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The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris

May 30, 2021
With a city as beautiful as Paris, it's almost difficult to work here, isn't it? Who'd want to work where there are tons of vintage-style cafes lining up beautiful cobblestone streets? Or museums and galleries that present the very best of the creative human mind? Or malls, department stores, and boutiques that sell the finest fashions money can afford? Of the peak of culinary excellence in the many restaurants that make up the French capital. Well, fortunately, the co-working spaces and offices here are just as beautiful and exciting as the other places. Some might argue even more!

The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris


Cosy Corner

When at work, feeling cozy is probably the last thing on your mind. However, that relaxing feeling might just be what you need to finish your work seamlessly. And if you're in desperate need of a space that gives just that, go to the 4th arrondissement and you'll find Cosy Corner, one of the most comfortable co-working spaces on this list. It has everything from the strong wifi and comfortable cushions to a buffet of comfort food and warm beverages! It's a bit better than working here at any warm cafe in the city. 



Coworkshop, the bright-lit office space on 32 Rue des Vinaigriers, may look like your ordinary cafe, but it's not! It's actually a great co-working space where you "pay as you work." This means you're in control of how much you pay to be able to finish your job inside. And this, for a lot of freelance workers and work-from-home types out there, is the real clincher of this place. Especially since the rest of Paris is mostly expensive! 


The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris



Just opened up a startup with your equally-young entrepreneurs? Of course, you might not have your own office space yet. So where do you hold meetings? Deskopolitan on 48 Rue du Château d’Eau is a nice location! Its industrial-style setting and slightly intimate space allow small companies to convene and talk about what lies ahead of their company's future. And it doesn't hurt that the place looks so hip and trendy too! 


Digital Village

The Digital Village co-working space on 13 Rue Vandrezanne specializes in serving freelancers, young professionals, and startup companies involved in the tech industry. That's not to say that other professionals from different areas aren't allowed here. But with the tools that they offer her—from the most basic of whiteboards to the latest state-of-the-art computers and other devices—it's more inclined to cater to tech experts and workers. 


The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris


Intencity Clichy

It can get very intense in Intencity Clichy, believe that! This nifty co-working space situated on 6 Rue d Estienne d Orves, just near the Marie de Clichy metro line, is equal parts office and art studio. Though it's not the typical space where you'd see colorful palettes and unused clay lying around. This is more for digital artists in that regard, though you also might see a few painters and fashion school students doing their craft here as well. Here, it's not just about computers and laptops. People can also craft their own projects here without any disturbance! 


La Cantine

La Cantine is your traditional co-working space. It provides ample areas for startups to work on their companies whilst not disturbing the solo professionals who are here because they don't want to spend the day at home, even when they have big bedrooms they can work in. What makes this particular office such a stand-out is its the standard of all co-working spaces in Paris. Why? Because it was the first of its kind to open in the French capital back in 2008. 


The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris


La Cordée

It's easy to mistake La Cordée as an actual home. The place is so complete in facilities that you'd think you actually live there. Ample working space? Check! A kitchen for refreshments? Check! Clean bathrooms? Check! And even a nap room for resting? Check! The fact that it's also open 24 hours a day also contributes to its homely factor. However, remember that this isn't your place, you're just working here! 


La Ruche

Though La Ruche, a beautiful office on 24 Rue de l’Est., is a co-working space, it encourages more than that! People here don't just work for the sake of working and finishing the job. Here, it's almost encouraged to socialize a bit. What with its array of open spaces that leave you private enough if you're working solo but also open to getting to know your fellow professionals. It's even said that many fruitful business partnerships, collaborations, and the like were formed here! 


The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris


Le Gymnase

Imagine yourself as a corporate bighead. What sort of lifestyle do you see? Going to the office in the morning, a meeting at noon, and if you have time, sneak in a work-out after work? Yep, that's certainly what a day of a businessman seems like. But even if you're not working for a big corporation, you can actually spend a day like that in Le Gymnase. With branches both on the 5th and 11th arrondissements, this place has clear desks, wide boardrooms, and even its own gym. 


Le Pavillon des Canaux

Just by its name, you'd think Le Pavillon des Canaux was a Parisian garden or something of that nature. But it's not, though it is as aesthetically pleasing as one, especially its classical-style terrace. But this co-working space in the 19th arrondissement fancies itself as 'coffice', meaning it's a place where people work and enjoy coffee at the same time. Imagine a huge cafe full of working professionals, that's basically this hotspot! 


The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris


Servcorp Coworking Space

The Servcorp Coworking Space is probably the most famous and most established one on this list and that's because their services are truly top-notch. They don't just provide a co-working space for independent professionals, startups, and freelancers alike. They actually provide a communal office that has practically everything. You need a secretary to collect your messages? They have them here! Or an IT that can fix your device on-command? At a press of a button, they'll be there instantly! They offer the complete corporate experience but you still retain your independence and freelance freedom. 


The Hoxton

You've probably worked at a hotel before. In fact, such places are often great to hold business lunches in. But when you're all alone as a freelancer, you might feel apprehensive to work in one. You're scared that they might throw you out for spending too much time inside. Well, not at The Hoxton hotel on the 2nd arrondissement. Here, working is actually invited, and you get to do so in an elegant setting on a glass-ceiling, classical music playing, and the like. 


The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris


WeWork La Fayette

If you're looking for a co-working space in Pairs, the name 'WeWork' will probably pop up a good number of times. It is one of the biggest of its kind in the French capital, especially with over 15 branches throughout the city. Almost every arrondissement has one, allowing the professionals and freelancers who live there a comfortable and suitable place for work. 



In a couple of years, those who are in need of a space for work outside of their homes or beyond standard company offices will know the name, 'Wojo.' This company has partnered with Accor Hotels to provide such hotspots throughout Europe, and Paris is no exception. There will be some that are located within the lobbies or their own rooms inside the said hotel chain, while others will be their own stand-alone co-working spaces.


The Best Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Paris


Who knew Paris could be as great a place to work in as it is to tour and have an adventure? even if you're a freelancer or independent professional, you cans till find your own working space here in the "City of Lights" without letting go of your freedom! 

If you're just a visitor in Paris, however, you ought to first choose a place to stay in first. Fortunately for you, Paris luxury apartments are a dime a dozen when it comes to providing great accommodations!



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