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Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris

January 22, 2022
While most people were shouting Bonne année earlier this month, many will be greeting Kung Hei Fat Choy! or Hsin Nien Hui come February 1st instead. This day marks the start of the Chinese New Year, welcoming the year of the tiger for 2022. Though it doesn't seem like it, this holiday is actually a big deal in Paris, especially in Quartier Asiatique in the 13th arrondissement. Largely thought of as the city's 'Chinatown,' this will likely be the liveliest place in all of the French capital on the holiday. You'll want to eat here too since the place will probably be flowing with delicious Eastern cuisines from every corner!

Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris

Raviolis Chinois

Usually, you'd think of ravioli as a form of pasta with filling inside, right? At least, that's what the Italians have taught the rest of the world with their amazing cuisine. But a humble, family-oriented restaurant on the western edge of Quartier Asiatique will have you think otherwise. Named Raviolis Chinois, don't expect any Italian delicacies here! Instead, the place is known for its many scrumptious dumplings, each tastier than the next. The ravioli here are filled with either pork, beef, fish, and more, and taste a lot more tender than its European counterpart.
Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris
Source: Raviolis Chinois

Impérial Choisy

By its name alone, you'd expect Impérial Choisy to be a grand old restaurant Quartier Asiatique! But it's far from it. At least, the place anyway. It's even used as a lunch canteen by many people who work nearby. But make no mistake, though the place may look like a run-of-the-mill bistro on Avenue de Choisy, their delectable Chinese menu is fit for imperial tastes! think roasted duck or chicken, cooked so delicately that each part tastes more tender than any French pastry. And the dumplings? As delectable as ever! A great choice for a quick snack in-between breaks.
Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris
Source: Impérial Choisy Instagram Page

Le Mandarin Dunois

With its distinct oriental decor, both in its exterior and interior, Le Mandarin Dunois is the type of Chinese restaurant that sets the mood. For them, it's not enough that the food is excellent, they also have to provide the right mood and spirit for a truly encapsulating culinary experience. Located on Rue Dunois, expect fluttering Kǒngmíng lanterns, white and blue porcelain, and gold napkins to accompany your meal here. As for the food itself, a flavorful feast of scrumptious seafood and well-cooked meats await. Not to mention fresh vegetables to balance your diet altogether.
Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris
Source: Le Mandarin Dunois

Chine Masséna

Chine Masséna on Place de Vénétie has a certain class to it that's all its own. It's far from the diner-like hotspots that have been mentioned so far. With its massive space and first-class appeal, this is the kind of sophisticated establishment that locals will dress up for when it's the Chinese New Year. You'll see families, friends, and other big groups of people enjoy multi-course feasts in celebration of the holiday. And they'll likely be indulging in some well-steamed dim sum, carefully cooked meats, exotic Chinese delicacies, and more. It's better to go here with an empty stomach to take it all in!
Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris
Source: Chine Masséna Facebook Page

Chez Yong

Located at the heart of Quartier Asiatique and near Parc Montsouris, Chez Yong is fairly easy to get to via public transport. And it's a good thing too since you'll want to return here whenever you crave delicious Sichuan cuisine! Offering up the many unique flavors that come from that famous Chinese province, it's safe to say that you won't find what you'll eat here anywhere else in Paris. The mouthwatering Chengdu chicken puts your taste buds on a tailspin with every bite and the barbecued beef satisfies all your savory cravings. What more could you ask for?
Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris
Source: Chez Yong Facebook Page

Le Phénix

Le Phénix is a chic brasserie on Rue de Campo-Formio, serving up some seriously delicious Chinese dishes that you'll likely crave come Chinese New Year. The place is fairly quiet, despite its relative popularity among foodies and its prime location in Quartier Asiatique. The overall chill vibe allows you to enjoy the food better, taking in all the flavors bit by bit. For appetizers, get the Oreilles de porc for a scrumptious starter. The main course has to be flavorful so a great option would be Marmitte poisson sichuan. And for dessert? Some sweet lychee will cleanse your palette in the most refreshing way!
Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris
Source: Restaurant Chinois Le Phénix Facebook Page

Fung Shun

Fung Shun is the kind of Chinese diner that Paris needs. From its dim sum to its noodles, their dishes aren't complicated and are easy on the palette. They work well with the French discriminating taste, a great change from the zestier flavors of the local and other European cuisines. It's also easy to contact, the kind of place that you can order from when you just want to have a laid-back dinner in your luxury home here. And if you want a more fun culinary experience, the place also offers its own karaoke too! If you ever want to eat and sing in Quartier Asiatique, this is the best place!
Where to Eat in Quartier Asiatique in Paris
Source: Fung Shun Facebook Page

Quartier Asiatique is among the most unique and distinct districts in Paris. And a boatload of delicious, must-try places to eat comes with the territory. When you're craving some great Chinese food, these are the places you need to go to!

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