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What to Remember in Getting a Job in The UK

July 16, 2021
What's so good about the UK? Is it the traditions they've followed for centuries? The astounding mysteries that surround their lands? Their unique accents? Well, one thing's for sure, the job market in the UK is booming. In recent years, the country has proven that it's one of the best places to work in and it continues to expand to bigger and greater heights. So it's understandable that you want to be part of the action and work there as well. But do you even know how to apply for a job here? If you don't, this post will tell you all about it!

What to Remember in Getting a Job in The UK


Seek the Jobs You're Qualified For

First thing's first, seek the jobs you're qualified for. This probably goes without saying but it still needs to be said for a lot of people. It's normal for many to take risks and go for positions they're not exactly fit for but see it as challenges but that won't exactly fare well in the UK. The British are pretty straightforward with what and who they want and oftentimes, their job ads are detailed and very specific. If you try to go for a job that you know you're not qualified for, you're wasting your and your company's time. 


Complete Application Forms if There are Any

If a company requires you to complete an application form, do it! Even when the ad was posted online—as most already are—don't just send out your CV and ignore the application form. You're guaranteed to be ignored yourself if you do. As already mentioned, British companies are very straightforward and specific with who they want as their next employees. Part of that is knowing how to follow instructions. By taking the matter into your own hands and applying your own way, that won't exactly put you in a good light with many of them. 


What to Remember in Getting a Job in The UK


Don't Forget Your Cover Letter

While some countries ahve done away with the cover letter, the British still expect you to send one when you apply for their companies. CV's are great and all—and are still important requirements in job applications—but a cover letter lets you explain who you are in an easier and more succinct. since practically millions of people from all around the world want to work in the UK, many companies in the country don't have time to examine every application as carefully as they want to. Cover letters help you stand out and will make the employers understand who you are in short paragraphs. 


What to Include in Your CV

The contents of an effective CV remains the same in the UK as it does in the rest of the world. You'll need to include your skills, work experience, educational background, seminars attended, and if there's still space, your hobbies and interests. As much as you can, fit them all in one A4 size paper, multiple pages are more or less a hassle for various companies. But at the same time, ensure that all of the parts are easily readable too. As far as putting a picture is concerned, it's no longer the norm and it's better that you don't include it anymore. 


What to Remember in Getting a Job in The UK


Know the Company You're Applying For

This also goes without saying but you have to know what the company you're applying for is. Take time to research it before applying to see if it really is the type of organization that you're good with. Since most businesses have their own respective digital platforms, it's no longer that difficult to learn more about a company that you want to apply for. And during your interview, you can make yourself look better by proving to your interviewer that you fully understand what the company is and how you're the best fir for the role. 


Dress Appropriately

More often than not, dressing up for a job interview in the UK is pretty standard. A tailored suit for both enders will work the best, but particularly the most for corporate companies. After all, the country is somewhat the birthland of tailoring, so they have a special soft spot for suits. However, there is still a thing as being overdressed, and if you feel that the company isn't exactly looking for a stuffy suit, don' wear one. Go for business casual instead. All in all, the keyword here is 'appropriate' so do your best to look the part! 


What to Remember in Getting a Job in The UK


Be Prepared to Take a Test

In many companies throughout various industries, they require taking a test as part of the job application. If the business you're applying to has one, prepare for it as you did during your final exams in university. While it may not weight as heavily as it seams, acing it will take you the lead in the running. The good news is when companies do require taking a test, they tell you first before making you take it. It's usually the second part of the application process. This gives you time to review your notes, study your lessons, and prepare as best as you can. 


Check Your Internet for Online Interviews

Finally, in this day and age, online Jon interviews are becoming more and more common. Before you go on yours, check your internet first if it's strong enough to ensure that your interview will go one smoothly. You don't want your side to freeze, especially if you, unfortunately, make a funny face when it hangs. That won't only be embarrassing, but expect that it won't leave a good impression on the interviewer's part. Though many companies are more or less understanding, it won't hurt to guarantee that your interview will go off without a hitch! 


What to Remember in Getting a Job in The UK


Getting a job in the UK may be tough, but it's not impossible. You just have to remember to go for jobs your best suited for, know the company you're applying to, and dress appropriately for your job interview, among many others! 

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