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How You Can Get a Job in Israel

September 10, 2021
Finding a job in the country you grew up in is already pretty nerve-wracking, isn't it? What more if you're going to do it in a different country? In a country like Israel, perhaps? Sure, you probably wouldn't have been able to move here without having been hired by a company that's based here or got relocated to this country. But what about when you need to find a new job whilst living here? How will you go about doing? Well, here are some ways in which you can guarantee you'll land a job sooner than you think in Israel.

How You Can Get a Job in Israel


Get Eligibility to Work in Israel

As already mentioned, you probably wouldn't have been able to move to Israel without having been hired by a local company or getting relocated here. In those particular instances, however, just getting hired or getting relocated here won't automatically mean you're eligible to work in Israel. Before anything else, you need to apply for an Israeli work visa to be legally allowed to work in this country. The process is fairly simple, fast, and affordable. And failure to do so yet moving to the country anyways will not only get you deported, but you'll be banned from entering for ten years. 


Prepare Your CV Israeli-Style

When you're finally legally allowed to work in Israel and you find yourself needing to get a job, make sure your CV will potential employers' attention here. There are some ways in which Israeli-style CVs differ from those in other countries. One thing is you always have to start it with your career objective. Paint a picture on what you want to do and achieve professionally, letting companies know how serious you are about diligently working for them. You also don't have to include personal information such as your home address, marital status, and even trivial tidbits like your hobbies and interests. Your name and contact details will do. 


How You Can Get a Job in Israel


Strengthen Your Network

Everyone knows that Jewish communities are often tight-knit, right? Well, that also helps in finding work in the actual home country of Jewish people, Israel. From your next-door neighbors to even the cousin of your barber, you never know how much your acquaintances in this country can help you get employment. By simply being friendly and sharing about yourself, particularly your goals in your professional life, you might just get lucky to know someone who knows someone that can either hire you or get you hired by a good company. After all, references always help in landing a job as well. 


Go On Job-Seeking Websites

If you prefer to find a job on your own, go online and apply as much as you can. Since technology is slowly but surely taking over Israel's job market,t it makes sense that the digital space is also a great place to find a job. In fact, in most countries around the world, getting employment online has become the new normal. It's easier to handle than looking for one in the newspapers' want ads and makes for faster hiring processes too. Internationally known sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Job Monster, and more are good sites to visit. But some local ones like Jobacle and Jobs in Israel will work too! 


Enlist the Help of Recruitment Agencies

Finally, if it comes to a point that you need professional help, don't be afraid to approach a local recruitment agency. Many in this country are effective in finding the right job for anyone and everyone. They meticulously examine the client and look through all the companies they can find in which he/she will not only be good at but will even find success in. It's professional job matchmaking at its finest. And all you have to do is send in your CV, talk to a recruiter about who you are, your skills, your work experience, and the like, and they'll do everything for you! 


How You Can Get a Job in Israel


Looking for a job in Israel may seem intimidating and scary, but you have nothing to worry about. There are many effective and efficient ways you can look for employment here. Your hard work won't be in vain!

And when you do find work, earn and save a lot so you can get a luxurious Israeli rental as your new home here! That'd be quite the life, right?