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The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

June 19, 2020
Admit it, when you're in Paris, the one room you'll probably spend a lot of time in is the bedroom. The French capital is, after all, the 'City of Love.' You just can't help but get in the mood while you're here. Why do you think Paris is a popular honeymoon destination? Furthermore, a good bedroom is always a great retreat after a busy day in the city. Spent hours walking through and exploring Paris since it's your first time here? Or just finished a hard day at work during your business trip? Relaxing in these bedrooms in these fine apartments are perfect to end the day right!

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals


Two-Bedroom Apartment near Champs Elysées

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

Don't you just love bedrooms that you can make bigger? That's just the type that's in this beautiful two-Bedroom Apartment near Champs Elysées! With its own fireplace and skylight, the flat is a great find along one of the city's most famous areas. The cool bedroom is just the icing on the cake. Big white sliding doors can instantly transform the dim-lit but very cozy bedroom into an entire suite—a perfect space for a French cocktail or two! It's homely luxury on so many levels! 


Four-Bedroom Apartment near Champs Elysées

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

The master bedroom in this gorgeous four-bedroom rental also along Champs Elysées is the real clincher of the place. With its glass-paneled wall and cozy balcony, it's the type of weekend place that you'd just want to escape to after a busy week. Imagine the Parisian sunlight waking you up every morning. And when you drink coffee out on the balcony, you hear the birds chirping, the peaceful morning bustle, and more. Sounds very much like a dream scenario, doesn't it? 


Two-Bedroom Apartment on Ferronnerie

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

As far as aesthetics and art are concerned, they're not only found in Parisian galleries. Some bedrooms in the city look just as quirky, kooky, and downright weird (in the best possible way!). Arguably both bedrooms in this two-bedroom apartment on Ferronnerie share this quality. The lofty mezzanine master bedroom, with a direct view of the big windows that show Paris outside, is perfect for those who are young and vibrant who want to absorb all of Paris during their stay here! 


Two-Bedroom Apartment on Juillet

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

There's no question about it: Paris is a city that will get you in the mood for love. And of course, if you're here for that reason—be it on your honeymoon or simply a nice getaway trip with your significant other—you're gonna want to stay at a place that's perfect for it. Well, this modern two-bedroom apartment in Juillet is a strong contender. Compact and cozy, it's the Tim light fixtures here that will set the perfect atmosphere for you! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment in Palais Royal III

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

Upon first inspection, you'll really feel like you're in the famous Ritz Hotel when you see the stunning rooms in this three-bedroom rental in Palais Royal III. With its nicely-lit atmosphere and a magnificent view from your window, this place is Parisian luxury at its finest. The rooms themselves are rather simple, but there's an opulence to them that you can't shake off. Or maybe it's simply because you're in Paris and this is where you're staying? Could be! 


Two-Bedroom Apartment in La Fourche

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

A cool painting, ample space, a beautiful balcony by the bed, and a nice mirror just above the head. Yup, these are what makes the bedrooms in this two-bedroom apartment in La Farouche so special. It wasn't enough that it had a lot of room—which is slightly rare in Paris—but that you have your own balcony, mirror, and a nice warm-toned color scheme just seals the deal. And since it's in the beautiful Montmartre area, one of the more famous of Paris' neighborhoods, the location is top-notch also! 


One-Bedroom Apartment in Moulin Vert

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

This beautiful apartment rental in Moulin Vert might just have one bedroom, but it's a cozy one at that! Sure, it's a tight space that's simply just a mezzanine of the entire flat, but then, technically, this makes the entire place your own bedroom! The corner with the bed in it is already nice, warm, and cozy, but taking to account the entire flat, it's already a must-book! If you're one to travel alone but love hosting people for a little wine-tasting and such, this place is perfect for you!


Four-Bedroom Apartment in Lemoine

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

Who wouldn't want a library by the bed? When you're just relaxing and you want to read something, just sit up, grab a book, and you're off to another literary adventure. If you think such a thing doesn't exist, wait until you see the master bedroom in this beautiful four-bedroom apartment in Lemoine, just near Notre Dame. In fact, you might even get to read a great French novel while you're here! 


Three-Bedroom Apartment in Passy

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

This incredibly chic three-bedroom rental in Passy is already equipped with a stunning living room. but its bedrooms are just as gorgeous too! As you might expect, the bedrooms here are cozy and warm, almost in contrast to the slightly cold-looking but very luxurious ambiance of the entire apartment. Dimly lit and decorated with fascinating paintings, you won't help but feel expensive while you're here. It's as if you booked an actual hotel suite than a normal Paris home! 


Five-Bedroom Apartment in Trocadero

The Best Bedrooms You'll Find in Paris Apartment Rentals

Practically everyone is familiar with Trocadero in Paris. It's the area to go to when you want a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. but did you know you can actually stay near this area? And the best part is the apartments here have some very fine bedrooms! This five-bedroom rental, for instance, has some of the chicest in the whole city! Think plum velvet covers, a quilted bedhead, and silky curtains! Tres Chic! 


Parisian bedrooms are probably some of the most romantic hotspots in the French capital. And if you want to stay here, you'd want to choose among these great rentals with very beautiful bedrooms! It'll be your best decision during your trip here!





2 bedrooms1 bathroom4

Montparnasse - alesia

143 €per night
1 bedroom2 bathrooms4-2

Marais - beau charles 1 bd

150 €per night
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-2

Saint germain des pres - rennes i

174 €per night
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4

Madeleine - b1

188 €per night