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The Notable International Schools in Puerto Vallarta

March 25, 2021
Going to school is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to Puerto Vallarta, isn't it? This city is all about the sunny days on the beach, riding jet-skits in the water, and diving deeper into the depths of the sea. No way does going to school fit in any of these scenarios! However, if you're moving to Puerto Vallarta with your entire family, your kids have to go to school, somewhere, right? How will they ever continue their education then? With that said, Puerto Vallarta does have its own international schools where your little ones can fit right in!
The Notable International Schools in Puerto Vallarta

American School of Puerto Vallarta

Everyone knows that the US, the country where the prominent Ivy League universities are, has a high-quality educational system that's coveted around the world. So for those who want their kids to receive it here in Puerto Vallarta, the American School of Puerto Vallarta is their best bet! Offering up the US National curriculum to both local and foreign kids alike, your little ones get to learn all the academics, arts, and athletics that American children do in the powerhouse country. And since English is the main language here, they'll also get to communicate better with their peers!

British American School

What about when you want a mix? It's no secret that British education is just as, or even more acclaimed than American education. After all, London's top universities are the most well-respected in the world. So any opportunity for your kid to get a British education, make sure you make use of it. Here in Puerto Vallarta, that can only be done if you enroll him/her in the city's British American School. From kindergarten to high school, your children get to grow and learn with all the best of both types of education in this institution. It's also known for its use of modern technology when teaching the kids!

The Notable International Schools in Puerto Vallarta

Colegios en Puerto Vallarta Accelerated International School

Now for something completely different. Despite its name, Colegios en Puerto Vallarta Accelerated International School isn't exactly a college here in the city. It's actually more so an office that oversees a homeschooling system in Puerto Vallarta. Though technically it's not an actual school with its own physical campus, it's still an international academic body that ensures the education of kids in the city. With this institution's help, parents get to teach their kids everything they would have learned in a standard school all in the comforts of their own homes. And now more than ever, that's very important! It's quality international-caliber homeschooling at its finest!

Colegio México Americano

As far as standard schools go, Colegio México Americano is one of the finest in Puerto Vallarta. Despite its name, the school doesn't actually offer American education like the other institutions on this list. They do, however, offer bilingual English classes to suit foreign students quite nicely. Overall, this place provides a suitable environment for kids to grow and learn everything they need to in order to become good citizens or even strive to be leaders in the future. With its high-quality facilities and comfortable amenities, there's no doubt that your little ones will enjoy their school days here!

The Notable International Schools in Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta International Academy

Now, lets' move to language schools! More often than not, many international schools in non-English-speaking cities aim to teach the universal language to locals and foreigners alike. In the case of Vallarta International Academy, they provide all the necessary courses and lessons for people to become fluent in English and Spanish. And don't think it's just conversational too! What they teach here are business and formal languages too, eventually allowing students to get certified to teach the languages to other people as well. Not to mention be able to apply what they learn in their own line of work in Mexico.

Global Language Institute

Another language school in Puerto Vallarta, Global Language Institute, doesn't just teach English and Spanish, but French too! And unlike Vallarta International Academy, this school teaches all levels. The latter is merely centered on adults who aim to use languages to help further their careers. The Global Language Institute, on the other hand, is more focused on getting people, both young and old, to get used to and become fluent in the languages taught here. Some also extend to business and formal language suitable for work, but for the most part, the aim is fluency and complete understanding of the languages.

The Notable International Schools in Puerto Vallarta

Moving to Puerto Vallarta with the entire family? What about your kids' schooling? Well, there's no need to worry about that! This coastal city has its own myriad of international schools your kids can choose from to continue their studies!