may seem like such an expensive city, but if you see the prices in another currency, you'll realize that it's not! Sure, the famous resorts and hotels are all pretty pricey, but actually living here? That's a totally different story!





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