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Cafes in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre

July 30, 2022
Ahh, the Louvre! Undoubtedly the most famous museum in Paris! Millions of people visit it every year, captivating them with some of the finest and most iconic works of art. If you're an art-lover, this is definitely a place you should visit at least once. But beware! This place is huge. So much so that you will need to take a coffee break after your visit! And where else should you go to then in some of the nearest cafes in Paris? There are Le Café Marly, Angelina Paris, Le Café Blanc, Baguett’s Café Paris, and Café Kitsuné Palais Royal, to name a few.

Cafes in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre

Le Café Marly

Imagine sipping your coffee and taking a bite of your pastry as you gaze upon the splendor of the Louvre Pyramid. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, you can, in fact, do it if eat at Le Café Marly. As far as cafes in Paris that are near the Louvre go, you can't get any nearer than this! With such a scenic hotspot, it’s no wonder the cafe was featured in the second season of “Emily in Paris.” As for the food here, Le Café Marly serves up haute cuisine at its finest. Think cod fillet drizzled with tom yam sauce, seared beef tartar with herbs, and red fruits pavlova for dessert!
Cafes in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Le Café Marly Facebook Page

Angelina Paris

If the legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel gave Angelina Paris her stamp of approval, then it must be a worthwhile cafe indeed! Known for its delectable desserts and famous hot chocolate, this elegant tea room is the perfect stop after visiting the museum. After wandering for hours looking at paintings and pushing through crowds to see the iconic Mona Lisa in person, the sweets here will serve as a welcome treat. Especially the scrumptious cakes! Millefeuille is a light option that goes well with the rich hot chocolate while the Mont-Blanc is the perfect after-dinner treat.
Cafes in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Angelina Paris

Le Café Blanc

Truthfully, Le Café Blanc is more than a stone's throw away from the Louvre. It's near enough that you can get here on foot from the museum, but compared to the other cafes in the area, it's a good distance away. Nevertheless, it's not necessarily its close proximity to the Louvre that makes Le Café Blanc worthwhile. It's the food! If you're absolutely starving, order a plate of pan-fried duck foie gras on gingerbread or pork ribs with BBQ sauce. But if you want something lighter, their signature Ceasar salad will do! And what about dessert? What's the best treat they have? A slice of New York cheesecake drizzled with red fruit coulis!
Cafes in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Le Café Blanc

Baguett’s Café

With its industrial interior design and intimate setting, Baguett’s Café is a lot more homely than many other cafes in Paris. Located on Rue de Richelieu in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, it's within walking distance from the Louvre. Though it doesn't look like it! Baguett’s Café's cozy atmosphere is far from the grandeur of the famous Paris museum. It's the perfect antidote for when your visit to the Louvre has exhausted and overwhelmed you. Especially since what they serve here is the tastiest comfort food in the area! Think baguette slices paired with either jam, Nutella, or butter & honey. Or a warm bowl of porridge mixed with bananas or apples. That'll do the trick!
Cafes in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Baguett’s Café Facebook Page

Café Kitsuné Palais Royal

Finally, there's Café Kitsuné Palais Royal on Gal de Montpensier! This is a great coffee spot with a beautiful terrace area. This alone should convince you to give it a try. And when you sit down, you'll want to order a freshly-brewed cup of coffee and a pastry or two. Nothing is more relaxing than that! Café Kitsuné Palais Royal is the kind of place where you can simply hang out, chat with your friends, and enjoy your leisure time in the city. Granted, most cafes in Paris do offer this kind of atmosphere, but this is the best one near the Louvre!
Cafes in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Maison Kitsune

Even though all cafes in Paris are charming in their own right, there's just something about the hotspots near the Louvre that hit differently. They're the best places to take a coffee break before or after visiting the most famous museum in the world.

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