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Check Out These Cool Clubs in Paris

December 30, 2023
Paris is and has always been about having a good time. This sparkling metropolis, gilded with its glamorous history, never fails to get people to let loose, release their inhibitions, and have fun. You'll best see it in the best nightclubs in Paris. Hotspots like La Station – Gare des Mines, Rex Club, Badaboum, Supersonic, and La Machine du Moulin Rouge are always where the party is at. No matter the time of year, you can expect these places to turn up and get lit. They're the best when you just want to dance the night away!

Check Out These Cool Clubs in Paris

La Station – Gare des Mines

No list of the best clubs in Paris is complete without La Station – Gare des Mines in the 18th arrondissement. Once a coal station on Avenue de la Prte d'Aubervilliers, it's become one of the hottest spots for partying in the French capital. Though it often doubles as an exhibition space by day, you can always bet that the party is always lit here come sun down! What's great about the club is that it has a variety of venues for all sorts of raves. Those who want to drown in EDM would love the indoor stages, while those who want feel like they're in Coachella would suit the outdoor areas more.

La Machine du Moulin Rouge

No, this isn't like the world-famous Paris cabaret. Though Moulin Rouge owns this club, it's become a popular spot all on its own. La Machine du Moulin Rouge never needed to rely on the iconic cabaret's fame to draw in party-goers. The place itself was once the site for La Locomotive, a legendary club that hosted the likes of The Beatles, The Who, David Bowie, and more. Since then, live music has been the club's bread and butter, even when Moulin Rouge bought the place back in 2010. From that point on, this hotspot became one of the go-to clubs for all-night partying!

Check Out These Cool Clubs in Paris

Rex Club

Do you want to truly drown in EDM? So much so that you'd get high at every beat that comes at you? Then look no further than the Rex Club in the bustling Sentier district in Paris. Housed underneath Le Grand Rex, one of the most popular cinemas in Paris, this club has been a nightlife staple for over a couple of decades. This is where Daft Punk got their start, as well as a slew of other French DJs and artists who have gone on to top the charts. In this 70-speaker-filled stomping ground, you just know people had the wildest raves back then! They still do now too!


Badaboum is a nightlife all-in-one if there ever was one! This awesome hotspot is both a bar, bistro, and nightclub. One part looks like the living room of a luxury apartment in Paris, complete with a couch, some games, and more. This is the chill part of Badaboum, one where you can sip your cocktails in peace, perhaps even play a few games with friends. Downstairs, on the other hand, is where the party's at! With plush velvet seating on one side and a well-stocked bar on the other, once the DJ starts the music, it's time to let loose and have fun!

Check Out These Cool Clubs in Paris

La Java

Palais du Commerce was once a bustling business center in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. It's still pretty lively today, but that's because underneath this Art Deco building lies La Java, another of the must-see clubs in Paris. The hotspot itself has been around since the early 20th-century and even had the likes of Edith Piaf and Django Reinhardt perform here. Nowadays, it's become a hot club where live music is replaced by DJ sets and people are dancing and drinking instead of sitting down and sipping cocktails. But as different as the vibe in La Java may now be, the club remains a favorite among Parisians!


It's become somewhat of a rite of passage for local indie bands to perform at Supersonic on their quest to fame. Though the place is mostly known as another of the hottest club in Paris, it's more accurate to say that it's the most popular live music venue for rock fans in the city. On any given day, local bands take to the stage and bring the house down, all while the audience cheer and dance to their music. Then on weekends, the party gets even more lit as the doors open at 23:00 (11:00) pm and won't close until 6:00 am the next day!

Check Out These Cool Clubs in Paris

Petit Bain

In the 13th arrondissement, right by south-east bank of the Seine River, Petit Bain serves as the ultimate party boat of Paris. It's permanently docked by Port de la Gare, which gives guests a great view of the city. Though to be honest, no one will be focusing on the view as most will be busy party, eating, and drinking to their hearts' content. Apart from just being one of the hottest clubs in Paris, Petit Bain is also a floating restaurant, rooftop bar, and even a live music venue. With so much on offer, how could you not have fun here?

Le CUD Bar

In many ways, Le CUD Bar is the ultimate gay bar in Paris. Located at the heart of the city's “gayborhood,” Le Marais, It's an iconic institution nestled in a former wine cellar-turned-nightlife hotspot. It's a cave bar like no other, often filled with the French capital's LGBTQ+ community and tourists who want to get queer themselves. Male go-go dancers turn up the heat while the drinks flow and the drag queens put on a show. Do note, however, that Le CUD Bar doesn't host drag shows in Paris. It's just that there are drag performers who sometimes party here too.

Check Out These Cool Clubs in Paris

Looking to party in the City of Lights? Then look no further than the coolest clubs in Paris! From all-night discos to underground raves, these hotspots will have you on your feet until the sun comes up again!




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