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ALX Guide: The 14th Arrondissement in Paris

November 14, 2021
The 14th arrondissement of Paris is truly a standout among all the others. Home to the Montparnasse district, the area offers a different kind of energy. It's not as upscale as the 1st, as 'gay' as the 4th, as tourist-friendly as the 7th, or as elegant as the 8th. The 14th district, with the famous Centre Pompidou and the Paris Observatory, is more in line with the future than with the pass. The here and now—as well as the tomorrow—defines the arrondissement. Its most famous landmark and most popular hotspots offer contemporary excitement the likes of which you won't find anywhere else.
ALX Guide: The 14th Arrondissement in Paris

Is The 14th Arrondissement in Paris Safe?

Don't worry! The 14th arrondissement is a safe place overall. Is it the safest part of the city? No. But it's not the most dangerous either. Though the crime rates in Paris tend to be high, the crime rate in the 14th arrondissement is generally moderate to low. It's by no means the most peaceful neighborhood in the French capital, but it doesn't get so rowdy and hectic that it becomes a major concern. You can still walk around, even at night, and remain safe and sound.

What is The 14th Arrondissement in Paris Like?

The 14th arrondissement is a fairly lively place with lots of unique attractions. It's also among the more underrated neighborhoods in Paris since it doesn't have a world-famous landmark. While the 1st has the Louvre, the 7th has the Eiffel Tower, and the 8th has the Arc de Triomphe, the 14th has the Paris Observatory. It's one of the city's finest research facilities and one of the best spots for stargazing in Paris. Still, the observatory is not that popular among tourists and locals, so you'll rarely find it as crowded as the other districts.

ALX Guide: The 14th Arrondissement in Paris

Things to Do in The 14th Arrondissement in Paris

As already mentioned, the Paris Observatory is the best place for stargazing in Paris. You can peek into outer space and marvel at the grand architecture of the centuries-old research facility. The 14th arrondissement is also part of the wider Montparnasse district. It's a lively neighborhood with charming cafes, cute shops, great restaurants, and of course, its famous eponymous tower. The Montparnasse Tower is technically in the 15th arrondissement but it's still close enough that you can check it out when you're in the 14th. It's a cool piece of modern architecture that's a nice contrast to the more classic-looking buildings in the city.

Best Restaurants Near The 14th Arrondissement in Paris

Now, let's talk about hotspots. From Michelin-starred restaurants to classic brasseries, the 14th arrondissement has an extensive culinary scene you won't want to miss! Chez Papa Montparnasse on Rue Gassendi is a must-try, especially since it blends the quality of haute cuisine with the ease of fast food staples. Bistrot des Plantes on Rue des Plantes is a bit more upscale with its menu and ambiance, but there's no doubt you'll feel relaxed if you dine here. The same goes for Maison Péret on Rue Daguerre, where you can enjoy steak with fries and creme brulee!

Here are more of the best restaurants in the 14th arrondissement
- Ayako Teppanyaki on Rue de l'Ouest
- La Cerisaie on Avenue de la Cerisaie
- La Crêperie de Josselin on Rue du Montparnasse
- Le Duc on Boulevard Raspail
- Le Petit Beigneur on Rue de la Sablière
- L'Assiette on Rue du Château
- Le Relais de l'Entrecote on Boulevard du Montparnasse
- Restaurant 14 Juillet on Rue Didot

Apartments in The 14th Arrondissement in Paris

What if you're moving to Paris and looking for a place to stay? Well, the 14th arrondissement has a lot to offer. From cozy studios to chic penthouses, the area has some of the best luxury apartments in Paris. Not only are they long-term rentals, but some are available for purchase too. Just remember that you'll be paying a lot of money whether you rent or buy your home in Paris. It costs a lot to have a place in the city, no matter its size. It's even more so in the 14th arrondissement since it's a central part of the city.

ALX Guide: The 14th Arrondissement in Paris

The modern side of Paris pulsates in the 14th arrondissement. This is where you'll find the Paris Observatory, Centre Pompidou, and many more incredible attractions and establishments that push the historic city to the future.

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