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What You Need to Know About the Crime Rate in Tel Aviv

September 14, 2021
When it comes to cities in the Middle East, it' easy to think that such places are the most dangerous in the world. You turn on the news and see that there are so many things going on in this part of the world, they're rarely pleasant and peaceful. Though that's not exactly a fair stereotype because there are some Middle Eastern cities that are safer than others. Tel Aviv in Israel is a good example. Not only is it a safe city overall, but it's also actually safer than a good many other cities around the world as well. Just take a look at its crime rates!

What You Need to Know About the Crime Rate in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv's Current Crime Rate

According to Numbeo.com, Tel Aviv's current crime rate is at 22.16%, one of the lowest in the world as of this writing. It's almost unbelievable that any city, not to mention one in the Middle East, would have a crime rate as low as this. But Tel Aviv is, largely, a peaceful city, While a few issues have made Israel a hot button issue as a whole in th world arena, Tel Aviv, as a city, is not that dangerous a place. Even its current rate of increasing crimes, 52.23%, is quite moderate. Any city would be happy t have crime rates as low as these! 


The Highest-Rated Crimes in Tel Aviv

Still, as much as Tel Aviv residents would like for it to be possible, crimes are still committed in this city. And as of this writing, the ones with the highest rate are corruption and bribery at 45.00%. It's just moderate, but for many people in the city, it's still a cause for concern. The concern here is in the sense of finding and keeping a job because corruption and bribery affect the workforce and the job market more than anything else. After that, there's vandalism and theft with a rate of 30.51%. Not even Tel Aviv can escape from pickpockets and vandals. 


What You Need to Know About the Crime Rate in Tel Aviv


The Crimes Also Commonly Committed

While other crimes are low-rated, you'd still benefit from knowing about them. For instance, car theft is fairly common in Tel Aviv with a rate of 27.63%. It's pretty low, yes, but car owners should still be warier on where they park their cars in the city. This is also why taking public transport is a good way to travel around. At the same time, even though breaking into people's homes is only at 27.37%, the fact that it still happens should factor into your decision of choosing a Tel Aviv neighborhood to move into. You'd want to live in one with a 0% possibility of ever falling victim to such crimes. 


The Safety Rate of Walking Around in Tel Aviv

As for the safety rate of walking around Tel Aviv, they're actually quite high. Further proof that the Israeli city is surprisingly one of the safest cities in the world. During the day, you can enjoy strolling around for as long as you can as it's 87.92% safe to do so. That's one of the highest safety rates for walking around a city in the world. While at night, the rate goes down to 75.86%. Not much of a difference but it's better to not take any chances. Overall, at least you can explore Tel Aviv as much as you can, even on your own!  


The Tips To Staying Safe Whilst in Tel Aviv 

As already mentioned, Tel Aviv is a safe city. As long as your wary of yourself and you're careful with your belongings, you'll be fine here. However, the same, unfortunately, can't be said about the surrounding areas. Israel is, after all, a tumultuous place. It's prone to bomb raids, airstrikes, and all sorts of terrorist attacks. While they rarely happen in Tel Aviv, it won't hurt to be prepared and know what to do in such situations. According to Lonely Planet, Tel Aviv has a lot of bomb shelters to retreat to in case something happens. You should also escape to a fortified room when there's an airstrike. 


What You Need to Know About the Crime Rate in Tel Aviv


You might find it hard to believe but Tel Aviv is actually an incredibly safe and relatively peaceful city. You can definitely enjoy visiting or even living in this Israeli city without any concern for danger. But you still have to be careful with yourself nonetheless. 

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