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How to Stay Cool During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

April 22, 2024
When you go to the Paris Olympics later this year, know that it'll be at the peak of summer. The event will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024, around the same time when the temperature is at its highest. Do you think you'll be able to survive the heat while you're here? Well, you can if you know how to stay cool in Paris. In between games and matches, you can always escape to an air-conditioned cafe, go to a rooftop bar at night, or stay home and turn on the air-con. Any of these will help you survive that infamous Parisian summer heat!

How to Stay Cool During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

Go Swimming

Swimming is often the go-to activity for most people during summer. Whether you go to the beach or in the public swimming pool nearby, diving into cool waters will always cool you down in an instant. Fortunately, there are many places for swimming in Paris. The most famous is the floating Joséphine Baker Pool on the Seine River. Not only does it have a big Olympic-sized pool, but it offers swimming lessons for kids and adults too. The Jean Boiteux Pool is the more standard public city pool but it's in no way less refreshing. Thank goodness these and many more will stay open during the Paris 2024 Olympics!

Look for The Splash Pads

Do you know what's a great place to visit in between the Olympic Games in Paris? The beautiful parks in Paris. Let's say that the sport you're planning to watch live isn't for another day. Since it'll be hot in Paris by the time the Summer Olympics roll in, going to the park will help you stay cool. There are many ways to cool yourself down in the city's beloved green spaces. One of them is to go through splash pads and water sprays. Parks like Place de la République, Parc Andre Citroën, and Parc Nelson Mandela in Châtelet-les-Halles have these kinds of things. They're fun and refreshing!

How to Stay Cool During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

Ride Your Bike

Cycling is another great way to stay cool during the Paris 2024 Olympics, whether you're at the park or on the street. Nothing beats riding your bike and letting the wind brush up against your face. You'd normally want to do it in a park since the air tends to be fresher in such green spaces, however, you might also realize that riding your bike to get to the sports venues would prove more efficient too. Since the Olympics will bring tons of people from all around the world, you can expect Parisian public transport to be more hectic than it already is.

Head to The Churches

While the rest of the world is focused on the various spots that will host the Paris 2024 Olympics, you can take a break in the places that won't have anything to do with the global sports event: churches. These grand, centuries-old structures tend to be crowded at any given time, but this year’s Summer Olympics might tell a different story. From the other-worldly La Madeleine to the haunting Sainte-Chapelle, none of these architectural marvels will join in the event. So don't you think they're the perfect escapes from the city's hoopla? They provide great shade and are often cool too.

How to Stay Cool During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

Relax in a Cafe

You'd typically duck out to an air-conditioned restaurant when you want to stay cool in any city, whether it's Paris or someplace else. Naturally, the French capital is an amazing place to do just that considering it's also among the world's most influential food capitals. The air-conditioned restaurants here are second to none! But so are the various cafes too! Nothing says Paris quite like relaxing in a coffee shop and, fortunately, many of the best cafes in Paris are air-conditioned. Hotspots like Le Café Parisien on Rue Monge, Café des Arts on Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny, and more will cool you down during the summer days of the Paris 2024 Olympics!

Visit The Museums

Do you know what else will be air-conditioned during the Paris 2024 Olympics? The museums! From the iconic Louvre to the scenic Musée Rodin, these beloved galleries will stay cool all day long. And of course, the best time to go to them is during the Summer Olympics. The rest of the world will be focused on the games, thus making even the best art museums in Paris less crowded. If you don't have a game to catch on certain days, wouldn't you want to stay cool while perusing some of the world's greatest art collections?

How to Stay Cool During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

Chill in a Rooftop Bar

Sometimes, all you need is a chilled cocktail to cool you down during those hot summer days. This is true in Paris as it is in any other city in the world. So when the temperature gets too high for your liking while you're in the French capital to watch the 2024 Summer Olympics, you can always head on over to the rooftop bars. Here, you can get double the cooling. You can order any drink on the rocks all while the city's evening breezes brush up against your face. Some of the best rooftop bars in Paris—such as Skybar Paris, ROOF by Madame Rêve, and Brasserie Auteuil, to name a few—also have the best city views to offer.

Stay at Home

When you're simply not in the mood to go out at all since it's too hot, you can always stay in your luxury apartment in Paris and turn on the air-conditioning! It's maximum comfort at its finest—you're in your own space, the air is cold and refreshing, and you don't have to brave through crowds in the summer heat just to get to your seat. Just turn on the TV and you can watch the games in real-time. This likely is what most Parisians will do during the Olympics anyway. Many of them will simply leave the watching to the tourists.

How to Stay Cool During The Paris 2024 Olympics?

Remember that the Paris 2024 Olympics will take place at the peak of summer in France. If you'll be in the city to watch the games, make sure to keep cool as often as you can. Don't ruin your Olympics experience by becoming dehydrated!

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