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Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta

March 26, 2021
In a city like Puerto Vallarta, excellent food is a must! The caliber of culinary arts in this paradise should, at the very least, match the natural beauty and luxurious accommodations here. And you know what, it does! Puerto Vallarta may be far from what many would consider a 'food capital,' but it does have a few places that can rival the best of the best in cities like London, Paris, New York, and the like. From traditional food made modern to fusion menus that you wouldn't believe, here are some of the best places to eat in Puerto Vallarta!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta

Barcelona Tapas

You can probably already tell what this place's main specialty is from its name alone. Though Barcelona Tapas sounds like a tapas bad in the Catalan capital, it's actually one of Puerto Vallarta's finest foodie finds. And don't think it's a tapas 'bar' either! This place is actually extremely refined, with white clothed-tables overlooking a great view of the metropolis. After all, it's located in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Since it's a rooftop hotspot, of course, it'd offer amazing views of the city. Pair that with the flavorful tapas served here and you've got yourself a winner!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Restaurante Barcelona Tapas Facebook Page

Bonito Kitchen

Don't think that just because these places are in Puerto Vallarta, they'd all focus on Mexican food. As excellent as this country's cuisine is, it's just as fascinating to see how chefs from here try their hands at other cuisines. Take Bonito Kitchen, for instance. Located in Hotel Zone, one of the more tourist-friendly areas in the city, this is arguably the best place to get your Asian food fix. Think sumptuous sushis and sashimi from Japan. Or spicy kimchi from Korea. Or even a piping hot bowl of Pho that tastes authentically Vietnamese. You can only get such exotic goodness in this hotspot in Puerto Vallarta!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Bonito Kitchen


Dining costs in Puerto Vallarta aren't always expensive. Many people think they are because most of the best places to eat in this city are usually upscale restaurants. After all, they carry the prestige of culinary excellence in Puerto Vallarta! Case in point: ICU. Ask any local or tourist who knows Puerto Vallarta by heart where the best place to eat in the city is and you'll likely hear ICU among their answers a lot. Headed by award-winning chefs, Josue Jimenez & Mauricio Leal, who used to run a successful catering service before setting up their own restaurant, this place is a seafood paradise unlike any other! That's pretty much all you really need to know!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Restaurante ICU Facebook Page

La Cappella

You didn't think this list would be complete without a few hotel restaurants, did you? La Cappella is one of them! Located inside BellView Hotel Boutique Puerto Vallarta along Calle Miramar, this place offers a feast for the eyes as well as a feast for your tummy! The views from this place are simply spectacular, presenting a skyline of the traditional and more urban parts of Puerto Vallarta. As for its menu, Italian cuisine reigns supreme! Think rich types of pasta that will have you salivating the moment you smell them approaching your table. Or pizzas that will leave you full with just one slice!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: BellView Hotel Boutique Puerto Vallarta

La Iguana Restaurant

Another hotel in-house restaurant, La Iguana, is worth checking out from its history along. Apart from the all-star roster of patrons, consisting of international and local celebrities alike, the hotel where the hotspot is located, Casa Kimberly, was actually the former residence of legendary Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor! Can you imagine eating at a place that used to house one of the world's most famous and most beautiful actresses? Add to that the excellent Mexican cuisine served here, quality dishes that are as delicious as they are traditional. You definitely won't find a similar place anywhere else in the city!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Casa Kimberly

Le Kliff

Since this place really is perched on the edge of a cliff on the South Shore of Puerto Vallarta, Le Kliff's name is more than appropriate. And before you pass checking out this incredible hotspot just because it sounds like a dangerous place to go to, think again! Firstly, its elegant ambiance and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean are not to be missed. They're arguably the most unique and definitely must-see views offers in any restaurant bar none! Secondly, their seafood menu is to die for! Most especially since their daily specialties are literally 'catches of the day,' meaning they probably were freshly caught from the ocean as recently as the same morning!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Le Kilss Facebook Page

Ocean Grill

Still craving some delicious seafood? You might want to try Ocean Grill next. True to its name, this place serves up fresh and sumptuous fish, prawn, and crustacean dishes. Many of which will leave you craving for more for a long time! The place is located at the south of Boca de Tomatlan, making it rather difficult to reach via public transport. But it does overlook what's mostly an isolated bay! Its jungle-inspired ambiance perfects the adventurous mood you probably already have when you reached this point of the city. As for what you should order here? Anything with shrimp in it will do!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Ocean Grill Vallarta Facebook Page


A modern and sleek foodie hotspot in Neptune Plaza mall at Marine Vallarta invited people with its fascinating smells and extremely unique dishes. This is Tintoque, the restaurant headed by prominent gourmet chef Joel Ornelas. You can probably consider Ornels as somewhat of a scientist as his culinary creations often break free from the norms of the art. Choosing to highlight acidic and spicy flavors, this place is not for the faint of heart. If you want to go on a culinary adventure in Puerto Vallarta, there's no better place than this!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Tintoque Facebook Page


A mix of Mediterranean flavors with traditional Mexican spices. What could be better? Trio is a beautiful restaurant headed by European chefs Bernhard Guth and Ulf Henriksson. Here, they combine the famous dishes from their home region with delicious seasoning and secret techniques from Mexico and come up with mouth-watering menus that will take your taste buds on quite a trip. Add to that the beautiful botanical bliss of an ambiance their space provides! Overall, eating here would be a culinary experience you won't soon forget! And no matter how much you spend here, know that every cent is worth it!
Some Of The Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta
Source: Trio Restaurant Facebook Page

As you might expect, Puerto Vallarta has its own treasure trove of upscale restaurants, hip bistros, and other culinary hotspots that any foodie would be lucky to visit! Unique flavors, fascinating fusion menus, and exotic tastes await those who want to eat here!