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What to Expect With The Living Costs in Dublin

September 03, 2021
There are really very few European cities that are considered affordable. The most famous ones are notoriously expensive, places of luxury and wealth that are, at times, unbelievable. Paris, Rome, London, Brussels—living in any of these cities are all incredibly pricey. But a city like Dublin is the perfect alternative. It's more peaceful yet still lively, has its own unique culture, and it doesn't lack in the beauty department either. And the best part is it's a lot less expensive to live here too. Though the living costs vary a bit, they're largely more affordable than in other cities around the world.

What to Expect With The Living Costs in Dublin


Costs for Renting in Dublin

While Dublin, as a whole, is pretty much an affordable city, renting is still quite pricey here. But such costs aren't so high that you'd lose an arm and a leg just to keep your place. In fact, the normal price range is quite similar to those in other European cities, arguably less even. For instance, the general price range of a monthly rental fee for a one-bedroom home in any notable Dublin neighborhood is from €1,400.00 to €2,100.00. While for a three-bedroom place, it's around €2,500.00 to €4,200.00. Pricey? Sure! But pretty standard for a European capital city. 


Costs for Buying Property in Dublin

Buying property in Dublin is, of course, another expensive endeavor. But as with renting, the price ranges for such aren't as high in other cities in the region. While the price per square meter for a property in the neighboring capital cities can go up to tens of thousands of Euros, here in Dublin, it's just in the thousands. Specifically, for a property in the heart of the city, the price per square meter usually ranges from €4,333.00 to €7,450.00. On the other hand, the price per square meter for a place along the outskirts of the Dublin costs around €3,000.00 to €5,300.00. 


What to Expect With The Living Costs in Dublin


Utilities Costs

The affordable living costs here in Dublin start with your utilities. Though your monthly bills will depend on your consumption, standard costs for these sorts of things are normally within the hundreds. In fact, the common range for your utilities costs is from €100.00 to €300.00. Not too bad, right? And this already includes your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and more! As for your wifi connection at home, you'll only have to pay around €40.00 to €65.00 for it, provided that you get a good plan. All in all, you don't even have to spend up a thousand of Euros to keep your place as comfortable as it can be. 


Food Costs

Even better are your food costs! It's easy to assume that keeping your fridge, shelves, and cupboards stocked up would cost a lot right? well, here in Dublin, it's quite the opposite. The common median price for a trip to the grocery store would generally be €82.07. That would account for about two weeks' worth of food supply. Unless you're quite the eater, you rarely have to go above this price for your food costs in the Irish capital. And that amount already includes everything, from a liter of milk and a dozen eggs to a kilogram each of all kinds of produce! 


What to Expect With The Living Costs in Dublin


Dining Costs

Dining in Dublin is also, surprisingly, not that expensive. Though the Irish capital still has its fair share of swanky establishments, you can still eat out from time to time without breaking the bank. It's all in where you choose to go for lunch or dinner. For instance, a meal in an inexpensive restaurant will only cost you €10.00 to 30.00. With that kind of pricing, your meal is bound to taste even better. And if you're looking to treat someone, a three-course meal in a mid-range place here in Dublin normally costs around €45.00 to €100.00. Not too shabby! 


Transportation Costs

There are two qualities of Dublin's public transport that make life easy here. One is that it's efficient and the other is that it's affordable. Whether you go for a bus, a train, or even a taxi, it won't cost you a lot to take public transportation in the Irish capital. And rest assured each system works fine and will get you to where you need to go in no time. As for the prices, a one-way ticket to most of the city's public transport systems normally costs around €2.50 to €3.50. Double them up to go back and forth and you barely have to pay €10.00 for a whole trip. 


What to Expect With The Living Costs in Dublin


Clothing Costs

According to Numbeo.com, not even shopping for clothes would get you bankrupt here in Dublin. Of course, if you go for the famous luxury brands, one piece alone would probably cost you one or two months' rent, but stick to the high street stuff and you'll be fine. Anything from a mid-range label would only cost you around €20.00 to €50.00, possibly a little more if the piece is for formal occasions. If you want a pair of sneakers from the likes of Nike or Adidas, expect to pay around €50.00 to €125.00. Which, in the grand scheme of things, still isn't all that bad! 


Leisure Costs

As for leisure, while such costs may seem frivolous, its astonishingly low costs would argue otherwise. Going to the gym or watching a movie would barely affect your savings here. In fact, the normal monthly membership fee in a mid-range gym or fitness club ranges from €25.00 to €65.00. Compared to what else you have to pay for each month, such costs are practically just change! Though if you prefer a more swanky gym, expect a higher monthly membership fee. Then, if you want to watch a movie after working out, it will only cost you around €10.00 to €15.00 for a ticket. 


Childcare & Education Costs 

Now, for the most expensive costs in Dublin of all—your kid's tuition fee. It can't be helped that enrolling your child in the best schools in the city is pretty pricey, but every cent is worth it if it means he/she will get the best education offered here. Notably, however, even the normal costs for education are comparatively lower here in the Irish capital than those in other European cities. For example, a month in a private daycare for your little one will only cost you €900.00 to €1,350.00. While a term in an international school in Dublin is normally around €5,500.00 to €23,000.00. But the quality of education here remains high! 


What to Expect With The Living Costs in Dublin


There's no denying that Dublin is a great city to live in, not only because of its fascinating lifestyle and interesting people but also because the living costs here aren't through the roof. It's one of the more affordable among the European capital cities! 

With living costs as generally low as these, you can save more money to get a luxurious Dublin home of your own. Won't that be nice?