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The Most Prominent Schools in Budapest

October 01, 2020
What is Budapest known for? The beautiful castles? The thermal baths? Its cuisine? While all these are what attract people to see the Hungarian capital for a short visit, they aren't exactly what will make them stay for long. The truth of the matter is Budapest is more than the tourist spots you see on TV or online. It's actually a wonderful place to live in, arguably even more so than the more famous cities of London, Paris, Rome, and the like. And if you're wondering if your can move your kids here too, don't worry! The city has a number of prominent international schools they can enroll in.

The Most Prominent Schools in Budapest


American International School of Budapest 

Though it was established long ago to be the school for the employees working at the American Embassy in Budapest, the American International School of Budapest has since opened its doors to other expat families living in the Hungarian capital. Today, its student body has over 50 nationalities, all taught in English and studying according to the American Elementary & Middle School Curriculum. By the time they graduate, they'll actually receive an authentic American High School Diploma, the same ones given out in the United States. It can help them get into the most prestigious universities in that country. 


Britannica International School 

Just how prestigious is the Britannica International School here in Budapest? Well, for one thing, it's actually accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), one of the most prominent international educational entities in the world. Add to that the fact that the school follows the National Curriculum in England, the same ones that many students in that country follow as well. By the time they graduate, they'll be able to get into the best universities in the UK, most of which rank atop the world's best. Furthermore, the students here participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, which recognizes academic excellence among the world's youth. 


The Most Prominent Schools in Budapest


Greater Grace International School of Budapest 

It might be difficult to enroll your kid in the Greater Grace International School of Budapest. As of late, they only accept around 150 students per year. Ever since it was founded in the late 1980s, the school has stood as one of the most established American Christian schools in the country. It even follows the American Elementary and Middle School Curriculum, ensuring that its students will get an American High School Diploma when they graduate. Its prominent history eventually led to accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International. Fortunately, the institution is currently expanding. In the years to come, it will be able to welcome even more students. 


International School Budapest

Offering both the English National and Hungarian National curriculums, the International School Budapest is one of the few of its kind to offer local education. More often than not, the international schools in the Hungarian capital offer programs that are more geared towards other countries, namely the US and the UK. But in this school, while they'll still be taught similarly to students in the UK, they'll also learn how to speak and read Hungarian, the country's history, culture, and heritage. This is the institution to enroll your kid in if you want him/her to embrace becoming a part of this wonderful country. 


The Most Prominent Schools in Budapest


Lycée Francais de Budapest

The Lycée Francais de Budapest is actually one of the oldest international schools in the Hungarian capital. Founded in 1908, it has survived a century and remains one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Today, it caters to over 40 nationalities living in Budapest. It helps that this school rose in prominence due to the outstanding performance of its students, a pride they still care to this day. Following the French National curriculum, many of this school's students have passed the French Baccalaureate and Brevet in flying colors. Not to mention those who learn French here end up becoming fluent in the language. 


REAL School Budapest

The REAL School Budapest teaches its students about the—pardon the wordplay—real world. Most notably, it centers most of its education on teaching the value of sustainability. While academics still play a huge part here, especially since the school follows the English National curriculum, this school is all about developing the children's' skills and incorporating in them a strong urge to help the environment. Not to mention practical skills that may one day prove to be helpful in any given situation. The campus itself is relatively unorthodox, foregoing the standard classroom setting for more fun and open studio spaces. 


The British International School

Located in the more upscale third district of Budapest, The British International School is as prestigious as it sounds. It's also one of the bigger schools on this list, welcoming 900 students per school year. Following the National Curriculum for England, those who graduate will receive an Internation Baccalaureate Diploma, one of the highest in regard to the academic world. But beyond academics, the school is also devoted to helping develop students holistically, giving them opportunities to excel in sports, arts, and other endeavors. At the end of the day, the institution's mission is to aid the children in realizing their true potential. 


The Most Prominent Schools in Budapest


Budapest may not be known for its schools, but that doesn't mean there aren't any here that can rival those in other cities in terms of prestige and academic excellence. In fact, a good many international institutions in the Hungarian capital are worth checking out! 


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