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Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

June 28, 2021
Vancouver is, without a doubt, one of the biggest cities in the world. You're gonna have to be fit and tough to navigate it on your own. With a place as busy as this, there's no telling how one will fare staying here in a couple of days. Let alone a few months, or for years, or maybe even the rest of your life. Still, there's nothing to worry about. Why? Because in a city as big and as complete as Vancouver, there are also a lot of great gyms here. When it comes to fitness, these are the places to go to!
Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Ballet Fit

Ballerinas might not be the most ripped people you'll ever see, but there's no denying that they're some of the fittest you'll ever meet. To master a dance as challenging yet as graceful as ballet, one needs to be physically fit to even attempt it. This is where Ballet Fit comes in. This gym doesn't just teach you the art form but also uses it as a way to exercise as well. In no time, your core will be as toned and as strong as a ballerina's! 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Ballet Fit

Club Row

Rowing is also another activity that will keep you fit and healthy. Though here in Club Row, you won't actually row an actual boat. Or at least, not always. What you will do here instead is to exercise in rowing machines until you're so tired, your arms and legs turn to jelly. That's basically it. But don't think it's that worthwhile. The gym really is like a club—you row with like-minded people, all to maintain your fitness and to keep healthy! 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Club Row Facebook Page


If you're more into a relaxing exercise, look no further than Eastwood. At first glance, this may seem like a spa but it's not that, exactly. It's still a standard gym, popular for its spinning classes and cardio machines to get your blood pumping. However, it's also their meditation rooms that have garnered quite the attention. In-between more active exercises, you can go for a five-minute rest to also exercise your mind. You'll find that you actually need it as much as physical workouts.  

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Eastwood Facebook Page


You've probably heard of Equinox. It's almost impossible that you don't! Practically every major city in the world has an Equinox gym set up. Some even have multiple! And it's no secret as to why it's so popular! Equinox is the quintessential upscale gym that has practically everything. The latest exercise equipment? Check! Spacious yoga studios? Check! Even clean shower areas? Check as well! Everything you need in a gym, this place has it and more! 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Equinox

Kondi Studios

The beautiful instructors are what might lure you into Kondi Studio, but its effective exercise classes and state-of-the-art equipment are what will have you coming back for more! They particularly specialize in HIIT training, pushing you to your limits as you work hard to achieve your fitness goals. But here, it won't feel like such a struggle. The instructors will guide you every step of the way and the machines are easy enough to use, even for first-timers. 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Kondi Studios Facebook Page


Speaking of careful and effective instructors, they also have a lot of them in Movement108. Here, they won't' just tell you what to do, they'll also tell you why you're doing what you're doing? What good is doing a specific exercise if you don't even know how it might benefit you? Also, the space they have here is wide and roomy. You won't feel claustrophobic exercising with other people. Even with some of the equipment around, the gym itself is still spacious! 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Movement108 Facebook Page


What makes OrangeTheory such a great gym is that it won't just push you to your limits, but it will also make sure you don't go over the edge either! Especially with their HIIT exercises. More often than not, it's this workout that will really put your heart to the test. Oftentimes, without you knowing, it will be so exhausted that it might cause serious health problems. But you won't even get the risk of that problem here! The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art heart-monitoring equipment to keep you in check! 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: OrangeTheory Facebook Page


Soulcycle is yet another gym that's so popular, it's even been mentioned in a lot of TV shows and movies. In fact, you might have actually seen characters work out here too! Soulcycle has been a pioneer in cycling and holding spin classes for a good many years now. It's because of gyms like this that many have gotten to enjoy the exercise and have become fitter themselves too! The gym they have here in Vancouver is no different. It's still as fun, loud, and energetic as ever! 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Soulcycle

Tight Club

If you want tighter buttocks, look no further than Tight Club. A fitness studio up in Chinatown, it does away with traditional gym settings and offers up a more welcoming atmosphere for those who aren't fitness freaks, per se, but would like to tone their bodies more. It has less of the intimidation that many gyms have. Here, it's all about fun and being free while still encouraging a better sense of an active lifestyle. 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: Tight Club


It's no surprise that YYoga is located in Downtown Vancouver, arguably the hippest of all of the city's neighborhoods. Though it does have multiple studios set up throughout the entire city, this one is practically the most popular. In any case, here is a place where you can achieve inner peace while accomplishing better fitness. And beyond that, you get to join a huge community of yogis, all with the same goal of relaxing while exercising at the same time. There's no better goal than that! 

Vancouver's Top Gyms For a Great Workout

Source: YYoga Facebook Page

Don't think you can get away with forgetting about being fit in Vancouver! This city has its own fair share of effective gyms and fun fitness centers to not let you get away with any excuse. Improve yourself in any of these places to really enjoy being in the city! 

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