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What To Expect with Public Transport in Tel Aviv

September 10, 2021
What kind of city do you think Tel Aviv is? Do you see it as this deserted town that never really changed from the Biblical era? Do you imagine it to be this exotic paradise where it seems you're back in ancient times? If you do, then it's best that you think again. Tel Aviv is actually a fairly modern city, all with the current conveniences that most other cities enjoy. This includes efficient modes of public transportation. Because of them both locals and visitors here are able to go around and travel the city without having to spend too much money.

What To Expect with Public Transport in Tel Aviv


The Rav Kav

Firstly, in order to seamlessly travel using the many public transport systems in Tel Aviv, you ought to buy a Rav Kav pass. The Israeli capital's own travel pass, it serves a somewhat of a debit card of sorts which you can use to pay for your trips on the city's buses and trains. It will only cost you ₪5.00 to buy one and you'll need to put in more money as you use it to travel around the city. Each use of the Rav Kav is valid for 90 minutes and you can use its own app to add tot he card's balance when you need to. 


Buses in Tel Aviv

A very efficient way to travel around Tel Aviv is through its many buses, There are about three main bus companies that operate in the city: Egged, Dan, and Metropolin. They all mostly travel around all of Tel Aviv's neighborhoods and districts, with practically a station or two in each one. Though the one station you'll likely see all of them stop by at is the Central Bus Station, located in the southern part of the city. It's here where you'll also find the accurate schedules of the bus routes you'll need to take in order to get to your destination. 


What To Expect with Public Transport in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv's Service Taxi

Other than the standard buses from the aforementioned companies, there's one type of bus that stands out here in Tel Aviv. Though normally referred to as the "Service Taxi," it's actually a mini-bus that takes passengers around the city quite like how a normal bus would. The main difference is that you can actually choose your stop yourself. Instead of stopping in designated areas around the Tel Aviv, you can signal the service taxi driver to let you off anywhere within its specific route. Its only drawback, though, is that its routes are rather limited to only certain parts of the Israeli capital. 


All About Tel Aviv's Trains

Unlike in other capital cities, Tel Aviv currently has no metro system. The city has laid out plans on setting up one, but for now, the city's buses and taxis are the main modes of public transportation. There are still some trains that operate in Tel Aviv, however, but they don't move around the city like a metro system. Instead, these trains travel inter-city, taking passengers from Tel Aviv to other neighboring towns. And although it travels outside the capital, you can still use your Rav Kav pass to help pay for your rides in any of them. 


What To Expect with Public Transport in Tel Aviv


The Tel-O-Fun's Bike Rentals

Since Tel Aviv is a well-known sunny capital, biking around the city has become quite the norm. It's now even considered a standard mode of public transportation. Not only are they a lot more eco-friendly than cars, buses, and other vehicles, but you also get to physically benefit from the exercise as well. The main bike rental service in the Israeli capital is Tel-O-fun. You'll see loads of docking stations throughout the city and you can simply rent one its green bikes to use. You don't even have to leave it in the same station you first picked it up from.  


Traveling by Scooter

If your next destination is quite near, maybe even walkable, but you don't want to go there on foot, you can always rent a scooter. Like the green bikes from Tel-O-Fun, you'll also see a ton of electric scooters stationed in various places throughout Tel Aviv. And similarly, all you have to do is rent one and lead it in another docking station that's near your destination. Using an electric scooter has all the benefits of cycling around the city. The only difference being is that it's easier for a lot of to use it than to ride a bike.


What To Expect with Public Transport in Tel Aviv


Whatever you may think about Tel Aviv, there's no denying that it's an easy city to travel around in. And it's thanks in large part to its many efficient and affordable public transport systems. which have proven to benefit both locals and tourists here. 

With all the money you can save from using public transport, before long, you could have saved enough for a luxurious Tel Aviv home!