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Top Five Nations with The Most Affordable Healthcare Systems

July 06, 2020
Why is healthcare so expensive? Shouldn't something as basic and as human as providing proper medical care and attention to patients be more affordable? In a perfect world, that'd be the norm, but alas, healthcare isn't exactly the cheapest in many countries. Ironically, some would offer up an arm and a leg just so they could get rid of a disease or recover from an illness. Fortunately, however, not all countries are this dire when it comes to their own healthcare systems. Some actually offer affordable services and insurance without sacrificing the quality of care. Here are the top five of them.

Top Five Nations with The Most Affordable Healthcare Systems



Traveling to Mexico isn't that expensive an endeavor to begin with. It only becomes pricy if you go to the more luxurious areas with five-star resorts and swanky hotels. But traveling here as a medical tourist won't take a huge toll on your finances. In fact, only a handful of countries require a visa to enter Mexico. And when it comes to healthcare, a patient can save up to 40% to 60% of his/her entire savings as compared to other countries. Though varying percentages, they're enough of a difference to really consider getting treated in this beautiful Central American country. 

Top Five Nations with The Most Affordable Healthcare Systems



When it comes to going on a trip to Israel, the actual airfare and accommodation might be more expensive than the medical treatment you're going for here. In fact, just staying at the Dead Sea area will already be good for you. Though you may need guidance in terms of specific therapies and such, just the simple act of staying in this area can already improve your health tenfold! And it won't cost you more than the actual expenses of booking accommodation here. Furthermore, many of the more standard medical treatments, surgeries, and operations offered here differ from other countries in the tens of thousands. 

Top Five Nations with The Most Affordable Healthcare Systems



Similarly to Mexico, traveling to Thailand isn't as expensive as it may seem, especially if you're coming from countries such as the US, the UK, and the European continent. The country's healthcare system and medical tourism is the same way. And it helps that they prioritize medical tourists just as much as they do their local patients. So much so that the medical costs here are 50% to 70% lower than those of the US, Canada, and other first-world western countries. Almost half the price of healthcare in many countries? Now that's a clincher to travel here for medical tourism! 

Top Five Nations with The Most Affordable Healthcare Systems



You'd think that such a first-world country like Singapore would have an expensive healthcare system, wouldn't you? Well, you're wrong in thinking so! Despite being a hotspot for the rich and famous, Singapore actually provides more affordable medical services. At least compared to other similarly well-off countries. It helps that they actually have centers that help medical tourists get temporary insurance whilst in the country. But even apart from that, the medical costs here are between 25% to 40% lower than those in the US, The UK, and the like. Yet the quality of healthcare remains the same, arguably better even! 

Top Five Nations with The Most Affordable Healthcare Systems



Finally, Germany. Yes, it is rather surprising that this country has an affordable healthcare system, isn't it? Well, not really. Germany has actually been one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to offering people affordable universal healthcare.  It's no different for medical tourists as well. In fact, similarly to Israel, certain surgeries and operations provided here differ in costs from other countries in the tens of thousands. That's saying something for a country known to have quite expensive living costs at large. But for medical tourists, you won't ahve to break the bank to get treated here. 

Top Five Nations with The Most Affordable Healthcare Systems


Up for some traveling even though you're a patient? If you're one to prefer saving money on your medical expenses, you should be! Look into these five countries and discover just how affordable healthcare can be for a medical tourist! 





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