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Hungary's Most Useful Transportation Apps

September 23, 2020
The world has become fully dependent on technology. Yep! Someone needed to say it. From how we conduct business to even socializing and meeting new people, there's a new app or program for it every few years. But it's not necessarily a bad thing. Because as much as the world is at risk of becoming an episode of 'Black Mirror,' no one can deny that technology has made certain aspects of life that much easier. What you once dreaded doing can now be done easier and faster. Not the least of which is traveling. Here in Hungary, these transportation apps make going to any destination a breeze!

Hungary's Most Useful Transportation Apps


BKK Futár

If you're new to Hungary, there's a big chance you're staying in the capital city of Budapest. A bustling metropolis, the public transport here is efficient enough that you rarely need any app to help you. That is if you've become used to traveling around here. If not, then you'd likely benefit from download the BKK Futár app. An affiliate program of Budapesti Közlekedési Közpönt, the main entity that runs most of the public transportation vehicles in the city, it's here where you can get your needed information about them. From bus routes to take to the schedule of the metro, everything is shown here! 



Bolt is to Hungary what Uber is to other countries. Unfortunately, the very famous latter app doesn't operate in this country. However, the former more than makes up for it. A nifty ride-hailing app, you get the choice of either a luxury car or a taxi to bring you to wherever it is you need to go to. It's the best option for when you can get a taxi on the street yourself. And don't worry, the drivers here are reliable and respectful. Bolt ensures that the services they provide to their users are high-quality, rivaling even the aforementioned app that's popular around the world. 


Hungary's Most Useful Transportation Apps



GreenGo doesn't hire luxury cars, per se, but for many users out there. the company's electric Volkswagen rides are much better. Why? Because they're sustainable vehicles that help keep the air in Hungary fresh and pollution-free. Get comforted by the fact that every time you ride a GreenGo car, you're not contributing to the detriment of the environment. And these days, that's a much more important issue than actually getting to your destination yourself. It's no wonder this app has risen in popularity over the years. It's not that farfetched to imagine it might someday overtake the likes of Uber and Grab as the top ride-hailing app in the world. 


GoodGuy Taxi

Admit it! As much as you want to trust all the taxi drivers in Hungary, there will always be a few bad apples in the bunch. so to ensure that you don't get swindled into paying more than you ought to for your ride, get the GoodGuy Taxi app. It's a fare-calculator of sorts that will show the accurate price of the taxi ride you just went on. Most especially on instances when your budget is rather limited, open this app while you ride a taxi to ensure that you don't pay more than you needed to. Help keep the taxi drivers honest in their work! 


MOL Bubi

In a beautiful city like Budapest, why waste your sight on the underground metro or on buses that zoom so fast you don't get to enjoy the sites around you? In recent years, cycling has become a popular mode of transportation in Hungary. Not only is it more sustainable and can keep you fit and healthy, but you also get to enjoy the beauty of any Hungarian city more. And apps like MOL Bubi help you do that. From a day to a whole week, you can rent a bike with the help of this app and enjoy cycling around any Hungarian city. 


Hungary's Most Useful Transportation Apps


Traveling around a city, or any place in Hungary for that matter, won't be that much of a chore anymore. And it's thanks in large part to a number of nifty apps that have made transportation a much easier endeavor. 


With the help of these apps, you can more easily go home to your luxurious Hungarian rental apartment as well. Won't that be nice?