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What To Know About Lisbon's Crime Rate

February 18, 2021
How safe a city is doesn't depend on its wealth, popularity, or even beauty. There are some cities out there that are the most beautiful in the world, dazzling millions of people who go there year after year. The only catch? They're also actually some of the least safe in the world too. They're not exactly dangerous, but they're not like a daycare center either. On the other hand, there are cities that aren't as beautiful nor popular but are actually the safer ones out there. Sure, they're not exactly top tourist destinations, but at least there's less danger there! Case in point: Lisbon!
What To Know About Lisbon's Crime Rate

What Is The General Crime Rate in Lisbon?

How do you know that Lisbon is a relatively safe city? As of the moment, its general crime rate is 24.26%. It's one of the lowest among the European capital cities. Compare that to the likes of Paris and Rome where the general crime rates are moderately high, Lisbon is practically a place where you can act so freely without any worry. Even the rate of increase in crimes over the past few years is only at 51.95%, moderate at best. It only goes to show that there's merit to being one of the underrated capital cities in the world.

What Are Lisbon's Highest-Rated Crimes

Despite that relatively positive info, there are still crimes committed in Lisbon. Even this city can't escape that. Currently, the highest-rated crime according to Numbeo.com is corruption at 53.80% which is fairly moderate. On the bright side, it's not an inherently dangerous crime where lives are in danger. However, what is in danger are many people's livelihoods. After that, drug-dealing ranks second-highest at 37.83%. Though it's considered quite low, it only proves that Europe has a huge drug problem. Lisbon isn't the only city where drug-dealing tanks high among the most commonly committed crimes.

What To Know About Lisbon's Crime Rate

Which Crimes Should You Still Watch Out For?

Ranking as the third-highest crime committed in Lisbon is car-theft at 36.63%. Though it's that major cause for alarm since it's considered low, it's still a concern among the car-owners living in the city. That's why, no matter where one lives, it's better to park vehicles in secure garages than just out on the open street. At the fourth-highest, it's theft at 36.34%. Sufficient to say, is not surprising. Since Lisbon is one of, if not the most-visited city in Portugal, it's to be expected that pickpockets run amuck here. They likely target tourists and unsuspecting visitors too.

How Safe Is It To Walk Around in Lisbon?

With all that said, how safe is it to walk around Lisbon, exactly? As it turns out, very safe! To be more specific, during the day, it's 88.89% safe to explore Lisbon even when you're all alone. Though this doesn't mean you can be reckless and just do whatever you want. It only means that most districts in the city are a lot safe while the sun is out. During the nighttime, however, the safety rate drops to 66.68%. And while this is still considered high, it's not that wise to go about without company.

What To Know About Lisbon's Crime Rate

Which Areas Should You Avoid?

As Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, there are bound to be some areas are more dangerous than others. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should never go to them at all. If you have pressing business to attend to in some of these places, it can't be helped! However, as much as you can, it's wiser to avoid these areas to stay out of trouble. Baixa, for instance, is the downtown district of the Portuguese capital. And while there's a lot to see and explore here, drug-dealing is more or less rampant in this area.

What Are Tips To Stay Safe in Lisbon?

You shouldn't need people to tell you that staying alert no matter what is the number one tip to staying safe, even in a city like Lisbon. No matter how safe you feel at a certain place, it pays to always be more aware of your surroundings no matter what. Also, when taking public transport, ensure that all of your belongings, whether in your bag, luggage, or even in your pockets, are safely secured. Most especially if you're commuting during rush hour! You never know who might be targeting you and what they plan to steal from you!

What To Know About Lisbon's Crime Rate

No matter what you think of Lisbon, the city is actually a lot safer than the more popular places like Paris, Rome, London, and the like. It only goes to show that popularity doesn't necessarily weigh that heavily when it comes to safety in a city!

Always remember that areas within Lisbon where luxury homes that you can rent are located are the safer parts of the city!