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What are The Most Influential Fashion Magazines in The UK?

July 10, 2022
Against the French and the Italians, the British are certainly holding their own when it comes to fashion. From famous designers to iconic supermodels, the country has produced many of the movers and shakers of the fashion industry. Not to mention its most influential fashion magazines too. Thanks to publications like British Vogue, i-D, and Red Magazine, the British, particularly in their capital city of London, remain ever relevant in the fashion sphere. They predict or even create trends, talk about important issues both within and beyond the industry, and embrace pop culture. These are fashion magazines in the UK that you ought to know about!

What are The Most Influential Fashion Magazines in The UK?

British Vogue

They don't call Vogue magazine the 'bible of fashion' nothing! Ever since the original American edition was founded in 1892, it has served as the most influential publication in fashion in the world. And in 1916, British Vogue started as the first international edition of the magazine. Over the years, British Vogue's influence only grew. Though its American counterpart—and to a certain extent, the French edition too—is still the most famous edition in the world, this British publication remains relevant. They're able to predict trends, put A-list celebrities on the cover, and feature the biggest names in the fashion industry and beyond. Source: British Vogue Instagram Page


While women had Vogue magazine, gentlemen had GQ. And while most people would regard American Vogue as the definitive edition of the brand, others would consider GQ UK as the most influential of its brand. Why? Because the British have always had the upper hand when it comes to menswear and looking like a dapper gentleman. From the traditional London tailors to icons like James Bond, the world pays more attention to the British men's fashion than in any other country. And in fact, GQ UK has grown so influential that they've even featured women on their covers too, proving that everyone, not just men, holds this publication in high regard. Source: British GQ Instagram Page


Compared to British Vogue and other glossies, i-D started out as an underground publication. In fact, when graphic designer and art director Terry Jones published the first edition, it was nothing more than a type-written fanzine held together by staples. No one could've ever thought that it would one day become one of the most influential fashion magazines in the UK. This is thanks in large part to the many exciting collaborators i-D has had over the years. Prominent photographers like Craig McDean, Mario Testino, and Nick Knight have shot the likes of Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, and more on the cover and pages of the magazine. Source: i-D Instagram Page

Dazed & Confused

Widely regarded as just 'Dazed' nowadays, Dazed & Confused is just as underground as i-D. Some would even argue that they're even more underground than the latter. The publication did start as a youth and pop culture provocateur in 1991 after all. This fashion magazine in the UK was never about haute couture. From then to now, it has remained steadfast in covering pop culture, social politics, industry news, and more. Some of their editorials were out there, sure, but it was never for shock value. Behind every content they produce, there's always a strong underlying message. At times even commentary about the zeitgeist of the here and now! Source: Dazed Instagram Page


Though originally an Italian fashion magazine, Grazia eventually branched out internationally. Today, there are dozens of editions all over the world, including, of course, here in the UK. And following what its Italian counterpart started. Grazia UK is all about high fashion and celebrity style. They chronicle runway trends, cover red carpet events, and stay on top of the latest fads. But in recent years, however, the publication has started to go beyond fashion and pop culture. Little by little, especially in the British edition, they're now covering social issues and even politics. Source: Grazia UK Instagram Page

Elle UK

Elle UK is your typical fashion glossy. It features the latest fashions, predicts upcoming trends, highlights the best-dressed celebrities, and more. Although you might think of this as slightly condescending considering that other fashion magazines in the UK produce, it's not necessarily a bad thing that Elle UK remains a standard glossy. In fact, some would argue that it's its best asset. By being a more approachable publication that mainly focuses on the glossy allure of style, they're able to translate high fashion perfectly to the masses. All while retaining the glamour of the industry at large. Source: Elle UK Instagram Page

Red Magazine

Red Magazine is the kind of fashion magazine that you'd find in the grocery store. It commonly features celebrities instead of supermodels on the cover and the fashions are always cute and pretty, rarely going edgy. From this alone, you'd think that this publication barely deserved to be called a glossy but that's not necessarily fair. Just like Elle UK, Red Magazines mostly focuses on real women, putting forth fashion imagery and editorials that they'd understand. You won't necessarily expect high fashion in its pages, but it does provide great lifestyle articles worth reading! Source: Red Magazine Instagram Page/ Getty Images

Even in the digital age, the finest fashion magazines in the UK still reign supreme. They remain the authorities on fashion and style, influencing trends, chronicling pop culture, and highlighting how people dress as time goes by.

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