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Atlanta's Most Fun Playgrounds to Play In

December 19, 2020
Think what you want about the South, there's no denying that it's quite the lively part of the country. There's a fun and laid-back vibe here, even in the big cities like Atlanta, Georgia. And speaking of Atlanta, it's no question that this urban paradise is one of the most fun cities in the country. But is it fun for kids too? You bet it is! Unbeknownst to many, Atlanta has a couple of great playgrounds where kids can run wild and play to their hearts' content. If you ever have plans of traveling or even moving here with your kids, you ought to know what they are!
Atlanta's Most Fun Playgrounds to Play In

Brook Run Park Playground

A great thing about the Brook Run Park Playground is they separate the areas for the big kids and smaller toddlers. In the former, a whole series of slides and swings await their needs to pump their adrenaline during playtime. Meanwhile, the latter has smaller jungle-gyms and lower slides so as to avoid kids crying from fear of heights. This way, both groups can play as much as they want without spoiling the fun for each other. Furthermore, the Brook Run Park Playground is one of the safer on this list. You rarely need to go to any hospital afterward.
Atlanta's Most Fun Playgrounds to Play In
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chastain Park Playground

Do you know why the Chastain Park Playground is one your kids will probably love the most here in Atlanta? It's because the place is so big that even you can play in it! Yep! Release your inner child and join your kids in playing in this playground. The metal-tube slides that look more like they belong in a water park instead of a regular playground, the tall towers which can already give you a good view of the entire area, and the various elevate walkways you can stroll on. Playing with their moms and dads is what kids would want the most, and they'll get that here!
Atlanta's Most Fun Playgrounds to Play In
Source: Chastain Park Conservancy Facebook Page

Dunwoody Nature Center Playground

If there's one thing kids love more than playing in a playground, it's playing in nature! For them, it's a bit liberating getting to play among trees, jumping on leaves, and the like. Why couldn't they get both? The Dunwoody Nature Center Playground in the Dunwoody Nature Center is the perfect mix of the two. A classic playground with all sorts of climbing features, a fort, and tube slides nestled on what looks like a campsite in the forest, kids will get a good sense of adventure playing here. Even though they're still within the safe reach of their parents/guardians!
Atlanta's Most Fun Playgrounds to Play In
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Elizabeth Porter Park Playground

Balancing belts, hanging hoops, webbed towers, and more!—these are the sorts of adrenaline-pumping playground features your kids would go gaga over in the Elizabeth Porter Park Playground. Some might even say that it looks more like a theme park than a regular playground! Located in Montgomery, one of the more peaceful neighborhoods in Atlanta, this is a great family-friendly area to escape to during the weekend. Your kids will spend hours playing among the colorful climbing equipment, daring slides, and the like. While you, on the other hand, can hang out with your fellow parents. Quite a classic family day scene, right?
Atlanta's Most Fun Playgrounds to Play In
Source: MariettaGA.gov

Historic Fourth Ward Park Playground

Once you and your family visit or even move to Atlanta, the Historic Fourth Ward Park Playground will probably be one of your kids' most favorite places. A classic playground through and through, it''ll be hard for them not to go wild and play on most, if not all the features set here. This includes bright slides in various sizes so that your toddlers can join in on the fun. Rope ladders for days, allowing your future soldiers to start training at an early age. And the star of the show? A rope-held trampoline! What's not to love?
Atlanta's Most Fun Playgrounds to Play In
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you didn't think that Atlanta was a fun place for the whole family, you do now! These playgrounds prove that even your kids can appreciate visiting or even moving to this Southern city. All the more reasons to include Atlanta on your bucket list!

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