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Top Fashion Schools in London

May 14, 2021
Out of all the fashion capitals in the world, the industry considers London to be the most welcoming to students. The British capital itself has long been the foundation of the youthquake movement, particularly in fashion. So it makes sense that, even with traditions dating as ar back as the medieval times, London really is the best launching pad for young designers and aspiring creatives. It also doesn't hurt that the city is full of amazing fashion school to train these dreamers into becoming the future movers and shakers of the industry.

Top Fashion Schools in London


Central St. Martins 

Firstly, there is, of course, Central St. Martins. With graduates such as John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and many more, no other school has produced as many prominent designers as this one. In fact, when you enroll here, you're guaranteed to have, at the very least, a big advantage in this cut-throat industry as compared to other people who graduated from different fashion schools. In this institution, they value both tradition and innovation, setting up a good foundation of the former so that their students can do the latter. And it shows with the creativity a lot of their most prominent alumni have shown. 


Istituto Marangoni

With campuses in Paris, Florence, and Milan, Istituto Marangoni has become one of the world's most prestigious fashion schools. And their campus in London is no different. Here, students get to have a balanced education of both the craft and business of fashion. As intently as they would in learning how to drape fabric, cut a suit, and sew a garment together, they will also learn how to study different fashion markets, how to merchandise particular products, and the like. Offering both long-term and short courses, the Istituto has the ABC's of fashion down pat! 


Top Fashion Schools in London


University of Westminster

The University of Westminster may be a large institution, but it's vastly known for its extensive fashion program. So much so that just this one program in the entire university has earned them praise and has often been regarded as one of the finest fashion schools in the British capital. And with graduates like Dame Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Bailey, this school has a lot to boast about. The acclaim is mostly due to their hands-on approach to teaching students all they need to know about the design and business sides of fashion. Not to mention the many connections this school has within the industry itself. 


Royal College of Art

One part of the fashion industry that's sorely overlooked, particularly by a lot of schools out there, is the textile market. There's so much to learn and discover about this sect in the industry, from traditional processes of production to innovative materials that can change the way people dress. Fortunately, in London, there's the Royal College of Art. While it has the traditional programs many prominent fashion institutions offer, this school is most recognized for its extensive courses in textile design and management. Students can further deepen their knowledge of materials here, possibly incorporating what they know when they get to work in the industry themselves!


Top Fashion Schools in London


London College of Fashion

The London College of fashion specializes in fashion education that covers practically everything under the sun that's related to the industry. Their curriculum goes above and beyond the standard design and business courses, taking into consideration the different markets, sub-industries, and sectors of the entire business. So much praise has been given to this institution that it's become one of the most esteemed schools in the country, even beyond the world of fashion. For those students who are just about to enter university with only a handful of information about the industry, this is a great school to increase your knowledge about fashion.


Kingston University

If you were to ask anybody out there to describe Kingston University's fashion course, what they would tell you is that it's a "well-rounded" program. And many would agree that this description is appropriate. Though it's only one part of their diverse selection of fields, their fashion program actually touches on a lot of the basic and even more advanced courses related to the industry. While it hasn't produced as many prominent graduates as other schools in London, it is a great place to start one's fashion education. And by the time you graduate, you would have learned a lot to help you survive in this competitive industry. 


Top Fashion Schools in London


Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

A fashion school run by one of the industry's biggest publishers? Of course that will make it unto this list. With publications such as Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, and more, Condé Nast is a global company that has taken over the fashion world. And now, the can add school to their list of prestigious titles. The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design offers sup education directly given by some of the most prominent professionals in the industry. Their prestige is primarily built on their connections alone, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. No other school in London can get you a mentor like who you might have here. 


University of East London

Some schools earn their prestigious title, not necessarily because they offer a broad program that covers all of the sectors in fashion, but because they offer some of the best special courses out there. At the University of East London, their fashion program offers two courses wherein they've become the best at:  textile design and digital fashion. Sure, a lot of other institutions may also teach these courses, but the way they've trained and mentored their students with regards to these unique crafts is truly top-notch. So much so that this relatively small program in such a large university has earned a lot of praise from the industry itself. 


London College of Contemporary Arts

What many people often forget about fashion design is that it's still an art form. Like painting, sculpting, and the like, making clothes is still very much an artistic discipline. And this is what the London College of Contemporary Arts wants their students to understand. They train their pupils the same way an artist would train his/her apprentice. The craft is given the utmost attention, but also, students are encouraged to think outside of the box from time to time too. And while other schools on this list have produced more esteemed graduates, this doesn't take away from this school's intricate approach to fashion education. 


Top Fashion Schools in London


If you were to ask any fashions student what city they'd prefer to study in, many would say London! not only does the British capital have a reverence to young and aspiring creatives, but their schools also offer the most extensive and hands-on schools in the industry as well!




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