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The Most Romantic Things to Do in Dublin

July 06, 2023
Dublin doesn't get enough credit as a romantic city. Though, since it goes up against the likes of Paris and Rome, this isn't necessarily surprising. These places and a few more are practically iconic when it comes to piling on romance. They're regarded as some of the most romantic destinations in the world. So can Dublin ever keep up? Possibly! There are actually many romantic things to do in Dublin. You can visit Dublin Castle, for instance. Or go on a date in a pub, if this is more your scene. You can also see the Cliffs of Moher, which is perfect for honeymooners who chose Dublin as their destination.

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Dublin

Visit The Dublin Castle

No other place can amp up the romance quite like a castle. A Medieval castle at that! And a good example is Dublin Castle. Once the seat of power of Ireland, it's become a stunning relic of the country's colorful past. It's such a stunning structure too. From its well-manicured gardens to its great halls, you can tell that this place once embodied such grandiosity and prominence. The kind that's often the setting of a romance novel. Can't you just imagine romantic scenarios happening within these historic walls? Now that makes for a nice date with your special someone in Dublin.

Go Cycling

Dublin doesn't get enough credit as a great city for cycling. Most people only think about cities like Paris and Barcelona, but the Irish capital is just as suitable for a nice bike ride. Or even a cycling date! As you cycle through the various neighborhoods in Dublin, you'll better appreciate the city's nostalgic beauty and old-world appeal. If you want, you can even go beyond the urban areas and discover the natural wonders near Dublin. You can expect serene coastlines, magnificent cliffs, and more. They're the best rewards for riding your bike for kilometers on end!

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Dublin

Stroll Through Dublin Botanic Gardens

What is it about nature that sets such a romantic mood? Whether you're in a remote land with barely any buildings or a nice park full of flowers and trees, these sorts of places are often perfect for a date. In Dublin, there are the National Botanic Gardens. From its grand glass greenhouse to its colorful exotic flora, you can spend an entire day here and it'd still be a great date. You can bask in all its natural glory, enjoy a nice stroll, and breathe in the fresh air. What more could you and your significant other ask for?

Enroll in a Drink & Draw Class

Sometimes, enrolling in a class together is all you and your partner need to strengthen your romantic bond. In Dublin, there's the Drink & Draw class. Just as its name says, this course teaches you to paint a picture in-between sips of your beverage of choice. And knowing the Irish, you can expect that the beverages they offer will give you the right kick! Whether it's Guinness, Irish whiskey, or wine, you'll feel more exhilarated as you complete your artwork. With this to look forward to, it's no surprise that many couples go for a Drink & Draw class for their dates.

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Dublin

Enjoy Some Guinness

Speaking of drinking, Dublin is the best place for you and your partner to down as many pints of Guinness as you can! Firstly, the Irish capital is home to the famous Guinness Storehouse, part of the St. James's Gate Brewery where the famous beer is made. Not only can you drink the stuff here, but you also get to see how it's made. Secondly, the pubs in Dublin all serve Guinness beer too. You'd be hard-pressed to find a bar in this city that doesn't have the beverage. So bottoms up and have the time of your life in the Irish capital!

Date in a Pub

Since you're already in a pub, why not have your date there? While Irish pubs are stereotypically crowded and noisy, they're not all like that. There are a few bars in Dublin that are fairly chill and even a little intimate. There's The Sin Bin on Merrion Street or The Lucky Duck Pub & Cocktail Rooms on Aungier Street. They evoke the same old-world appeal as you'd expect in an Irish pub, but the energy is completely different. In some of these places, you can enjoy a nice meal, delicious drinks, and revel in the romance in each other's company. It's the quintessential Dublin date!

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Dublin

See The Deer in Phoenix Park

Although New York's Central Park or Paris's Jardin de Tuileries are some of the most famous parks in the world, Dublin's Phoenix Park is definitely just as romantic. It's the biggest public park in the Irish capital, offering a massive green space that's a nice natural escape from the more urban areas. Interestingly enough, the park is also home to lots of deer. They roam about Phoenix Park's lush fields and you can even pet them if they get close to you. And there's nothing as romantic as letting your inner Disney Princess out while you're on your park date!

Marvel at The Cliffs of Moher

Technically, the Cliffs of Moher aren't in Dublin. In fact, they're actually 270 kilometers (around 170 miles) away from the city center. It'll take you a three or four-hour drive to get there. But is all of that worth it? Yes, it definitely is! The Cliffs of Moher are some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. They're such magnificent scenery, you almost couldn't believe they're real. Not even travel inspo Instagram accounts do it justice. Since you're already in Dublin, don't miss seeing these cliffs in person!

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Dublin

If you ever travel to Dublin with your special someone, know the most romantic things to do. You'd be surprised at how different they all are, ranging from visiting castles to going to the edge of world-famous cliffs.

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