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Understanding Public Transport in Vancouver

August 13, 2021
Vancouver has always seemed to be a great place to live in. It has great weather, such nice people, and it's a bustling metropolis where excitement can be found in every corner. It also helps that Vancouver is a city that easy to get around in. With its very efficient public transport systems. you can go to wherever you need to be within the city and at times, even beyond! Though if it's your first time here, it may be better that you familiarize yourself with the city's public transport. Here are what you need to know to understand them better.

Understanding Public Transport in Vancouver


Passes to Purchase

Firstly, you ought to know that there are passes you can purchase to make navigating the various public transport systems in Vancouver easier and more manageable. There's the refillable Compass Cards, which act as your personal e-wallet, in a way. This pass helps you get unlimited access to the various modes of public transportation in Vancouver as long as you fill it up with money. There's also the DayPass from Translink, which also gives you unlimited access for a whole day. They only cost around CAD$10.50 and are handier for tourists than for locals of long-term visitors. 


Taking a Taxi

Since Vancouver isn't as busy a city as the likes of New York and London, getting a taxi is pretty easy here. And similarly in those cities, all you have to do is to hail on off the street and pa the entered fare once you reach your destination. Though do know that there are certain hours that make it more challenging to get a cab. Not impossible, per se, but more difficult than in more peaceful hours. It can't be helped—Vancouver is also a city that gets busy at times. Of course, there will times in which most people need to get a cab. 


Understanding Public Transport in Vancouver


The Skytrain

Throughout Vancouver's many neighborhoods, the city's light rapid transit system, also known as the SkyTrain, travels around as an efficient public transport system. It's become one of the most popular systems in the city, boarding hordes of passengers every single day. Specifically, the system has three separate lines—the Expo, Canada, and Millennium lines. The Expo line runs from Southeast Vancouver to the Downtown area, often carrying many laborers going off to and from work. The Canada Line is the one to take if you're going to the airport, it's one of the most efficient ways to do so. And the Millennium line runs from East Vancouver to at times, beyond the city itself. 


Vancouver's Buses

Another very efficient and affordable way to travel around Vancouver is through the city's buses. From 5:00 am to 1:00 am of the next day, these buses operate to the convenience of everyone who commutes in the city. Most especially since it has several routes. It's rare that you won't find a stop that's beside, near, or a walkable distance from your destination within Vancouver. And since they operate until the wee hours of the next morning, you can expect to still be able to ride them when you're out at night. 


Understanding Public Transport in Vancouver



There's another type of bus that you can ride if you need to go from the North area of Vancouver to the downtown district. This is the city's seabus. Ferries that have become a property public transport system in the city, riding it is now a daily part of many people's routines. Though it began mostly as a tourist attraction, many locals eventually found it as an efficient alternative to the Skytrain, buses, and taxies on land. At the very least, if you do take a seabus, you get to see Vancouver in a different light, away from the busy streets of the bustling metropolis. 


Accessibility in Vancouver's Public Transport

One thing Vancouver can be extra proud of is the fact that most of its public transport systems are completely accessible. Whether you're a disabled person in a wheelchair or a family with an infant on a stroller, you can still go on any of the aforementioned modes of public transportation easily. Every Skytrains station has elevators and designated areas for the disabled and pregnant women. Seabuses are easy to board even when you're in a wheelchair. And buses have low floors to make just about anyone fit perfectly. In fact, you can even easily bring your bike in some of these public transport systems.  


Understanding Public Transport in Vancouver


Part of the reason why Vancouver is such a great and easy place to live in is its very efficient public transport systems. Commuting and traveling around the city is considerably less stressful because of them! 

Also, fortunately, many of Vancouver's luxury rentals can be reachable via a public transport system. They're the best places to go for when picking out accommodation here!



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