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Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris

June 01, 2024
Movies and TV shows will have you thinking that drinking coffee in a sunny cafe in ​​Paris is the ultimate dream. The characters are sipping cups out on the terrace area of these charming coffee shops, showing you a glimpse of how idyllic Parisian life could be. And it's true, there truly is something pleasant about enjoying a meal outdoors. With that said, summer in Paris can get a bit too hot for comfort and you'll want to hang out in an air-conditioned spot instead. Perhaps Café Varenne, KL Pâtisserie, Le Café Marly, or Jardin Secret Salon will do? These are some of the best air-conditioned cafes in Paris.

Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris

Bontemps Jardin Secret Salon

Cool air with cakes and coffee? Yes, please! The Bontemps Jardin Secret Salon located on Rue de Bretagne in the 3rd arrondissement is a sweet tooth's dream. The patisserie has its own cafe/tea salon where you can enjoy their beloved sweets while sipping well-brewed coffee/tea. Sounds like a dream Parisian afternoon, right? Arguably the best part is that the hotspot is air-conditioned. It's not necessarily the coldest place in the city, but your sweat will dry up in a flash here. So it's also a great spot to spend time during the summertime.
Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris
Source: Bontemps Pâtisserie Facebook Page

Café Malongo

Apart from that it's one of the best air-conditioned cafes in Paris, Café Malongo on Rue Saint-André des Arts in Saint-Germain-des-Prés also brews organic coffee. So not only can you keep cool here, especially in summer, but you'd also get to taste exotic beans from around the world. From Ghana to Colombia and beyond, Café Malongo specializes in bringing all sorts of flavors to the French capital. The roasters even put their own Parisian spin on their breweries, concocting unique cups that you won't ever get to taste anywhere else. What's not to love?
Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris
Source: Café Malongo

Café Varenne

At first glance, Café Varenne on Rue de Varenne, which is fairly near the Eiffel Tower, seems like a typical old-world cafe in Paris. There's a vintage look to the place and they serve classic and traditional French dishes. You'd expect this kind of place to not have air-conditioning but, fortunately, it does. When it's especially hot outside, the cafe turns its unit on and cools the space down. This makes it more comfortable for you to enjoy their sumptuous menu, which includes Aubrac Rumstek steak, Roast Duck Confit, Cheese Shell Gratin, and Bistro-style Caramel Creme. If that doesn't sound like a good time, then what does?
Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris
Source: Café Varenne


Technically speaking, Firmine on Avene de Suffren is more of an Italian pizzeria than a typical cafe in Paris. But don't forget that cafes aren't just coffee shops, at least not in the French capital. In Paris, a cafe is more about the ambiance of a place than what's on its menu. And Firmine undeniably has that idyllic atmosphere that the charming cafes in Paris are known for. It's also air-conditioned, allowing you to avoid drenching in sweat as you indulge in their slices of authentic Italian pizza during the day.
Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris
Source: Firmine Paris Facebook Page

KL Pâtisserie

Don't let its industrial interior design fool you! KL Pâtisserie on Avenue de Villiers is as much a cafe in Paris as the most historic spots out there. Much like many other Parisian coffee shops, this place serves amazing coffee and pairs it well with its extensive menu of delightful pastries, desserts, and other confections. From cakes and tarts to brioches and chouquettes, this is another great place for any sweet tooth to satisfy their cravings. Naturally, the fact that it’s an air-conditioned cafe also draws in those who need to cool off when it's summertime in Paris.
Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris
Source: KL Pâtisserie Paris Facebook Page

Le Café Marly

You'd usually go for an outdoor table in Le Café Marly, wouldn't you? It's only natural because it's one of the best cafes near the Louvre. Its terrace area is literally a stone's throw away from the world's most famous museum. You can even bask in the glory of the museum's iconic glass pyramid from the cafe. So why would you stay indoors instead? Well, when it gets hot in Paris, especially in summer, you'll want to go inside and spend time in the air-conditioned space. Here, you can enjoy haute cuisine without breaking a sweat... literally!
Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris
Source: Le Café Marly

Rouge Bis

Finally, there's Rouge Bis on Rue de Bruxelles in the 9th arrondissement. Two things make this cafe a definite must-try. The first is that it's right beside the Moulin Rouge, the most famous cabaret in Paris. You can even clearly see the iconic red windmill from the cafe's terrace area. Imagine seeing it all lit up when you have dinner here after sundown! You can't get any more Parisian than that! At the same time, the second reason is that Rouge Bis is an air-conditioned cafe where you can indulge in flavorful French cheese, tender lamb, rich steaks, and more. What more do you need?
Keep Cool in These Air-Conditioned Cafes in Paris
Source: Rouge Bis Instagram Page

If the heat in Paris gets a little bit too much, you can always escape to these wonderful air-conditioned spots. These are some of the best cafes in Paris, especially their amazing food, great service, and of course, cool spaces.

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