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What You Need To Know About Getting A Job in Mexico

March 18, 2021
Who wouldn't want to work in Mexico? In such a vibrant and lively country, it'd feel like a dream to live and work here, right? To start a new life in a place with friendly people, delicious food, fascinating traditions, and a colorful culture! At least, it's bound to be very different from other countries, that's for sure! But before anything else, you'll need to find a job first. How can you start a new life here if you can't even make a living? Getting a job should be one of your top priorities when you move to Mexico.
What You Need To Know About Getting A Job in Mexico

Eligibility for Working in Mexico

First thing's first, are you even eligible to work in Mexico? If you were born here and you're a recognized citizen of the country, you'll have no problem at all. However, if you're from outside of Mexico, you'll need to become a resident first. Oddly enough, an important factor in becoming a resident here is to get a job first. So even before you get to Mexico, you should already have been employed by a Mexican company. Only then will you be able to apply for a Mexican business visa which allows you to stay in the country for work.

Searching For Jobs Online/b>

Whether you're coming from a foreign country wanting to relocate to Mexico or you've lived in the country for a while now and find yourself unemployed, going online to job-seeking websites is always effective. It's only through such platforms that you get to see what available job posts there are in the country. For now, the most popular here in Mexico are the international ones, like LinkedIn and Indeed, as well as a few local ones, such as CompuTrabajo and ZonaJobs. The local ones are usually in Spanish so it'd be better if you understood the language first.

What You Need To Know About Getting A Job in Mexico

Rely On Your Network<

It's no secret that Mexicans are family-oriented people, right? It's part of who they are. And it's that reliance on human connections and relationships that have often proven to be useful when finding employment. Or, in other words, relying on your network. If you already have Mexican friends who have their own roots in Mexico, letting them assist you finding a job would help you a lot. Whether it's through their own connections or asking them for help with speaking and understanding Spanish, building and growing your network is instrumental in starting a career in this country.

What To Put On Your CV

Generally, what you put in your CV here in Mexico is the same as in other countries like the US, Spain, and more. It'd include your personal information, work experiences, educational background, and the like. Ironically, even though education weighs a lot in a CV, putting down where you went in your primary and secondary school years is actually unnecessary. What employers care about most is which college or university you graduated from and it's important that you explain this background in detail. Listing down your proficiency levels in various skills will also prove useful. And for as much as possible, keep your CV on one page only!

Interview Tips To Follow in Mexico

When coming in for a job interview in Mexico, make sure you dress appropriately. This doesn't just mean go business casual (though this is the most preferable for most), but rather dress that corresponds to the nature of the company you're applying for. Looking overdressed leaves just as bad an impression as looking underdressed. During your interview proper, try to sound as conversational as possible, don't be so stiff and rigid. Let them know you're comfortable in their space and flexible enough that they can count on you for anything. And lastly, especially for you foreign job hunters out there, topics like politics and culture are huge no-no's!

What You Need To Know About Getting A Job in Mexico

Finding work in Mexico is your first step to starting your new life here! Don't worry! There isn't a lot you need to remember when it comes to finding employment in this country. Just be prepared and be confident and you'll be alright!

Once you've landed a job in Mexico, you can finally earn enough to get a luxury home here!





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