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Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter

February 12, 2022
Winter in New York might look beautiful and all, but the season really brings the temperature down here. You'd likely enjoy seeing the snow-ladened city even more when you're inside someplace that's warm. Perhaps while sipping hot cocoa or getting pampered with a massage at the same time? New York City has a ton of these places—hotspots that will really have you feeling hot and toasty during winter. If you have a special someone, they'll make for great date locations. And if you bring the whole family, you can all cozy up to each other!

Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter

The Bowery Hotel

Sometimes, all you really need is a good fireplace to help you stay warm. It'd be great if your luxury home in New York had one, but in all honesty, you'll need a lot of luck to score such a place. So if you want to keep toasty during winter here, you'll want to head on over to places that have a fireplace. The Bowery Hotel in the Lower East Side of Manhattan is a perfect example. The hotel's bar and lounge has a fireplace that's so grand, you can practically feel its warmth from the other room. And while you relax by the fire, you can also enjoy their great cocktails too!
Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter
Source: The Bowery Hotel Facebook Page

The Spa at The Peninsula New York

Trust that a spa will always have you feeling warm and toasty when it's the dead of winter! It's true in Paris and it's true in New York! Take The Spa at The Peninsula New York, for instance. It features a Finnish sauna that will have you sweating so much, you'll hardly feel like it's winter in Manhattan at all! And what of the hot tubs, bubbling all over as if they're boiling water? One dip and it'll melt away all your troubles brought about by the hard winter cold. Though this place is undoubtedly expensive, every cent you pay is more than worth it!
Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter
Source: The Peninsula New York Facebook Page

AIRE Ancient Baths

Speaking of hot tubs in New York, one that you definitely must visit during winter is AIRE Ancient Baths, located in the Tribeca neighborhood of the city. Inspired by the Roman and Greek baths of ancient times, you'll certainly feel the warmth of the Mediterranean when you book a spa day here. And though they offer massages, facials, and other amazing spa treatments, the baths are actually enough! Melt away all your winter headaches as you slowly dip yourself in any of these incredible pools. Before you know it, you'll have a clearer mind and a healthier body. What's not to love?
Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter
Source: AIRE Ancient Baths

The Great Jones Spa

So what's so great about The Great Jones Spa in NoHo, New York? Well, not only does it offer a water lounge where you can warm your body up until you're practically red all over, but it's also among the more affordable spas in the city. For as long as a three-hour stay in this beautiful oasis of thermal baths and a river-rock sauna, all you have to pay is $50.00. And that's just on weekends! Some weekdays, the fee is only $40.00! That's practically a steal in such an expensive city like New York, isn't it?
Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter
Source: The Great Jones Spa Facebook Page

Spa Castle

You'll have to head on over to Queens if you want to enjoy a day of pampering and keeping warm in Spa Castle. Offering up four floors full of warmth and steam, this place is practically a factory of heat. But it's also one of the very few places in the city where you can enjoy a thermal bath outside. Though your reason for going here is that you can forget all about the winter weather, actually dipping in a steaming heated pool surrounded by snow is quite a memorable experience. You won't even feel cold at all even though you're outside!
Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter
Source: Spa Castle USA Facebook Page

Kingston Hall

Located on Second Avenue in Manhattan, it's actually pretty easy to get to Kingston Hall, the amazing Jamaican-themed bar, via public transport. The colonial setting offers a unique blend of old-world European ambiance with a Caribbean flair. And speaking of the Caribbean, this hotspot certainly feels as warm as the region during winter, especially the area by the grand fireplace. A space where you can play pool and sip cocktails enthused with pineapple, you can forget all about how freezing it is outside by enjoying your time here. Just don't forget to leave a tip when you're done!
Where to Stay Warm in New York During Winter
Source: Kingston Hall

New York in winter is undoubtedly enchanting but the weather can get so cold, you could hardly enjoy the sights. So it's better to stay warm in any or all of these New York hotspots! You'll enjoy winter in the city a lot more thanks to them.

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