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What to Do on Valentine's Day in Dublin

November 29, 2023
Is Dublin a romantic city? Against the likes of Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam, it might not seem like one at first. It's a great place to visit as a tourist, especially if you're into drinking and whatnot, but if you're looking for romance, many would probably suggest other places instead. When they do, you don't have to listen to them! The Irish capital is still a fairly romantic place overall. So much so that you spend Valentine's Day in Dublin doing all sorts of things, ranging from visiting Dublin Castle to enrolling in a Drink & Draw class.

What to Do on Valentine's Day in Dublin

See Dublin Castle

There's just something about castles and palaces that get you all up in your feelings. Take Dublin Castle, for example, A Medieval structure that has stood the test of time, it's arguably the most historic spot in all of the Irish capital. The castle once served as the seat of power in Ireland, after all. Heaven knows what sorts of stories this place has to tell. Perhaps even a few love stories too? As you walk through Dublin Castle's gilded halls with your partner, you can't help but imagine the numerous romances and dalliances that these ornate walls must have witnessed.

Dine in a Pub

The quintessential date idea for Valentine's Day is to eat out. Some would argue that the most suitable for the holiday is a candlelit dinner in a high-class restaurant. Your special someone deserves only the best, after all. But if you're spending Valentine's Day in Dublin, going to the pub is enough. Any of the best pubs in Dublin will do just fine, even if they're not the most intimate of culinary hotspots. Many of them set the right mood and vibe for a romantic meal ahead.

What to Do on Valentine's Day in Dublin

Go on a Whiskey Tour

If there's one thing that Dublin is known for, it's Guinness! The iconic Irish dry stout originated here, after all, and you can even visit its world-famous brewery here too. If you spend Valentine's Day in Dublin, there's no doubt that you'll have your fair share of Guinness if you go on a pub crawl. But why not go on a whiskey tour instead? They also serve the stuff in the city's many pubs, after all. They'll also make for great drinks to give you the right buzz for some romance!

Have Fun at Temple Bar

If you can spend an entire day in Dublin in just one area, be it on Valentine's Day or not, it ought to be in Temple Bar. The neighborhood named after the iconic pub is the ultimate nightlife district of the Irish capital. Apart from Temple Bar itself, the area also has Oliver St. John Gogarty, The Quays Bar, Merchant's Arch, The Old Storehouse, and The Norseman, among many others. Imagine the fun you and your partner will when you celebrate the holiday here!

What to Do on Valentine's Day in Dublin

Enroll in a Drink & Draw Class

You've likely realized by now that drinking is practically a way of life in Ireland. So if you spend Valentine's Day in Dublin, expect that you'll have to drink a lot yourself. With that said, you don't have to stay in bars and pubs to do that. One of the most romantic things to do in Dublin is to enroll in a Drink & Draw class with your partner. What better way to bond with your beloved than to enjoy great booze as you express your creativity?

Play Around at Jump Zone

Who said that dinner and drinks are the only ways to spend Valentine's Day in Dublin? What if both you and your significant other are both adrenaline junkies? What could be a great way to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year? Well, you could spend the day in Jump Zone, for instance. This indoor trampoline sports park is the perfect place to get your fair share of thrills without leaving the city proper. And you just know that you'll have a lot of fun here too!

What to Do on Valentine's Day in Dublin

Stroll Along River Liffey

For the rest of this list, let's focus on the more nature-centric things couples can do when they spend Valentine's Day in Dublin. First up is to take a stroll along River Liffey. Admittedly, this Dublin river is no Seine in Paris, however, it's pretty scenic in its own right. From its serene waters to the picturesque areas that line the river, a stroll along these riverbanks makes for a great date idea. Especially since it's free! It's no secret that the costs in Dublin aren't low so a free date is always welcome!

Feed The Deer at Phoenix Park

If you go to Phoenix Park on Valentine's Day, you can spend the holiday with deer. Yes, that's right! This beloved green space allows you to let out your inner Disney Princess. Fortunately, the deer still come out even on Valentine's Day, which is still in winter. Notwithstanding the cold, feeding the deer makes for a charming date, don't you think? When you see your special someone look so charming surrounded by adorable woodland creatures, you'll fall in love all over again!

What to Do on Valentine's Day in Dublin

Visit The Wicklow Mountains

Why do you have to spend the most romantic holiday of the year in such a bustling metropolis? Wouldn't escaping to a more tranquil place suit you better? But where exactly do you go? Well, one great option is the area of the Wicklow Mountains. With lush greenery and the serene Guinness Lake to look forward to, there's no way you'll ever forget about your Valentine's Day date here. You can go on a road trip, set up a picnic, go hiking, or even go cycling in this enchanted escape.

Escape to The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are some of Dublin's best Instagram spots. Though they're not technically in the city itself, they're near enough to the Irish capital that you can take a day trip to the cliffs with little to no problem at all. And it's a trip worth taking with your special someone on Valentine's Day. To say that these coastal cliffs are stunning is an understatement. They'll take your breath away, so much so that you might even forget to snap some photos for social media!

What to Do on Valentine's Day in Dublin

You'd be surprised at how much you can do when you spend Valentine's Day in Dublin. From pub crawls to climbing cliffs, the Irish capital deserves a lot more recognition as a notable romantic destination in Europe.

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