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Top Universities in London

May 13, 2021
It's no secret that London houses some of the finest institutions in all of the world. People from all around the world go to the British capital to get some of the best education there is. Some of the most prominent individuals in the fields of business, politics, entertainment, literature, art, and more were educated in the city as well. What is the secret of London that they're able to give such fine education? Well, it may lie in the various universities found in the British capital. Some are so highly acclaimed and prestigious, they're known to the entire world!

Top Universities in London


Oxford University

You'd be lying if you claim you don't know about Oxford University. It's practically one of the most famous institutions in the world. Arguably, it might also be the finest, not only in London and in England, but in the whole wide world too. With graduates ranging from award-winning writers, businessmen, actors, and more to prime ministers, politicians, and heads-of-state, the education offered here must be truly top-notch. History is written all over the walls of this centuries-old institution. 


University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has it sown fair share of prestige as well. Having produced various national leaders and prominent influencers in the fields of science, business, literature, art, and entertainment, it's no surprise that this institution made it onto this list. Dating back as far as the 13th-century, many of those who shaped the world history at large graduated here. And with over 100 academic departments spread throughout their 31 different colleges, there's practically no end to what a student can learn here. 


Top Universities in London


University College London

Despite stiff competition against the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, many locals within the British capital regard University College London as one of the finest institutions in the city. It's historically significant because the university is one of the first kind to welcome students regardless of social status, race, and religion. In fact, many of its rivals still have this problematic standard to this day. But beyond that, the school is also said to produce the most employable graduates, both in the city and the country at large. 


King's College London

King's College London claims to be “the most central university in London” and it has something to do with their campuses. Unlike many other universities on this list, notorious for their extremely closed and sheltered campuses, those of Kin's College London are spread throughout the city. Students can get a better understanding of the British capital, not just through the institution's immense resources, but also by stepping outside and seeing the city at its core. In fact, a good number of them are even near some of London's most beloved landmarks. 


Top Universities in London


Imperial College London

In the field of science and medicine, no other London-based university has quite the prestige as the Imperial College London. From Nobel Prize winners to scientific and medical institutions in the country, the graduates this university has produced are truly top-notch. Their programs offer both intensive and extensive courses tha not only teach the students all of what they need to know but also encourages them to think beyond what has already been discovered and researched. 


London School of Economics and Political Science

With over 70% of their student body made up of international students, it's no question that the London School of Economics and Political Science has definitely garnered a lot of respect from the rest of the world. And why not? They do have one of the finest economics programs in the entire country. Arguably, in the entire world as well. So many of their most acclaimed graduates have gone unto to take up prominent positions that handle and decipher the world economy and various national economies at large. 


Top Universities in London


Brunel University

Brunel University might not be that well-known, but it is a top-rated London-based university that has garnered much acclaim through the years. They take pride mostly for their diverse set of courses, ranging from art and literature to law, health, and social sciences. Amongst all of these, it's their engineering courses that have invited most of the praise. That and their open attitude to welcoming international students. Out of all the universities on this list, Brunel University probably has one of the most diverse student bodies. 


Queen Mary, University of London

Though other universities boast more percentages of international students, the Queen Mary, University of London actually has one of the most connections not various other institutions around the world. And this must mean that this school is truly one worth checking out. And it is! With a wide range of courses ranging from medicine and science to law, politics, and business, there's practically no end to what people can learn here. 


Top Universities in London


City, University of London

It's not really a secret that many universities collaborate with various companies and organizations in furthering each other's causes. But what makes the City, University London so distinct is the number of prominent businesses that they are associated with. Think medical research centers, giant media conglomerates, and well-known finance companies. And it's not just that many of this university's graduates now lead some of these organizations. These businesses truly recognize the worth of this institution and the value they bring in overall education. 


Birkbeck College, University of London

The Birkbeck College, University of London values education so much that they offer it 24 hours a day. Well, almost! This unique institution stands out for their very convenient curriculum that allowed students to complete their degrees even with evening courses. They have a less rigid offer of higher education, understanding that not all students are free during the standard class hours of the university. And even with this stance, they've been able to produce some noteworthy graduates as well. 


School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Finally, even though London is practically one of the centers of the Western world, they do understand the value of knowing and understanding the different cultures and societies that are beyond theirs. The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) stands testament to that. Here, both local and international students are given a plethora of information and resources that will help them better understand the languages, histories, cultures, societies and traditions of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. 


Top Universities in London


Unlike other major cities across the world, London is a student's paradise. The British capital is peppered with highly rated and world-acclaimed universities that offer some of the most extensive programs, the best courses, notable mentors, and have produced such prominent graduates.



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