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Budapest's Best Hungarian Language Schools

June 07, 2020
Okay, even when you're already in Hungary, you be thinking, 'why should I learn the language here?' It's not like English, French or Spanish, is it? Where more than one country actually speaks the language. So apart from fulfilling your dreams of becoming a polyglot and since you're just in the country for business, why would you learn how to speak Hungarian? Well, you might not realize it yet but speaking the language of the country you're in will make staying there a lot easier. And if you're in Budapest, you're in luck! The capital actually has a lot of language schools you can enroll in!

Budapest's Best Hungarian Language Schools


Berlitz Language School

With over 130 years of teaching students, Berlitz has become a giant among language institutions. Their campuses are all over Europe, so if you grew up in the continent, you'd know that this place is a fine school indeed. This one in Budapest, in particular, is a great example. Not only will you learn Hungarian here, but you'll get introduced to the culture of the country as well. It's not enough that you speak Hungarian, you also have to understand the traditions, customers, and more that surround the language. Only then will you be able to properly apply it. 


BrainTurbo Language Studio

As the years go by, teaching a language gets more and more advances. In Budapest, one of the most advanced schools to learn Hungarian is BrainTurbo Language Studio. Their cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology is in teaching the language to interested students. It goes way beyond the standard classroom setting. it's all about surrounding the students with the lessons they need to learn. Bombarding them—though not overwhelmingly—with information that they need to get familiarized with the language. Before long, you'll be speaking Hungarian as if you've spoken it since you were a child. 


Budapest's Best Hungarian Language Schools


Debrecen Summer School

The Debrecen Summer School far from the type of summer school you might have had back in the day. this isn't some remedial class to get you through a grade. This is a respected institution that teaches you both basic and advanced Hungarian. What the Debrecen Summer School specializes in, particularly, is the formal language, The type of Hungarian that's most suitable in business and other official settings. What you learn here can drastically help you with your work in the city. In fact, it might even be your meal ticket to getting a promotion! 


Hungarian Language School

Admit, many of you don't like learning. or at least, you've outgrown the standard school setting and would rather learn through experience, correct? Well, when it comes to learning another language, experience can only get you so far. You'll need to get introduced to the basics in order to even attempt at speaking the language to an actual Hungarian. Fortunately, Budapest's Hungarian Language School makes learning a more fun and immersive experience. Don't worry, you'll get ample experience here! But also, you get to learn the language in exciting ways. this may come in the form of group activities or even a few field trips within the city! 


Budapest's Best Hungarian Language Schools


Inside Word

Your first lesson at Inside Word is already free. Shouldn't that already tell you that this Hungarian-language school in Budapest is worth a shot? But if that's not enough, perhaps their modern nd slightly unconventional ways of teaching might convince you! Hungarian, after all, isn't that easy a language to learn. You'll need more than a standard classroom setting to really grasp the language and to be able to speak it like a local. Think immersive activities wherein you'll have no choice but to apply what you've learned. As well as field trips to the city's crowded areas, which include its shopping districts, museums, monuments, and more. 


InterClub Hungarian Language School

Budapest's InterClub Hungarian Language School may seem like an exclusive club because that's exactly how they approach teaching their students. Having opened in 1994, they've had more than a quarter fo a century of effectively teaching students the Hungarian language. In a way, their "club-like" approach works because the students get to really absorb all of what they've learned. The teachers get to also tailor-fit their curriculums depending on what their students need or what will help them during their stay here. This, in turn, will leave a bigger impact on their students in the long run. 


The Balassi Institute

The Balassi Institute in Budapest doesn't just teach the Hungarian language. It also offers courses in Hungarian studies. And if you're going to stay in Budapest for a while, it may do you some good to take both at the same time. You will better understand and familiarize yourself with the Hungarian language when you've learned more about the country's history, culture, and traditions. and imagine having all that information for when you work here? You won't stick out like a sore thumb. You'll get treated like a local here! 


Budapest's Best Hungarian Language Schools


Whether you're staying in Budapest for a week, a month, a year, or even more, it's always better to learn a little bit of Hungarian. The capital already has a lot of great institutions that can teach you. why not go for it? What do you have to lose? 

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