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London's Finest Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals

June 11, 2021
London, like many other major cities of its kind, isn't exactly the safest place in the UK. In fact, with its bustling atmosphere, you might be more prone to getting into an accident or contracting an illness while living here. But that doesn't mean you should forego your stay in the British capital. You can get sick or injured at just about any other place in the world. This shouldn't a reason why you don't want to stay in London. Besides, the city itself has a ton of great hospitals that can help and cure you!

London's Finest Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


The Royal Free Hospital

Just because this place is called The Royal Free Hospital, doesn't mean it's free. That's not exactly how the UK’s healthcare system works. However, you'll still get your money's worth when you undergo surgery here. This facility in Hampstead has some of the most advanced equipment in most of the British capital. It's become a well-known haven for successful surgeries. If you're in need of a transplant, rest assured this hospital will ensure you have and will do it safely too! 


The London Clinic

The city's most well-known private hospital, The London Clinic focuses on just about any condition you may have under the sun. They have a diverse set of experts, professionals, and healthcare providers that are prepared to treat you no matter what your problem is. And it's here where you can best make use of your private health insurance too. Whether you're a local, a visitor, or a visitor on your way to becoming a local, this is a hospital that you might want to check out! 


London's Finest Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


St Mary’s Hospital

St Mary’s Hospital in London's Paddington area is perhaps one of the finest maternity wards in all of London. Ask many women who've given birth in the city and a good number of them will tell you that this facility is a great place. They take care of pregnant women so well, ensure their safety, and have a very successful rate of assisting in childbirth. And when the children are born, their pediatric department also takes care of them well into adulthood. 


Royal Brompton Hospital 

If you just moved with your family to London and one of your little ones has a heart condition, the best place to take them in the city is at Royal Brompton Hospital. The facility is known, even across the entire European country, as one of the best centers for heart and lung treatment. Any condition you have regarding these organs will be immediately checked out and focused intently while you're in London. And they take extra special care of younger patients too. 


London's Finest Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


Queen Square Private Hospital

For the most part, neurological conditions are often the most challenging to diagnose and treat. Special attention is needed for such a patient to tended to, let alone recover. However, in London, there's the Queen Square Private Hospital, a nationally recognized facility that specializes in neurology. It's here where, if you have a sickness such as Alzheimer's disease, you'll be treated by some of the best experts in the filed in London. 


Priory Hospital London 

More often than not, traditional hospitals give little to no attention to mental health. They often just leave that to specific institutions, However, the Priory Hospital London in South West London is one facility that takes into consideration one's mental health. With a traditional hospital setting, they treat and study cases of depression, anxiety, OCD, and more. And set in a beautiful Victorian building, they provide a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that can calm just about anybody down. 


London's Finest Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


Moorfields Private Eye Hospital

The 'Private Eye' in the Moorfields Private Eye Hospital's name doesn't exactly stand for a detective. With its not so subtle name, this Islington facility specializes in conditions of the eye. One of the leading ophthalmology centers in the country, this is your best bet to curing your eye. From simple illnesses such as sore eyes to even restoring 2020/20 vision, you won't go wrong by picking this place when it comes to your optical pair. 


Hammersmith Hospital

In West London, you can go to the best hospital to treat your heart attack—Hammersmith Hospital. Associated with the Imperial College London, one of London's top universities, they don't only help you recover from a heart attack, they also study it to come up with better methods of curing patients. So if ever you'll have the misfortune of getting one whilst in London, tell the people around you to being you here immediately! 


London's Finest Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


Great Ormond Street Hospital 

Affectionately referred to as "GOSH," the Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the world's most beloved children's hospitals. Though they treat all sorts of illnesses and diseases that a child may have, they're best known for their expertise in neurology and cardiovascular conditions. In fact, the hospital is also well-respected for its successful heart transplants, allowing children from all over the world to live a happy and healthy life with new hearts. 


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

With its glamorous reputation, Chelsea isn't exactly the most predictable place for a hospital to set up shop out of all of London's neighborhoods. However, this is still where one of the leading facilities in the city is located— Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Out of all the hospitals on this list, this one boasts having the lowest mortality rate. more often than not, their treatment of various illnesses and conditions have been effective, no matter what they may be. 


London's Finest Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


Despite all of what you've heard, London remains a safe city to stay in. And that's thanks in large part of their amazing hospitals. Many of which have saved lived and recovered many! You'll actually be luckier to live here if you have a certain illness. 

But what's even luckier if you were able to get a nice place in the city which, even for locals, is quite difficult. London's luxury apartments are some of the best in the world. Getting one for your stay here is almost like winning the jackpot!



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