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Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

June 17, 2020
You're in Paris! Finally, after years of dreaming about it, months of planing it, weeks of saving for it, you're now in the 'City of Lights.' What do you do first? Do you go straight to the top of the Eiffel Tower and see the view from up there? Do you go to the Louvre to visit that famous painting, the 'Mona Lisa,' and other artworks? Do you stroll down the Champs Elysées as if you're in a movie? Well, first thing's first, you need to settle down in your accommodation. And there's nothing better than sitting back in one that has a beautiful living room!

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms


Two-Bedroom Apartment near Champs de Mars 

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

If there's one word to describe the living room of this two-bedroom apartment along Avenue de Breteuil, it's romantic! Romantic in how the sunlight peeks through the beige curtains shining light unto this comfy space. Romantic like the chandelier and baroque lamps that give life to the room. Romantic like the beautiful various motifs that keep your eyes busy as you style down in the apartment. If you're staying in the city with your significant other, you might want to book this place! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment along Champs Elysées

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

It's no secret that Paris is an opulent city. Just go through its various neighborhoods and you'll find that the people here don't do things in a simple manner. Even when it comes to interior decorating! At first, the living room in this beautiful three-bedroom apartment along Champs Elysées may seem tacky, what with its leather couches, gilded mirror, and a panther-shaped glass coffee table. But that's the kitschy charm of the place. Its grandiose quirk is what makes it quintessentially Parisian! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment in Amiral de Coligny

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

If one of the main things you want to check off your bucket list whilst in Paris is visiting the Louvre, this three-bedroom apartment along Rue Amiral de Coligny is your best bet! Not only is it near the iconic museum, but it's also a beautiful accommodation in of itself. With its gilded detailing, polished hardwood flooring, and a beautiful fireplace, it's almost as if the living room was preserved from another time. And since it's in Paris, this is very possible! 


One-Bedroom Apartment in Debelleyme

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

Rue Debelleyme is fastly becoming a trendy area to stay at. Whether you like shopping or going out for brunch, there are so many things to do around this area. And you'll do good in booking your accommodation here, particularly this modern one-bedroom apartment if you're all alone. Its cool and contemporary blue color scheme is quite the fest for the eyes, as is the view you'll have from your large window. While other Parisian living rooms are more grandiose and vintage, this one is simply cozy! 


Two-Bedroom Apartment in Etienne Marcel II

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

If there's one past era that Paris seems to still have a strong connection to, it's the 1920s. In fact, a lot of 1920s Parisian hotspots are still open and operating to this day. And don't be surprised if you find some apartments that look like they come from that period. Others even still have that tinge of the era combined with contemporary pieces such as this gorgeous two-bedroom apartment on Etienne Marcel II. The stark white handicraft detailing and the mirror above the fireplace combo is the 1920s all the way!


Two-Bedroom Apartment in Monge II

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

Rustic elegance isn't exactly an aesthetic that's common in Paris. But it does, however, make for a great look for a Parisian apartment. This two-bedroom place by Monge II is a prime example. The contrast of the dark wooden tones of the hardwood details and furniture contrasted with the creamy stark white ambiance creates a cozy yet strong vibe. This living room is the type of place you'd want to invite friends over just to show the beautiful interior off! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment near Notre Dame

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

Notre Dame is one of those places that you just can't help but imagine when reading Paris-based books and novels. It's also an iconic monument that, even though it faced a tragic fire, is still standing strong! So why not go for a place that's near it? This great three-bedroom apartment, for instance, is an excellent choice. The living room itself, with its brash use of strongly contrasting colors, velvet seating, and Eastern-influenced furniture, has the straightforward opulence that the famous church is known for! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment in Passy


Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

Passy is one of the wealthier districts in Paris so it makes sense that the accommodations here are truly luxurious. This prime three-bedroom place is a perfect example. With two floors, it's as expensive and as rich as you can get! not to mention its sleek and slick look. Its glass-paneled walls that give a stunning view of the Eiffel tower is the height of real-estate luxury! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment in République

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

In a city as crowded and tight as Paris, a luxury that's relatively rare among the many great accommodations here is space. People fill their apartments will sorts of furniture, knick-knacks, and decor that there's practically no room left for a good indoor-stroll. At least, you won't have that problem if you stay in this three-bedroom flat in République. Even with its leather L-shaped couch, a standing lamp, and a premium coffee table, the living room has ample space to make you more comfortable! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment in Saint Germain des Prés

Paris Apartment Rentals with The Most Luxurious Living Rooms

Since you can't live in Versailles, why not stay at a place that's designed like the palaces? This three-bedroom apartment in Saint Germain des Prés looks as if it's part of the historic former royal court. Just the baroque mirror atop the grand fireplace looks as if it was taken from Marie Antoinette's room. And the rococo detailing on the ceiling? Parisian opulence at its finest! Live like royalty during your stay in Paris by booking this place! 


Staying in whilst in Paris is just as fun as going out and seeing the "City of Lights." Most especially if you're staying at these incredible apartments with living rooms that make living all the more worthwhile! They're definitely great investments during your stay here!





2 bedrooms1 bathroom4

Montparnasse - alesia

143 €per night
1 bedroom2 bathrooms4-2

Marais - beau charles 1 bd

150 €per night
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-2

Saint germain des pres - rennes i

174 €per night
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4

Madeleine - b1

188 €per night