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Understanding Puerto Vallarta's Public Transport

March 25, 2021
When you think of Puerto Vallarta, you probably only see sands, seas, and sunshine, right? This beautiful coastal town off of Jalisco state in Mexico is known as such a paradise throughout the world. So much so that it's almost impossible to see it as a standard city like in any other place. However, try as you might, Puerto Vallarta remains a bustling urban metropolis with all of today's modern conveniences. This, of course, also includes public transport. Thanks to so many systems in place here, you can easily get to where you need to be in Puerto Vallarta.
Understanding Puerto Vallarta's Public Transport

Puerto Vallarta's Local Buses

There are plenty of buses to take you to wherever you need to go to in Puerto Vallarta. With so many lines traveling throughout all the districts of the city, it's virtually impossible that there won't be at least one that will take you exactly or near your destination. Furthermore, since most single-ride tickets only cost $10.00 MXN, it's also one of the more affordable options for public transport. Just make sure you board the right one as there are also several buses in the city that travel to neighboring cities.

Taking A Taxi

Of course, there's also taking a taxi too! Just like in New York, the taxis here are painted yellow but their roofs are white so you they're don't look exactly like those in the US. You'd find in passing by packed places and touristy areas, looking for passengers among the crowd. Common fares often range from $70.00 MXN to $300.00 MXN so the moment you hail one, ask the driver just how much the fare would be. More specifically, Vallarta Info listed down all the common fares for a taxi ride going to all sorts of destinations. If he/she mentions a price that exceeds said amounts, you might be getting tricked.

Understanding Puerto Vallarta's Public Transport

Renting A Car Here

For a lot of coastal cities like Puerto Vallarta, renting a car is a common way to get around. Not that this means that the other modes of public transportation lack in any sort of way. It's just that since this famous city attracts tourists that are more or less well-off and can afford to rent a car during their stay here, it's become a common practice to do so. You can rent a Compact, a Jetta, a Jeep, or even an SUV for $1,254.75 MXN to $1,777.56 MXN for about a week or so, depending on the nature of the rental service you went for.

Scooters And Bikes in Puerto Vallarta

Other vehicles you can rent in Puerto Vallarta are scooters and bikes. Since the city is on the coast, these sorts of vehicles have proven popular over the years. The weather and sea breezes provide the perfect atmosphere for a scooter or bike ride, no matter how far your destination is. And just like with cars, you can rent them in the many rental services available in the city. And don't worry about the price. Renting scooters and bikes tend to be on the cheap side though there aren't exactly common price ranges for them!

Understanding Puerto Vallarta's Public Transport

Puerto Vallarta's Water Taxis

Since Puerto Vallarta is practically surrounded by water, another great way to get around is by water taxi. To get to nearby islands or even neighboring towns, a water taxi can often be your safest bet. They're mostly docked at the central location of Los Muertos Pier and run from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm in the afternoon. But don't think it will be a smooth ride all throughout. Water taxis have stops and, depending on the weather and water conditions can get very unstable at times. But there's no need to worry about the latter. Those rarely happen!

Some Tips To Remember

For buses, expect that sometimes, especially during peak hours, they get so full that you'll need to stand. Even worse is that they don't all have airconditioning, so get ready to sweat your behind off as well. When it comes to taxis, know that tipping your taxi driver is practically a no-no. It's not necessarily illegal but it is uncommon. And because it's mostly tourists that do it, this makes taxi drivers prefer tourists leaving locals having a difficult time hailing one off the street. And finally, for water taxis, it's best to arrive at the dock station a good thirty minutes before your departure.

Using A Transportation App

Thanks to modern technology, you can make use of transportation apps to help you get around Puerto Vallarta! When you're having too difficult a time getting a taxi, you can use a ride-hailing app to book one wherever you may be. Taking the bus? No problem! Journey-planner apps allow you to look at schedules, fares, and routes right on your phone. And when you want to rent a car, bike, or scooter, various services in Mexico have their own in-house apps that let you do it online! Finally, you can travel and explore Puerto Vallarta in an easier and hassle-free way!

Understanding Puerto Vallarta's Public Transport

Thank goodness for public transport! Your stay in Puerto Vallarta is a lot easier and less of a hassle thanks to all sorts of modes of public transportation that are available here. You won't need to worry about how to get around this beautiful coastal city after all!

Any of these modes of public transportation can get you back to your luxury home in Puerto Vallarta with no problem at all!