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The Most Relaxing Spas in New York City

January 08, 2024
Is New York City the busiest metropolis in the world? It's certainly the archetypal big city! When you think of what a major city would look, sound, and even be like, the Big Apple would often come to mind. Here, people are always rushing about, working hard, and hustling. The city gets so hectic and lively that you almost can't believe people could still stay sane here. How do they do it? Well, many of those who could afford to relax in some of the best spas in New York City. Hotspots like Spa Castle, Haven Spa, the Aire Ancient Baths, and The Peninsula Spa provide the perfect escapes!

The Most Relaxing Spas in New York City

Aire Ancient Baths

Just like its spa in Barcelona, the Aire Ancient Baths in New York City serve as a soothing yet exotic escape. Dimly halls illuminated by scented candles amp up the ancient ambiance; as if you were sent back in time. Even the glowing pools have an enigmatic appeal. They draw you in with steam and bubbles and the moment you take a dip, you're gone forever. One soak is enough to have you coming back for more. As your life in the Big Apple continues to beat you down, the Aire Ancient Baths never fail to build you back up again!

Haven Spa

Haven Spa is a downtown escape for the average New Yorker. What does this mean, exactly? It's no secret that New Yorkers are always hustling and bustling about. They're rushing to work, to school, to meet up with friends, to their next date, and so on. The city is all about living on the go, so much so that you almost don't have time to relax. Haven Spa, on the other hand, allows you to do just that. Even for just half an hour, they'll work wonders with your mind, body, and soul that you'd almost forget that you're still in New York City.

The Most Relaxing Spas in New York City

Oasis Day Spa

Park Avenue, one of the more affluent neighborhoods in New York City, may be Oasis Day Spa's address, but you don't have to drain your bank account to get a booking. This relaxing retreat in Midtown East isn't as expensive as you might think. It's by no means cheap, but a massage won't cost you an arm and a leg either. They'll ensure that every part of your body will be free of stress after an hour or two here. For the most part, Oasis Day Spa owes its popularity to its many elaborate spa packages. They contain the perfect treatments for brides-to-be, expecting mothers, and more.

Great Jones Spa

As far as day spas in New York City go, the Great Jones Spa often tops everyone's lists. The place highlights hydrotherapy more than anything else. They understand that water has soothing properties that are always effective, hence, their amenities always have it. From the steam rooms to the subterranean pools with their bubbling waterfalls, each area treats your body like no other! And speaking of treatments, Great Jones Spa's menu is rich with fantastic facials and relaxing massages too. Some are a bit pricey, sure, but they're all worth every cent!

The Most Relaxing Spas in New York City

World Spa

World Spa truly lives up to its name! Located in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, it's an expansive urban retreat that will take you around the world. What does this mean, exactly? World Spa boasts a diverse menu of treatments and therapies from various countries and cultures. Enjoy a banya, a Russian steam bath, for example. Or a hammam that looks and feels like it came straight from Turkey or Morocco. Their soothing onsens bring the spirit of Japan to the Big Apple too, and you'll instantly feel zen the moment you submerge your body in the hot springs.

Spa Castle

Spa Castle is one of the best places to stay warm in New York City, especially in winter. Even though it's in College Point, Queens and has outdoor areas, you'll never freeze to death here. Their scintillating pools are always hot enough to thaw any ice, whether it's snow or your icy exterior after having lived in the hectic city for all these years. Even when the temperature reaches an all-time low, one dip is enough to keep you feeling cozy and toasty. It's no wonder the place is among the best spas in New York City!

The Most Relaxing Spas in New York City

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

Apart from luxury apartments, huge buildings, and countless museums. New York City is also filled with high-class hotels. And what's usually inside these affluent accommodations? The finest spas in the city! The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is one of the many great examples. This five-star rejuvenation retreat boasts a holistic approach to serving up maximum relaxation. Among its numerous first-class amenities are a fitness center, a lap pool, an Oriental tea lounge, spacious massage rooms, and more. Imagine how much better you'd look and feel after just a day in this glorious spa!

The Peninsula Spa

Does The Peninsula Spa live up to its five-star Fifth Avenue hype? You bet it does! This famous hotel has one of the most luxurious spas in New York City, and it's not to be taken lightly! For one thing, the place boasts amazing amenities that you won't find anywhere else, including infrared saunas, chilly ice baths, and more. Facials brought on by Biologique Recherche aim to sculpt your face and body intensively, letting you look as good as you feel at the end of the session. Massage and acupuncture also go hand-in-hand, ensuring that all your stress is taken away.

Guerlain Spa at The Plaza Hotel

New York City's most iconic hotel is the Plaza Hotel at Fifth Avenue. And of course, its very own Guerlain Spa closes off this list. The place claims itself as 'Manhattan's Premier Luxury Spa' and it's not far from the truth. Their facials, massages, and body treatments are all divine, even more so since they make use of Guerlain's finest products. One of its bestsellers, the Black Orchid facial, does wonders for the face. It'll take your wrinkles away in a snap! Their Stone Soother massage is another major highlight. All the strains in your body will just melt away after the session!

The Most Relaxing Spas in New York City

Living in the Big Apple can get stressful at times, doesn't it? There will be times when you need to relax and rejuvenate and the perfect places to do just that are the finest spas in New York City! Trust that they won't fail you!

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