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Knowing the Living Costs in Vancouver

August 16, 2021
Canada isn't exactly full of extremely busy cities, isn't it? It's often seen as a peaceful country with very few major cities that rival the likes of New York, Paris, London, and more. However, there are still some cities that you can expect can give you a certain type of lifestyle. A prime example is Vancouver. Sure, it's not as famous a city as all the others, but it's definitely one of the best in Canada. And in terms of living costs, while you may have to pay a pretty penny, rest assured you'll be spending your money wisely here.

Knowing the Living Costs in Vancouver


Costs of Renting in Vancouver

Renting in Vancouver is pretty pricey, but it's not so different from other cities like in New York, London, and other similar cities. Unsurprisingly, a rental fee, whether in the heart of the city or along the outskirts of Vancouver, will already cost you thousands of Canadian dollars. For instance, the median price of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is C$2,060.07. Normally, the price range would be C$1,800.00 to C$2,500.00. Meanwhile, one-bedroom outside the city center will cost you around C$1,300.00 to C$1,950.00. As for a three-bedroom place, the price range for one in the more urban area is from C$3,000.00 to C$5,000.00. 


Costs of Buying Property in Vancouver

Of course, if renting alone will cost you thousands of bucks, actually buying a property in Vancouver will cost you a lot more. Possible tens or even hundreds of thousands of Canadian dollars even! Specifically, the price range per square unit for buying a property in the heart of Vancouver is from C$10,763.91 to C$16,145.87. Meanwhile, for a property along the outskirts of the city, it will cost you around C$7,007.31to C$13,422.60, with the common median price being C$9,205.34. Now, multiply all of the given amounts to the total number of square meters of the property you'll be purchasing and the overall total amount you'll have to pay may shock you. 


Knowing the Living Costs in Vancouver


Utilities Costs

At the very least, your utilities costs in Vancouver won't be through the roof. In fact, you'll rarely have to pay as high as C$200.00 for most of it. Specifically, the range for most utilities costs from C$50.00 to C$150.00, and these already take into account your electricity, heating, water, garbage disposal, and more. Not bad right? And even better is that the monthly median fee for WiFi in your place is C$76.06. The normal range is from C$50.00 to C$125.00, which is also not bad. So you still get to live a comfortable life with electricity, heating, internet connection, and more. 


Food Costs 

Food doesn't also cost a lot in Vancouver. Though it depends on where you shop. It's no surprise that if you go for the high-end grocery stores and supermarket, you'll have to pay more than your fair share for food and other necessities. However, if you stay within the mid-range stores and markets, the total median price for all your groceries is C$137.75. For less than C$200.00, you can already pay for practically everything you need to stock up your fridge and cupboards. And this already includes a dozen eggs, a liter of milk, 1.5 liters of freshwater, and a kilogram each of various fruits, vegetables, and meats. 


Knowing the Living Costs in Vancouver


Dining Costs

Dining costs here in Vancouver are also a pleasant surprise. Depending on where you eat, you don't have to shell out tons of money for a nice meal in this city. In fact, for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant, the common median price is C$17.00. While the range for such is from C$10.00 to C$25.00. A three-course meal for two, on the other hand, in a mid-range restaurant, costs from C$50.00 to C$125.00. Not that low-priced as many might prefer but still affordable enough that you won't go bankrupt after your last bite. 


Transportation Costs

Fortunately, public transport in Vancouver is very efficient. You don't have to buy your own car in order to get to where you need to go. You can just take the Skytrain, Vancouver buses, and even a ferry or to get to your destination. And what's even better is that you can get unlimited access to all these great systems for an affordable price. A monthly travel pass in Vancouver costs around C$97.00 to C$131.00, which is good enough since it will give you unlimited access. Meanwhile, if you do prefer a car, prepare to shell out C$22,000.00 to C$30,000.00. 


Knowing the Living Costs in Vancouver


Clothing Costs

Since Vancouver isn't exactly a fashion capital, you don't have to pay a lot to invest in a new wardrobe here. There are still luxury brands and high-end shops here, yes, but if you're not that brand-conscious yourself, you can get away with looking fabulous in high-street and contemporary clothing. A piece from such a brand will only cost you around C$25.00 to C$88.00. A pair of new trainers from world-famous sportswear labels has a price range of C$80.00 to 150.00. And nice leather shoes for formal occasions will cost you C$75.00 to C$200.00. Not that expensive to look fashionable here, right? 


Leisure Costs

What about leisure? How much will you have to pay for that in Vancouver? Surprisingly, not a lot as well. If you want to become a member of a mid-range gym in Vancouver, you'll only have to pay around C$24.99 to C$120.00 per month. And there are a lot of great Vancouver gyms and fitness clubs to choose from so you'll have many options. But, of course, if you prefer the high-end ones, you'll pay more than the aforementioned amounts. Meanwhile, going to the cinema here in Vancouver will only cost you C$13.00 to C$20.00. Just pay more if you want popcorn too. 


Childcare & Education Costs

Finally, there's childcare and education. It should be no surprise that this is the most expensive living cost here in the city. After all, Vancouver schools are some of the finest in the country. A good many of which are recognized nationally, with some even certified internationally too. So how much will you have to pay for your child's education here? For a term ina private daycare and pre-school, that would normally be from C$850.00 to C$1,800.00. A term in a private or international primary school, on the other hand, would cost you C$15,000.00 to C$29,000.00. Pricey? Yes! But very much worth it! 


Knowing the Living Costs in Vancouver


Vancouver may not be as major a city as many others out there, but you'll still have to pay for a lot to live a normal and nice lifestyle here. Don't worry, some costs are lower than others but each and every expense is worth every penny you pay!

At the same time, all these living costs would feel more worth it if you were living in a nice Vancouver luxury apartment! Go invest in one when you move here!



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