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ALX Guide: The 13th Arrondissement in Paris

November 14, 2021
Discover a whole new world in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Or rather, the rest of the world! The global diversity of the French capital is most evident in this part of the city. The arrondissement is home to Chinatown, after all, and Asian culture remains ever-vibrant here. The district pulsates with Eastern influences, cuisines, and more, from shops to restaurants and everything in between. And the revelries don't stop there! You'll also find Quai de la Gare in the 13th arrondissement. It's among the city's best nightlife districts, home to several clubs, bars, and more!
ALX Guide: The 13th Arrondissement in Paris

Is The 13th Arrondissement in Paris Safe?

The 13th arrondissement is a generally safe place. Is it the safest neighborhood in Paris? No, not by a long shot. There are safer arrondissements in the city, but that doesn't mean the 13th is a dangerous place. The crime rates in Paris tend to be high and its most evident in places like the 13th arrondissement. This is where you'll find the city's Chinatown, after all, and such districts tend to draw in all sorts of characters, even sketchy ones. For the most part, you just need to avoid the darker alleys and narrow streets in the area, especially at night.

What is The 13th Arrondissement in Paris Like?

The 13th arrondissement is a vibrant and lively part of town, thanks in large part to Quartier Asiatique, the city's main Chinatown. Practically every major city in the world has its own Chinatown and this one is Paris's. Home to the city's Asian community, the place is a treasure trove of various cultures and cuisines from the East. It's not just Chinese! The arrondissement also boasts Vietnamese, Thai, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, and more influences. These communities have set up restaurants, shops, and boutiques, offering slices of their culture to the French capital and beyond.

ALX Guide: The 13th Arrondissement in Paris

Things to Do in The 13th Arrondissement in Paris

You can argue that all of Paris is the best place to eat and shop. The city is both the food and fashion capital of the world and a highly regarded authority in both fields. If you ever move to Paris, you'll enjoy its food and fashion unlike any other. But as for where to eat and shop in the city, the 13th arrondissement is a great choice, especially for the former. Much like in other cities, the Chinatown in Paris offers the most sumptuous and most flavorful Eastern cuisines. From dim sum to sushi to Bánh mì, there's no end to what you (and your taste buds!) can discover here.

Restaurants Near The 13th Arrondissement in Paris

Fancy yourself as a foodie? Then you'll want to eat in Quartier Asiatique in the 13th arrondissement! While the area still has its fair share of French cuisine brasseries, classic bistros, and charming cafes, it's the Chinese and other restaurants that you want to check out. Le Phénix, SUKHOTHAI, Long Hoa, Tricotin, Fung Shun, and Impérial Choisy are just some of the culinary highlights in the district. Not only do they serve some of the most delicious dishes you'll ever get to enjoy in Paris, but they have the right ambiance and energy to match. What's not to love?

ALX Guide: The 13th Arrondissement in Paris

See the true diversity of Paris in its colorful 13th arrondissement. From its vibrant Chinatown to its array of foreign cuisine restaurants, the whole world lives in this beautiful part of the French capital.

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